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Sat July 4 at 2:00 PM, Winnemac Park
Damen & Argyle, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Once again, we will hang out in a park and watch things explode. There will likely also be grilling and kubb.

I have 2 as a start time, but that may be amended.

And because I am lazy, here is last year's description. It holds true for this year.

"I am not kidding when I say that the Winnemac Park fireworks is completely bonkers. No one ever believes me.

Bring food! Bring discreet beer (this being a public park)! We may even play some kubb early on, and I can bet there will be knitting.

Small children and dogs can totally come, but be forewarned, it gets really loud, and somewhat crowded. Street parking is pretty easy in the neighborhood, but may not be as the afternoon goes on.

We usually show up mid-afternoon to stake out a good spot where we can see and not actively fear for our lives. You should join us."
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Are you pro-kubb or anti-kubb?
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I am 100% pro-kubb. I had better be since I bought a set for Baniak.
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I am so excited about this! BOOM!
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I chickened out on this last year, but I am committed to going this time around! Plus, my wife will be out of town anyway and I don't have anything planned for the 4th. Hooray!

Phunniemee, I believe we are pretty much neighbors. Are you taking the train?
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Phunniemee, I believe we are pretty much neighbors.

OMG YES. YES WE ARE. (Also, hello thread that I hadn't even clicked on yet.) This also reminds me that you sent me a memail probably a year ago or more and I probably said something like "let's get tacos!" and you were probably like "hey sounds great!" and then I didn't follow up because I'm a shit.

Aaaannnyway, there's like a 4% chance that my grandma will be in Indianapolis for the 4th which would mean that I'd drive out there to visit her, which means I wouldn't be coming to this. But since it's already the 20th and she still "hasn't made her mind up yet" and she'd be coming from Florida, it's unlikely. If I come to this I will drive, and I'm happy to give you a lift if you're ok to ride with my idiot dog.
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Confirmed: Grandma will not be in Indianapolis.
Gonna watch some stuff blow up!
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We plan on bringing potato salad, deviled eggs and will also have pickled green beans. Probably some other stuff too. I'm a little excited.
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Coming for a scouting trip because I'm moving there soon and this seems like a great first Chicago meetup!
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also if anyone had a location that grobstein and I could crash at at any point over the weekend

we would be insanely obliged

and happy to buy you breakfast / regale you with true tales of internet drama / entertain your children / pet your dog / iron your newspapers!
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I've got a late afternoon errand. Other than missing kubb, would getting there around 5:30-ish be too late?
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Can't come after all but hope everyone has fun!
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I will bring pasta salad and iced tea! Phuniemee, check your pms!
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check your pms!

Back in my day the kids used to say "calm your tits" but I like this one, too.

I'm probably going to bring meatballs and some overly sugary sodas a well meaning parent brought to a Girl Scout party but that I can't in good conscience give to children.
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I have also remembered this AWESOME vegan lentil sloppy joe recipe my boss gave me and I'm making the fuck out of that too.

I'm not even remotely vegetarian so I'm not sure why I am so stoked to be making all this vegan stuff. But there you go.
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I'm not even remotely vegetarian so I'm not sure why I am so stoked to be making all this vegan stuff. But there you go.

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fine, I'll bring some herring
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I'm going to bring a chickpea salad, and if I get my act together there will also be a loaf of onion-dill bread.

I also picked up an assortment of plates/napkins/utensils/cups/wet wipes. (If anyone else has more plastic utensils, I'm realizing I don't have enough of those to cover all of us if we have a good showing from the maybes.)

Oh and hwyengr - I'm sure showing up at 5:30 or even later is fine! My cell number is on my profile if anyone is coming late enough that it's already dark and you're having trouble finding us.
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onion-dill bread sounds amazing!

Thanks for picking up platensils/wet wipes - we will also be bringing that stuff, but now we are guaranteed not to run out.

Super excited for the blow uppening!
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And, yes hwyengr - we will probably be going until 10pm at least. We will try to update the IRL with our position, but jessypie will also be a good resource :)
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My dog is currently sleeping through what sounds like the storming of Normandy beach happening right outside my window right now, so he's getting in some good practice for tomorrow.
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I am super excited for this! Changed plans from the pasta salad; instead I'm bringing some homemade salsa and guacamole. I will also bring Catchphrase if I can find it. If I can figure out a classy way/discreet way to bring a bunch of Tipsy Palmers, I may do that too!
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I may have just made a FROM THE INTERNET banner to make us easier to find.
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Ok I've got some delicious Arnold Palmers (booze optional) but I think we'll need some ice. I don't have a cooler - if I brought a bag of ice would there be a cooler to dump it in? Or should I pick up one of those insulated grocery bags?
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rossination if you get the ice I'll bring my empty cooler! TEAMWORK, PEOPLE!
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We are here! Same place as last year - just north of the main trail between the baseball diamonds
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this was mentioned in the Facebook invite but not here; my partner's sister, her two kids, and my partner's father and stepmother are here from Arizona and Indiana. we're gonna be quite the crew, so I'm bringing pie and pasta salad (nice mind reading, rossination) and cookies and soda and hot dogs and a whole lot of in laws.
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I'm bringing lemon & blueberry poppyseed cake. Excited! :D
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I need help finding you! I've passed four baseball diamonds already and haven't seen you yet.
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Ha! I lapped the entire park before finding you in the most obvious spot in the center of the park.
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That was so much fun! Thank you again bibliogrrl and baniak for putting it together!
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Seconding jessypie's comment!
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Many thanks, bibliogrrl, baniak, and everyone else who helped make this thing happen. Great to meet you all.

You weren't kidding when you said that Winnemac Park fireworks is completely bonkers. I didn't believe you.
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