DC Meetup for Expectant/Recent Parents and Anyone Who Doesn't Mind Talking About Strollers
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Sat April 16 at 2:00 PM, Domku
821 Upshur St NW, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
I know there are a bunch of expectant MeFi parents in the DC area (and maybe some recent parents?) so I thought it would be nice if we could have a meetup to keep ourselves sane(ish) and get a chance to check in with other intelligent, thoughtful adults going through the same thing. Everyone who wants to come is welcome, just know that the conversation might center around, like, babies and whatnot. I expect this to be this Saturday afternoon, April 16th.
I don't know the geographic distribution of participants so I'm not finalizing a location but would tentatively propose we meet somewhere on the Red Line (presumably not a bar or somewhere that only serves coffee although I suppose anywhere's fine as long as they don't mind if a bunch of participants don't drink alcohol). Suggestions for appropriate venues are welcome! Hopefully people will be able to come and it'll be a nice chance to talk to other MeFites and compare notes about how tired and anxious we all are! See you Saturday!
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Really sorry catastrophewaitress and I can't make it, but my mom will be in town for work this week, and she has sudden availability on Saturday!

Hopefully we can do this again soon... we'll have our little catastrophebusboy/girl by then, of course :-)
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Hmm. Did I miss a Metatalk announcement Mrs. Pterodactyl? Is the stroller question relevant to your interests?!? Congrats!!!

I'm not sure we can make it but I'm going to try!

Some thoughts on venue: Domku or the Petworth Playground, the Kogod Courtyard at the Portrait Gallery, or the children's floor in the new Silver Spring Library.
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Ooh, I have a 5 month old and would love to do this, but not available this Saturday. Sunday or next weekend should work, though!
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Also the children's floor at the Silver Spring library is awesome! Or anything in downtown Silver Spring would be pretty convenient for me. But I could make other locations off the red line work.
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It sounds like there are people for whom this Saturday won't work which is a shame but maybe we could start doing this more often, like every month or so? I would LOVE to have a network of parent friends in the area since I have some wonderful friends but not so many with kids.

That said, unfortunately I can't do Sunday so I'm going to call this for 2:00 pm tomorrow (Saturday) at Domku (821 Upshur St NW, Washington, DC 20011). Hopefully that will work for enough people and everyone for whom that doesn't work we'll see in the future, possibly at a playground or library to be accommodating of those whose children have already emerged.

Also, if anyone else ever wants to post a meetup like this, please go ahead! I sometimes get shy and anxious about making these decisions so if you feel like they aren't working for you, genuinely please feel free to schedule something.
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We're on a bench outside, we'll go in in a minute. I'm wearing a blue shirt and jeans, my wife is wearing a purple shirt and black skirt.
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