Second Saturday Second City Stand-Up Sanity Check Committee Or SSSCSSCC*
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Sat November 19 at 11:00 AM, My Place
4144 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
So there's no way I would have made it through the last few post-election days without the support of my friends and family, especially seeing so many reactions that amounted to"WHAT CAN I DO?" and last night I was struck by all the youth hitting the streets, but, even as I was there, I wondered "what can I, an older person out of the activist game, do?" Here's what I came up with:
This older person can organize a monthly brunch and get together a group of fellow older person and younger person friends and new folk to support each other and talks things through and maybe have a bit of fun too.** Think of it like a book club where there's no required reading!

I have no doubt that the next 4+ years are going to be a long fight, and I also know that this is going to be exhausting, so I want to build something that helps people, both long-term activists and new folk alike, get going and keep going. (Also winter is just around the corner and that's going to make all of this Suck feel like Frozen Suck on Stale Toast.)

Also, even among the few people who I know may be interested in this, I know there are lots of different skill strengths, comfort levels, and pet causes. Having a group like this means that we can be aware of needs and actions and organizations that we may not have the time or skills for, so we can still use our collective energy to support a wide variety of organizations and actions, even if we can't always be a part of each one individually. It's a safe space to say "hey, I don't know how to do this but I really want to help" without feeling like you're making more experienced people go through Activism 101 with you.

Speaking of, despite the completely useless acronym/name, I don't think of this is something that will be a group of its own that champions a specific action or cause but one that supports like-minded folks in their own attempts to fight back the darkness.

I have no idea exactly what to expect but I'm imagining it going down something like this:

11:00 AM: Brunch and Chill (but like really chill, not like Netflix and…)

11:30 AM: Round Robin Brag and Plan. Go around the circle and each one of us discuss what we're doing, what we're going to be doing, what we want to do, what we want to help with, what we'd like help with, what's troubling us. (In the future, if there's project-doing, envelope-stuffing, letter-writing we want to do, here's where we can do it together.)

12:30 PM (or whenever the business stuff ends): Gaming of some sort for a little while.

(So, yes, this is basically the occasional "gaming in my home group" I always meant to organize once I felt like my house was clean enough but with a political action attached. House will be 'not disgusting' levels of clean.)

And if you can't make it this, or any time in the future, but I still think you're interested WATCH THIS THREAD. This is going to be an EXTREMELY flexible*** thing but I still plan on putting out "meeting minutes" with topics discussed and action items and shit.

I'm starting this via MetaFilter because it's where I feel most comfortable setting up an event, especially one that involves people in my apartment, but it is definitely open to like-minded non-asshole non-MeFites you know.

Feedback or other ideas VERY MUCH ENCOURAGED!

*** In fact, it's going to be so flexible the first meeting of this Second Saturday group will happen on the third Saturday this month.

** and continue to march and organize and burn shit if needs be

* Local acronym aside, there is still no Chicago Cabal.

(Update: I forgot that this was public to anybody even if they don't have a MeFi account so I'm removing my address and putting in an approximation - we are NOT meeting at the Popeye's. My phone number is in my profile and I'll update anybody who is coming with details later either via MeFi Mail or text.)
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I'm really glad I know you people.

I'll bring Girl Scout knowledge and Dixit.
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This is a fantastic idea. I've taken the turtle approach, and retreated into my shell, ignoring the Internet and society at large the past few days. I can see this helping me re-engage.

On that note, I'd completely be down, but tutor Saturday mornings until noon. So as you said, I'll keep an eye on the thread.
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I'll keep an eye on the thread even though I may not make this.
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I've met the non-existent Chicago Cabal a grand total of once, at the pedway thing, and already love you people. I keep meaning to come to more meetups but somehow schedules & shyness get the better of me. This sounds so much like what I need right now!
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We'll be out of town, but this is great.
posted by eamondaly at 9:09 AM on November 11, 2016

we are NOT meeting at the Popeye's.
posted by Evilspork at 11:10 AM on November 11, 2016

(As if a regular get together at my house won't be catered by Popeye's at least once.)
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I... think I want to do this.
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And not just for the Popeye's.
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I'm heading out of town on the Tuesday after but I'm going to optimistically hope that I'll have my shit together and be able to attend :)
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You're beautiful. I think I'm in. Will confirm when I'm back in the country.
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We are in. See you Saturday. I'll bring Chex Mix if I don't eat it all first.
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I'm so glad that this has received the response it has. Any Maybes who are Yes should feel free to switch their RSVP whenever they get more confident so I can plan accordingly . However, anybody can change their mind up until that day. I'd rather be sitting on the floor than have people feel like they couldn't show up if they want.

And as I've made clear, there's always Popeye's if we don't have enough food.

Speaking of food, please feel free to reach out to me with any food allergies or sensitivities (including "I just plain don't like this and won't eat it.") I'm probably going to rely pretty heavily on "Midwest Church breakfast casseroles" this time around because it is the food of my people, though I'm sure we'll have something lighter too.
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I think I'm going to start baking regularly again for therapeutic reasons and I kind of want to investigate quick breads, so I will be bringing a potentially terrible cinnamon plum* soda bread.

*read: image-conscious prunes
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oh my god, I'm totally a plum
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I want to do this but I volunteer at Shedd every Saturday.

Are we still doing the first Tuesday at the Billy Goat thing?

posted by indianbadger1 at 11:52 AM on November 14, 2016

Just to be clear - will there be Popeye's?
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Are we still doing the first Tuesday at the Billy Goat thing?

It's first Wednesday, but yes!
posted by phunniemee at 9:40 AM on November 15, 2016

calendars are hard.
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Twas invited from the election thread! Got nothing to do that Sat so sounds like a plan. Depending on the weather, mood and general social anxiety my wife might come with.
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Most importantly from crush's list right now (which amusingly was on the post-it next to my desk where I've been writing "things to talk about Saturday") Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit is available as a free ebook for next 7 hours if you are interested. (I have not read it but am planning on taking a look.)
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Nobody else ever shows up on First Tuesday Goat when I show up for First Tuesday Goat.
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If I come I will be bringing a +1 of a not quite three year old. I need to be among like minded souls and I miss you guys but my responsibilities have only grown. So most likely a maybe not.

Thanks, Mike for organizing.
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Is anyone going to care if I show up in basically my pajamas?
posted by tzikeh at 6:12 PM on November 18, 2016

...people will be showing up in things other than basically their pajamas?
posted by Evilspork at 8:24 PM on November 18, 2016

Pajamas are encouraged (or whatever else you feel comfortable in).

I changed the address back to my own because I decided I didn't care. For those that may be driving, parking is typically no problem on the weekends (no permits required)

If you have any questions, text me or drop a line in the thread.
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I am pretty sure that is not the right address, though you're probably right about parking not being a problem there.
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Thanks. Pro-tip: preview your event. Fixed now.
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We may be a little late because of cooking and grocery delivery, but we will be there.
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Guess whose not ready at all! My casserole plans are mostly scattered until next month but there will be food!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!!!
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And if somebody wants to pickup Popeye's I wouldn't say no.
posted by MCMikeNamara at 7:09 AM on November 19, 2016

I'll swing by Popeye's on my way over.
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I am too depressed to get out of bed. Also, I don't have any pants that aren't in a laundry basket. Someone please post a report here in the thread afterwards?
posted by tzikeh at 8:47 AM on November 19, 2016

I sure will. Take care of yourself.
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I'm out of bed but I'm still not ready for people. Even people I know and love and trust. Like you people. the best people.

Hopefully, I'll make it in December.
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We're going to be sharing notes and stuff in this and future threads, and I'm going to be creating some Trello boards to help organize documents, links, lists of organizations, needs/wants, and minutes/action items from these meetings. Trello isn't encrypted so it's not for any truly subversive organizing. But I and several others today expressed being overwhelmed and confused by the firehose of news and resistance actions (events, calling, donations, etc) coming at us right now. For me, organization and categorization helps that so that's what the Trello will be for. If you want to create an account at Trello, feel free to do so and once I have the boards up and running I will share them with y'all. (I'll need the email address you signed up with to add you to the board(s).)

I have a pretty crazy weekend so it probably won't be ready immediately but I'll post here when I they are.
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Actually I think I'll be able to create a special link to add y'all to a team and then I don't need to invite everyone individually. Stay tuned! <3
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just the getting together and talking about some of this stuff was helpful. Thanks guys.

One of the things I thought of afterwards is the stress of the daily reactions, vs picking a goal and working towards it, and how to overcome that. A potential way is to look at Trumps published 100 day plan, and find a thing or more in there to target. The daily nonsense will keep on happening, but trusting those are his real goals is about as far as you can go with trusting anything Trump says as true.
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Had a lovely time, next time will bring a dish!

It is so nice to be around like such a like minded group of people. My partner says she'll come next time :D
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Thank you for putting this together, Mike, and thank you Mike+fam for hosting! Good people, good talk, and a surprise neighbor. (And surprise other good things!)

If it's on the true 2nd Saturday next month I can't be there, but hopefully my +1 who didn't come today can be convinced to come in the future.
posted by phunniemee at 4:37 PM on November 19, 2016

I wish I could have been there. I know I need to get out of my home and be with people -- especially, as crush says, you people, the best people -- but I'm not fit company and I hardly think my best re-introduction to the Cabal after only a very few appearances at the Goat some years back would be me curled up on the floor, sobbing. I just need more time. I hope. I can't bear spending every single day in an office full of Trump supporters without some counterbalance, but I'm just so sad and tired.
posted by tzikeh at 4:55 PM on November 19, 2016

Love to everyone who wasn't ready yet. Take care of yourselves and come join us next time, or the time after that. In the meantime please do take care of yourselves and don't hesitate to reach out (here, or send me a MeMail) if self-care is feeling like too much. This is an amazing group of people and a I know a lot of us are more than willing to listen, or be a literal shoulder to cry on, or have dinner delivered for you, etc.

Mike, thanks so much for hosting. This was really good for me on a lot of levels and I'm glad we're going to keep doing this.
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Just got started on the Trello team. Have to run to a thing but I'll probably be working more on it later this afternoon. If you are interested in joining, use this link. If you are new to Trello I recommend playing with the little tutorial board it has when you first sign up. Or ask me if you have questions!
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what me to start a slack channel for it?
posted by crush-onastick at 2:41 PM on November 20, 2016

for those interested in encryption, this Electronic Freedom Foundation link has useful information.
posted by garlic at 8:26 PM on November 20, 2016

I've been listening to the Professional Left Podcast for a while and thought I'd share in case it might be comforting to someone, as it is to me:

Driftglass and Blue Gal Present the Professional Left

They vent about politics with a lot of vent-y yelling and light swearing but end on a positive or at least determined note. I like their views on national politics. They usually shift to state and local politics about halfway through the podcast (they're based in Springfield) , though they haven't since the election and not sure when they'll start again. I must confess at that point I tune them out because I have... differing... views... But the first part, that part I really like!
posted by halonine at 4:44 PM on November 21, 2016

hey crush, if you want to start a slack team, feel free! i didn't jump on making one right away partly because i personally am in too many (3) slack teams, all of which are already discussing the election. but i realize not everyone has an online space like that, and/or can't quite get out in public at the moment, and could really use a place for less structured discussion, venting, despair, hope, etc. i would totally join if you started one, though i might ask for assistance getting any actionable items or other things from the slack into the trello for record-keeping purposes. there's also a slack-trello integration that i haven't fully investigated yet but we could play around with it.
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This was only a week ago? oh boy.

Hopefully everyone's starting to find a groove for minimizing the pain of the next 2-4 years.
posted by garlic at 2:16 PM on November 28, 2016

Things might get slightly better now that tRump has effectively called for an audit of every vote cast in the election. No telling what his supporters will do if there is one and it changes things, though.
posted by Evilspork at 4:59 PM on November 28, 2016

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