LA/Orange County meetup?
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Assuming the weather holds tomorrow, I'll be in Orange County! Let's get together.
I land at 7:30 and then head out again Friday morning. Who's up for dinner or drinks? I'm staying in Anaheim but I'm not opposed to driving into the city.

Not entirely sure about my schedule for the week, but assuming the schedule holds I think I should be free after six on Wednesday and potentially all afternoon and evening on Thursday. I should know more tomorrow. I could also potentially just head straight from the airport tomorrow to dinner if that's more convenient for folks.

Apologies for the short notice, but I made travel plans literally like three hours ago.
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Gah! Wish I could meet with you but I have previous engagements. Hope you meet some L.A. area MeFites though!
posted by Sophie1 at 8:21 AM on February 10, 2015

I'm on the west side and will be working until 6 or later every night this week. That said, I'm interested in meeting up. Anaheim's a bit of a slog but if it's happening I'll do my best to make it happen.
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Oh no, I can't do anything until at least next Wednesday, sorry!
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I'm also on the west side and unfortunately have no flexibility in going elsewhere, but even if I miss out on a meetup, I hope you enjoy your trip here!
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How much pain am I in for if I drive from here to the west side? I really know nothing of the area.
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Are you flying into LAX? I think some combination of you staying closer to LAX and people coming to you would be the easiest.
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Unfortunately, work is out in Fullerton so staying close to the airport isn't really an option. It does look like I'll be done pretty early today and tomorrow, so I don't mind driving in to the city.
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Sorry I can't make it this week, backseatpilot! Next time!

But as someone who lived in points south of LA for a while, might I suggest downtown Long Beach as a possible meetup spot? It's probably about 20 minutes (by car) from Fullerton, and LA MeFites could get there via the Blue Line.

Also, downtown Fullerton is an easy Metrolink trip from Union Station in downtown LA.
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So it looks like I'm coming back to town next week - anyone available to grab dinner one day? I should be around Monday-Friday.
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