Shall we play a game(haus)?
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Sun March 8 at 3:00 PM, GameHaus
1800 South Brand Boulevard, Glendale, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
I had a great time at the last Game Night, but the only problem is we all had so much to talk about we never got around to the game part before it was time to go!
I confirmed the date for March 8 but if people would prefer Saturday the 7th I'll change it.

What time works for everyone? I'd love to start in the afternoon.


Since 6-9PM on Thursday isn't convenient for most people, what if we did game day on weekend? Would Grand Central kick us out if we brought our own games but were eating and drinking, too?

We were also talking about a pinball meetup, so I'm going to add that in under games, as well a bowling. (I've been looking into pinball and there are only a couple of really good places, but there are tons of great bowling alleys all over town, both plain and the new disco/club kind.) I don't think miniature golf is convenient enough, but I'm open to any other game ideas.

I don't know how to play the new crop of board/card games but I'm happy to learn. I can bring cards, dominoes, and Uno.
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I would love a game night on a Sunday or a Monday. I'm pretty much available all the time, though if it happened at the end of this month I would bring extras!
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Randomly/relatedly, as I've been thinking about proposing these but haven't:

So over the weekend I visited the brand-new Neon Retro Arcade in Pasadena. They have a pretty good number of old arcade games and maybe half a dozen pinball machines. At the moment, they're $10/hr with free play. Gold Line friendly.

There is also GameHäus in Glendale, which I haven't yet visited but which looks amazing: $5 cover charge and hundreds of board games plus coffee. Their advantage is being open every day (except Monday) till late. Couple of blocks from Metrolink station.

Now there may well be equivalent places elsewhere, more conveniently located for various people, but these would be pretty spiffy I think.
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I would be in on a weekend (or some Fridays)-- unfortunately, my geographic range on weeknights has shrunk horrendously. I love that bowling is still so popular in LA! I would totally go bowling! Or arcade games!
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If by any chance the meetup ends up at GameHaus I will definitely be there - so count that a vote from me if it's in the cards. It's a semi-regular hangout for me (and the food is surprisingly good).
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Either of those sound great.
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Never been to a meetup but I do like games. GameHäus is fantastic, though it can get packed (which is good for them!). Open till 9pm–midnight, depending on the day. Old school arcades and bowling sound like a blast, too.
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I would do any of these, assuming it doesn't get eaten by work. A friend of mine had her birthday party at GameHaus last year and they reserved an area for us, which made it a little easier to gather in one spot.

I also love pinball and bowling.

There's also 82 in DTLA, which I have not ever been to. I think it may be too crowded for an evening event but they open at 2 on Sat/Sun.
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I would do any of these, too. Weekends are best for me because of westside commute fun, but I would have a go at making a weeknight just cause y'all are awesome.
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The only real restriction I have is how late I can get back, so a weekend that starts earlier is best. I could also do a later night if I can carpool back with someone. 82 was one of the places I scouted for pinball; pinball is my game so anywhere with pinball would be my first vote.
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If I can make it I’ve got a two-seater and am more than happy to give anyone a ride either there or back.
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Re pinball: by following 82 on Twitter just now, I found @la_pinball, whose website is the Los Angeles Pinball Map, "A user-powered map of all the public pinball machines in Los Angeles." Score!
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So, ummmmm, it's funny people are mentioning this, but I run a free live comedy/trivia show in Hollywood every Saturday night at 7 and was thinking of inviting a buncha LA mefites.

Would also be up for GameHaus (though Saturday nights basically never work for me) -- extremely fun spot!
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So, we could go for the embarrassment-of-riches option and have one meetup at GameHaus and another, later one at a pinball arcade (or do the arcade first!). I'm sort of partial to Neon Retro over 82 because the former sounds less aggressively hip (and it's newer, so it may be less well known/crowded), but I also see the value of going to an arcade in another part of town to minimize commute time for our Westside friends.

And then we could organize yet another meetup for SaraC's show, which also sounds like fun!
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I'm going to be in town for a couple weeks, so... maybe? I'm flying home on the weekends, though, so I can only do weekdays.

Hell, I'll probably just post another IRL proposal when I figure out my schedule.
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My thoughts on this:

1) I would totally do Sara C's trivia thing, and it's different enough from boardgames that we should totally start a separate IRL for this.

2) We should totally hang out when you're out here, backseatpilot.

3) Room-641A, you know I live nearby, so if you need an evening ride home (assuming I can convince my car to stop crapping itself), I'm happy to offer you a ride if I'm there.
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Gaaaaames! I am SO in. Glendale makes me happy. GCM makes me happy. Games make me extra happy. So yeah.
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Okay, so how about we try to narrow down our embarrassment of riches?

As the carless one I would definitely defer to any westsiders choice of date, but unless it's a late night anything should work for me.

Sundays have been good, so how about Sunday Feb 2 or March 1? And either Game Haüs (auto umlaut!) or 82?
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Oh wait, I didn't mean to exclude Neon Retro on either the location/hours or less-aggressively-hip factors. Plus it sounds convenient for my friends to the northeast.

And SaraC and backseatpilot, definitely post an IRL for whatever works for your schedule!
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Either the 28th or 1st works for me.

Metric tons of eatery options within walking distance of the Neon Retro Arcade as well. I've never been to 82, but Downtown of course has lots to choose from with Little Tokyo, GCM, etc. in proximity. Not to mention personally adored favorite Badmaash. :)
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Aaannndd now I'm hungry.
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OMG if you love Badmaash so much why don't you marry it??

No, seriously, I'd love to go back. If we can't work it in to this thing I'd definitely try to make another dinner meet-up.
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Can we please do a Badmaash meet up? Somehow I missed the last one (maybe I didn't live here yet) and I realllllly want to go!
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hey guys
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I'm in SF the weekend of the 28th/1st/2nd so... =/
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Sundays have been good, so how about Sunday Feb 2 or March 1?
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That should have been the 22! Does that work for you, ApathyGirl? Maybe we could Badmaash March 1st?

Both work for me. What do people think about the date?
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If we can put game night/arcade night together for the 22nd, or the 7th-ish of March that would be glorious!
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I'm going to vote for the 7th (Sat.) or 8th (Sun.) of March, only because I'll be between paper sets then. Hopefully.
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Heck to the yep!
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Okay, I'm going to set this for Sunday the 8th but if people prefer the 7th we can change it.
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Just checking in to make sure we're still on for this.
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I'm currently attempting to get over the hacking crud. Moving me to maybe.
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For sure still down if other folks are as well.
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I'm down for it! And up for it! I hope you feel better soon, ApathyGirl. I had that last month and it was a tough one to shake.
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Seconding the get well wishes! I was an early adopter of this particular hacking crud and can also attest to its cruddiness.

Yep, still down for it. Or up. All the prepositions!
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I'm planning to be around (see what I did there?) but I might be running a bit late.
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Well, shit y'all. I somehow had this in my head as next weekend and now I'm going to be a no-show. I'm sorry, I'm not calendaring very well these days.
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I got here early and got us a table. The guy at the front counter says this table can handle 7-8, so I suspect we are good. I'm visible from the front door, and there's plenty of neighborhood parking SW of the corner the building's on.
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So did I but I got off the bus 12 blocks away by accident. I think I'm around the corner.
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I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard about sheep, bricks, and ore! (Come to think of it, I don't think I'd ever actually laughed about ore before today. Now bricks, on the other hand. . .) Thanks again for coming out, everyone! Looking forward to the next time!
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I also can't remember where I've just heard so many people laughing and having such a great time. I still want to do pinball but GameHaus has such a happy vibe, and the guys working there were so nice!

Perfect idea for a Sunday afternoon. I hope everyone who couldn't make it this time will make next time.

And thanks for everything, Alterscape!
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Is "Banker's Arm" a thing? I'm so sore!
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The raddest time was had! Congrats to Alterscape for winning our "Let's Learn 'Settlers of Catan' contest, thanks to Room 641-A for her banker duties (that *was* a lot of work!), and to everybody for an awesome time. Let's do it again soon!
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Just in case y'all check your Recent Activity, here are a couple of videos from Wil Wheaton's "TableTop" series, covering how to play certain games.

(since we enjoyed it) "Settlers of Catan"

and (since we discussed it) -- "Ticket to Ride" (US map, though I've heard the Europe one is even more fun)
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