Darkness Descends Over the Bay
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Sat August 16 at 3:00 PM, Virgil's Sea Room
3152 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm visiting SF again 4th to 20th August and it would be cool to meet some MeFites. Drinks at Virgil's Sea Room at 3pm on 16th August (Saturday). Come later in the day if you want since I'm presuming we will be there a while. We may pop out for food at some point - I'll keep the thread updated.
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Wow, Virgil's Sea Room has one of the least helpful websites I have ever seen.

Sad to say I'm busy on the 9th.
posted by aubilenon at 3:46 PM on July 22, 2014

Alas, I am on my way to Chicago on August 9th, but otherwise I approve of this idea. And Virgil's!
posted by gingerbeer at 4:54 PM on July 22, 2014

I work both days that weekend until 7:30, so something later would be best.
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So three votes against the 9th. How about the 16th? And is there a general preference for an evening/weekday? I was just going by the suggestion in the July thread that it's a good place on a sunny afternoon.
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I am in favor of Virgil's and the 16th is fine by me!

Thank you for picking up my slack and making a meetup for Virgil's, which I have been swearing I will do and then I am not doing it because....no reason?
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oops! I made a calendar error. I am free the 9th. And the 16th. So either one is great.
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16th works for me. Well, I have an all-day meeting but will be seriously in need of a drink by the time it's done.
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Either day could work for me. And I agree with aubilenon, virgilssf.com is a seriously useless website.
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Well, it is this bar, you know? Not much to say about it - they have a sweet patio and they serve good cocktails and other alcoholic things (but no food, except for the occasional popup; there are takeout options right nearby). The do have a facebook page where they list events. If El Rio next door is having a thing you can peek through the fence at the crowd and performers.
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I was trying to figure out if it was focused on rum drinks (because of the sea) or just a regular bar, is why I was looking at their web site.
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If this ends up on a weekday I would be pleased though I recognize that doesn't work with most people's schedules.
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rtha, does the bar allow you to bring in outside food? Or should I stop at one of the aforementioned takeout places and eat first, then come over?

I can request time off on the 16th if that's what people want to do.
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It looks like there's been no consensus against the 16th so I'm going to push it to confirmed. Also I reckon we'll be there for a while so will probably end up sending out an expedition for tacos.
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Yes, the bar is fine with bringing in outside food. The BBQ place across the street is decent, the pupusas up the block at El Zocalo are some of the best in town, Cancun Taqueria is on the other side of the street, and you'll pass several other good taquerias between the BART station and the bar. Oh, and Mission Pie, if you're in the mood for pie.
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I'm in the mood for pie
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That's my secret, I'm always in the mood for pie
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Mission Pie
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Mission: Pie
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Hi, I'm moving to SF (we're flying there Friday!) and just realize that this is less than half a mile from the apartment we just got so I am changing my answer to a yes!
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One would also walk right past La Taqueria on their way from BART to Virgils.
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I decided to swing by SF after a business trip, so I will be there.
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Hey, that's my neighborhood too! If I'm around that day, I'll stop in and say hi.
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I live here now too (well, Oakland)! I will go to this!
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Just so everyone knows, a Dolly Parton Tribute Shindig (fb event link) will be taking place next door at El Rio at the same time. We will be able to peek through the fence on the patio and enjoy the music.
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Just discovered that Mr Scruff is playing a six hour DJ set at Public Works on the 16th. I've bought a ticket (and you should to). Anyone from the meet still standing towards 11ish will be dragged along.
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I'm in Sunnyvale/Cupertino until the 30th for work and I'll be in town for the weekend!
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I have a meeting until 6 pm or so but I will be SO in need of a drink by the time I'm done!
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Just a reminder that this meetup is tomorrow!

We are meeting at Virgil's Sea Room at 3pm until lateish. We will pop-out for food. I will attempt to drag people to see Mr Scruff at Public Works around 11pm.

How to find me:
I will be wearing a dark blue patterned shirt, black jeans and hipster glasses with brown hair. If I am on my own I'll probably be reading Catallus.

To contact me:
Sadly I'm on roaming so I probably won't be obsessively checking the thread myself. Hopefully someone else can pick up internet duties. If you are really worried that you won't be able to find the group, memail me tonight and I will send you my (English) number.
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Me! I am in!
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I will likely be coming from City Lights Bookstore and will aim to be there at least fifteen minutes early.

I will be in a black hat.
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Oh, also, I have your money rtha.
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Oh, right! Thanks!
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Additional note since I am reminded: Virgil's is cash-only. There's an ATM in the bar but sometimes it doesn't work, or at least one time I was there with someone and it didn't like her card. There's an ATM by the BART station, next to Rosamunde's.
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Also there's a Bank of America at 23rd and Mission and a Chase at 25th and Mission.

We should be there on time-ish or early.
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Running a bit late, so I'll likely be there closer to 4.
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I was wrong about the cards - they do take them now! Also, mrz and I are here. I'm in a blue checked longsleeve shirt and a straw fedora-hat thing.
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Is it hats day? It sounds like it's hats day and I should bring a hats.
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I'm on my way into the city but --alas!-- without a hat. I hope a brightly patterned scarf will suffice.
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We are in the back, to the right.
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It is always a hats day if you want it to be!
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The Good Ship Noms is now under way and will be there soon.
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Checking in.
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Might stop by post softball thing... people still hanging out?
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Okay, so apparently a CHRISTMAS FUCKING MIRACLE happened and delivered miles upon miles of delicious food options to Folsom St. Someone help me please.
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We are heading to Rosamunds on 24th.
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I think we did Greg Nog because that was a pretty great meetup and I introduced a mefite to my tattoo artist and alcohol was endrunkened and sausages were eatened so we're all good is what I think yeah /tipsy

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Yay this was awesome! So glad I made it.
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Such a pleasure to see all your lovely faces and meet some new ones!
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I'm more tired than a Firestone outlet but it was good to see everyone!
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I am so sad that I never made it to see you guys. My meeting ended up running 11 hours long. Democracy is great, but it takes too long and prevents me from meeting up with my internet friends!
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This was the best possible intro to San Francisco, and it ended with getting to snuggle a deaf rottweiler puppy, which is the greatest possible ending to an all-day hangout that also included Dolly Parton, fancy ice cream, sausages, and meeting a ton of new people. Y'all are invited to our housewarming party once our stuff shows up!
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That was fun. Thanks everyone for coming out. I'll definitely post another meet the next time I'm around.
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