The Annual Ritual of Blowing Things Up (now a MoMu15)
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Fri July 4 at 3:00 PM, Winnemac Park
Damen & Argyle, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
AKA USA! USA! USA! Winnemac Park in Chicago has the BEST illegal fireworks display in the city. You should join us to watch things go BOOM.
I am not kidding when I say that the Winnemac Park fireworks is completely bonkers. No one ever believes me.

Bring food! Bring discreet beer (this being a public park)! We may even play some kubb early on, and I can bet there will be knitting.

Small children and dogs can totally come, but be forewarned, it gets really loud, and somewhat crowded. Street parking is pretty easy in the neighborhood, but may not be as the afternoon goes on.

We usually show up mid-afternoon to stake out a good spot where we can see and not actively fear for our lives. You should join us.
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Somebody may have purchased a $3 sparkly red, white, and blue hat at Target a couple of weeks ago and likes the idea of wearing it.

If we are in town, which I'm pretty sure we will be, we will be there.

And yes, I did not believe it before I saw it; it is completely bonkers.
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I spent $1.79 on these earrings back in October AND STILL HAVE NOT HAD AN OPPORTUNITY TO WEAR THEM. This is the time. I got them to match Mike's hat.
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I just noticed that you scheduled this for June 3. Which actually would be even more bonkers.
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We are going to blow so much shit up, we will go BACK IN TIME!!!!!
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We just moved to Chicago and this just may be the IRL event that gets me to go to meetups. Is the cabal newbie friendly?
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we are 100% newbie friendly (i think). We occasionally forget we're supposed to be looking for newbies at trivia, but everywhere else I feel like we do a decent job of keeping our eyes open for people looking for people from the internet.
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Also, me and baniak will be bringing taco fixings. (fuck yeah arrachera). We will have our tiny grill, and anyone who wants to bring meats or whatever are welcome to use it.

We'll bring salsa and chips, and probably water and who knows what else.
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hopefully kubb while there's space to play!
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When does the action start? I may be late because of s different event in the moderate south.
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Fireworks generally kick off a little before dusk and go on til durn near midnight
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I have tomatillo salsa and pico on my list of things I will bring.

Since there will be tacos, if anyone else has a request for a taco or taco-adjacent ingredient, I live where they can be had dirt cheap, so please just let me know and I'll bring it!
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We have 3dz corn tortillas, 4# of skirt steak, and will be bringing Mexican rice and refried beans. (for the plates)
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Is there a strategy for being findable for newbies and the visual array challenged?
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New to irl meetups here, we'll be on sorta strange small folding bikes, riding around looking a bit lost. So please shout out if you see us.
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My move to the north side was successful, so I will definitely be in the park. Somewhere. Also, the Sears on Lawrence has some pretty awesome USA themed t-shirts for five bucks, if they're open today.
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We will be off the main path, under a tree. Look for chairs and a tiny grill and a small table and people knitting. :D

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I'll pop in and post once we're there and set up :)
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I will wear a wide brimmed hat.
*looks at tshirt*
and a Heroku tshirt.
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Here is our spot.

We are across the main path from the middle of the 3 main softball fields.
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Do you have a lat/long, or is that just silly?
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41• 58'24" N
87• 40'52" W
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Not silly at all.
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On my way! So... maybe an hour from now.
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Is there room for two more?
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There is room for all of you!!!
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We're planning on being up there around dusk. See you soon!
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is there anything needed?
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Oh my god this is stunning. Here with other folk and will do a walkabout soon to say hiya.
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Today was PERFECT. Thank you everyone for coming. <3
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Movie pitch: Step Up + Bring it On but instead of dance battles and cheer-offs, it's different groups competing with illegal fireworks displays.
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