DC FOODIES Go Into the Woods
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Sat November 14 at 1:00 PM, Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant
8046 New Hampshire Ave, Hyattsville, MD, USA (Map & Directions)
As promised: our rare foods tour has taken us to many meaty delights, so now it's time to visit some vegetables! Let's go to the Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant weekend buffet in Langley Park, MD later this month.
I'd like to do this on a weekend because that's when they have buffet-style dining to maximize the amount of delicious foods we can try. Right now, my schedule is open both the 14th-15th and the 21st-22nd. I know folks may be traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday, so tell me what date(s) work(s) for you! Doing it on the 14th to converge with a MeFi family occasion!

Woodlands is accessible by bus from the Silver Spring, Takoma Park, and Ft. Totten metro stations.
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I have family visiting on the 14th but they're also MeFites & fans of Woodlands. I'm forwarding the link.
posted by adamsc at 8:12 AM on November 4, 2015

ooh this sounds great, I'm in for any of those days except the 21st.
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Awesome, adamsc, the more the merrier!
posted by capricorn at 8:30 AM on November 4, 2015

Speaking as the out-of-town family, since we were planning on going to Woodlands on Sat the 14th for lunch anyhow...
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OK, let's do it! I am not hard to convince of things.
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Looks like fun! We'll have a baby in tow (he loves curry).
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The weekend of the 21st probably isn't good for me, but according to my calendar, the only thing on the weekend of the 14th is National Spumoni Day in Canada. Assuming I can get out of the extensive required celebrations for that in a timely fashion, I could do something that weekend.
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Oh, whoops, that's why you don't write a comment, get distracted by things for a couple hours, and then post it without checking the thread.
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I'll be out of town that week :(
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Is the plan to do this for lunchtime?
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drlith: yes – the lunch buffet is a great deal on weekends
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My wife (sugarandsass) and I will be going and are excited to try the food, but if someone wants to carpool/taxi to save some money due to the slight inconvenience of getting out there, we'd be up for it.
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Hey, great timing, I'm going to be in DC this weekend! My girlfriend and I are also happy to carpool with people. We'd be coming from Park View/Petworth, if that helps to coordinate things.
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NB: I don't know what's up with the map, but this place is in Langley Park, which if you are asking directions, no local would ever call Hyattsville. It's actually closer to Takoma Park. You can even take the 16 or 18 bus from Takoma Station.
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Thanks for the info, zennie! I'm from NoVA so even though we have our own weird city/county system (my address growing up said "Alexandria" even though my house was not in fact in the city of Alexandria) I have no idea how it works in MD. I'll update the post.

Copronymus and I will probably also be up for carpooling/cab-sharing. We'll be coming up from Columbia Heights, not far from Park View/Petworth at all.
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I should note that if it's not raining/snowing, we've walked from Takoma DC. It's not that long and there's a comfortable sidewalk all the way, not to mention avoiding drowsiness if you get one too many plates.
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Hmmm, might venture out to MD for this.
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We're here, and I've put us down for 20 seats!
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On my way!
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Maecenas and his girlfriend, caseusvelox and I are here outside
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Great to see everyone today. What an amazing turnout! I'm still in a food coma. Looking forward to next time--we talked about maybe Korean in Annandale, Chinese in Rockville, or Ethiopian in Silver Spring.
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Glad I remembered to remember to go! Great choice! Ever since the name of an old anthropology grad school colleague popped up in an early review, I've had a hankering to try the Uzbek restaurant Silk Road Choyana up in Gaithersburg. I will give it a little while for the Indian buffet settle and then see if I can do the gruntwork of organizing an expedition to proverbial outer Mongolia.
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drlith, that sounds awesome!
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