Rag-Tag Mefite Thanksgiving?
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Inspired by this post -- is anyone interested in a TINCC Turkey Day?
I'd love to take part in a Chicago Mefite Thanksgiving, and I'm wondering if there would be enough interest. Could we use this thread for discussion/details? Would anyone be interested in hosting? Would a restaurant be a better idea? A pot-luck? Anyone feeling like they want to cook a traditional feast? Or just have a pajama party and watch the MST3K Turkey Day marathon on YouTube?
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I would totally do this on the Friday after.

I could host, but #1 - I'm out in Elgin, #2 - my house is full of animals (3 small dogs and 2 cats) so it'd be a nightmare for anyone w allergies.
posted by Fig at 3:02 AM on November 4, 2015

I would completely be down with this, but I cou host, I don't think.
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Couldn't! Could not host. Damn you, mobile!
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I've only met a handful of you once, but I've got a house in North Park with a big dining room table, a Big Green Egg grill for some delicious spatchcocked turkey, and a willing significant other who makes a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. We could do Thursday or Friday.
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Does it have to be all turkey?
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And is spatchcocking safe to search for to figure out what it is?
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Should be :-) Its just cutting out the backbone so that the bird lays flat on the grill and cooks MUCH more evenly, so you don't dry out the breast while trying to hit temps on the thigh.
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Yeah, I like moist breasts and hot thighs.
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And is spatchcocking safe to search for to figure out what it is?

This is spatchcocking.
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*sfx: dramatic music*

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Is there still interest in this? Thursday or Friday?
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I have no plans and so could plan.
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I have since made plans, so I am out.
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New confirmed IRL
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