Writers with Drinks, starring mefi's own asavage and tapir-whorf
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Sat April 9 at 7:30 PM, Make Out Room
3225 22nd St, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
<>Writers with Drinks is an excellent local event series, curated by Charlie Jane Anders, at the MakeOut Room. The April 9th event stars Adam Savage, better known as asavage on MeFi.
This is a great regular event, worth it for Charlie Jane's endlessly creative intros for the speakers alone. The April 9th event stars Adam Savage, among other speakers. He has a TV show of some sort?

The venue is not that large, so it's worth getting there early if you want a seat or good view of the stage. Let's meet up and have drinks and hang out!
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This sounds wonderful! Count me in! I have an intellectual crush on Adam Savage.
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i will be in japan. DAMMIT.
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This sounds awesome! But I have another event that day that will probably overlap.
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This sounds great! Is it just first come-first served? Or can you buy tickets ahead of time?

The Make Out room is so tiny, we'd have to get there *way* early to get seats - what time were you thinking of arriving?
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This is something that I'd like to attend. Gingerbeer and Rtha will be the second act. What time to meet?
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From the fb link, in case people can't access it (it's on their website, too):

When: Saturday April 9 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM, doors open 6:30 PM
Who: Adam Savage, Isabel Yap, Princess Kali and co-host Annalee Newitz!
How much: $5 to $20, all proceeds benefit the CSC [Center for Sex & Culture]
Where: The Make Out Room, 3225 22nd. St., San Francisco, CA
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This sounds great. I will see if I can get a Special Dispensation to attend. I assume showing up at 6 might be sufficient?
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I'm interested but second jasper411's question (with a side helping of social anxiety). Is there a way we can get seats/get seats together?
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(and as someone noted on the FB page, it's going to be EXTRA crowded.)
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If my flight gets in on time, and other things cooperate, I'd love to be there.
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It will indeed be crowded, and if it's important to you to get a seat, definitely get there early! We usually identify fellow mefites by our t-shirts or by waving at people we know, which probably will not be effective in a larger crowd. We may have to resort to posting our locations to the thread here or exchanging cell phone numbers.
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We are discussing a pre-meetup meetup at Borderlands, details not nailed down yet!
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I'm planning on going early to hold down the fort.
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Pre-meetup is here, at 3 or 4:30, just a few minutes' walk away from Make Out Room.
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Crazily, I'm actually reading at this (I'm listed on the Make-Out Room's event lineup, though not on the Writers with Drinks webpage); I've never made it to a mefi meetup under this username or my previous one, so this is a kind of exciting first. I think I'll be the only one reading poetry--so say hello if you're feeling sociable and not too starry-eyed in the presence of asavage!
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Might go to the pre-meetup. Will probably skip the Make-Out room due to crowded.
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Boo hiss, can't go due to other obligations.
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Added tapir-whorf to the event title. Mefites are everywhere.
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I think I can come. Just how early are people planning on getting there?
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And we are now unexpectedly stuck at home -- sad to miss this (especially after calling the meetup.)
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I'm in the (currently not terribly long) line at the Make Out Room, wearing a green sweater. Look forward to seeing some of you folks!
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Bay Fair to San Leandro bart is down, by the way. Bart is providing shuttle service.
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I meant to give a shout out to mefites in the audience after I read, but was all nervy and it slipped my mind entirely. This is the last time I go to a meetup and forget to meet a single mefite, I swear it!
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Event was not that crowded, by this feline's standards.

The first act was mouth-watering: poetry about carcasses being opened and organs lifted out like jewels! That was a tough act to follow, so the second and third compensated by going on and on. And on. That pushed the break so late that the human had to leave before the second half.

There were half a dozen green sweaters in the place. :-/
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