Board game (Cosmic Encounter) meetup
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Mon April 11 at 7:00 PM, My House
2727 Edison St, San Mateo, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
In the Cosmic Encounter thread more than a few people in the Bay Area expressed interest in a mefi meetup to play. Here's our peninsula chance to play
I don't have a copy of the game, and am in San Mateo where it seems most everyone else was in the East Bay. Though would be happy to host, it probably makes more sense for someone else to do so? I know Wednesday was mentioned and Oakland as well, I'm more than happy to travel though, but figured I should take the lead and at least get this set up!

We had our chance to play in the east bay but I know there was interest down on the peninsula as well. I'd be happy to host Monday April 11th if we have enough interest. As stated I don't have the game though so we'd need a copy to play cosmic encounter. I have table space for up 6ish people, though more would be doable if tough. Am happy to change the time if a bit earlier works better as well.
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I am intrigued by your ideas and want this thread in my recent activity.
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Thanks for posting this! I have a copy of the Fantasy Flight version along with one of the expansions (Dominion). I could do pretty much any day or location in the Bay Area, although San Mateo would be easier on a weekend (driving from Fremont during rush hour on a weekday would be tough).
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South bay here, but I'm in SF every day for work. I'm definitely not going to get over to Oakland, but if this ends up happening in city/peninsula I'll show. Also not upset if Oakland.
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Looks like we have a good amount of players. I ordered the Excursions expansion as well, which allows for six players if we get to that point. Just have to decide on a location. I'd be happy to host in Fremont, but San Mateo may actually work out best since everyone else except for Zed seems to be in the South Bay or Peninsula. But if you're not comfortable having a bunch of strangers over to your place, Carillon, a lot of game stores have tables for folks to gather at.

For anyone that's interested but hasn't played, there's a fun episode of Shut Up & Sit Down here where they play a session. It doesn't delve deeply into the rules, but really the basics of the game are pretty simple.
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I may not have time, but like zed I want this in my recent activity. Count me as a vote for having it in the city, or at least somewhere BART-accessible.
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I'm interested! I had not seen the FPP or heard of the game before I received the notification for the IRL but this all sounds very intriguing and I am reading into it.

I am in Oakland. I'm willing to travel anywhere reasonably BART-able (etc).
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Man, I have a copy of this game and everything...but I just moved to San Diego.

Enjoy your meetup!
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I have a FF copy and the first two expansions (I also have the AH version which is hot garbage, and the Mayfair version + expansion, as does my partner... can you guess that we are fans?) and would be up for a game or two, as long as it's not too far. I can even ferry a passenger from SF if needed.

(South Bay is too far though)
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OK, having read the article on the game, and other information about the game I am definitely interested in playing.

I recently moved to Rockridge (from SF) and would love to be playing more board (and non-board) games. We even have a basement - where today I should be unpacking CDs and records - where we should be able to host future meetups/etc., eventually.
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I'd be curious, although it sounds like you can only have 5 players max, so there's sort of a cap on how many people could go to this at any one time.
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Hmm.. I have an apartment in the city with a space big enough for two to four games of this (though a few extra folding chairs would be good) that's Bart walkable from 24th and Mission. I'd be happy to run it past my roommate for a future weekend.
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Hey, yo; I've got a pretty good sized space in Oakland, a short walk from Rockridge station. We host a games night on Wednesdays, and (after checking with housemates) it's been deemed ok to invite the internet for Cosmic. We've got a big dining table with space for two concurrent games, and a smaller table in the front room that could run a third, if there's sufficient turnout. I've got a copy of the FF version (and a whack of other games, of course).

Also happy to go hang out in the mission some evening; it's very easy for me to stop off there after work.
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I first heard about Cosmic Encounter from Shut Up And Sit Down (they rave about it) and am interested in playing. I'm in Oakland and am open to any location.
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So it sounds like we may have two potential games? kaibutsu, would you be ok with posting for a Wednesday, maybe the 23rd if you're down to host?

I should be happy to host a weekend game if there's enough people interest to come to San Mateo in the end of March. I'll have to check a couple of things, but if so I'll post soon with details as well.
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Sweet; yeah let's do the 23rd at my place. Typically get started at about 7.30; it's about a ten minute walk from rockridge station, at 59th and telegraph. Memail me for an address and a phone number.
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Cool, just sent memails to those who had expressed interest in the thread, just in case. I've got one copy of the game, definitely tell me if you can bring another copy along.

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Really fun game night, everyone. Glad to have met you, and looking forward to the next one.
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sorry to have missed it -- hope to play with y'all another time!
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updated it to include my address and date, let me know if this works for folks.
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So looks like the timing isn't great here for a few people. We'll hold off this time and try and reschedule for a later date!
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