MeFi anniversary event -- July 17th
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Thu July 17 at 5:00 PM, SOMA Streatfood Park
428 11th Street, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Spin off from this thread -- Thursday evening at the SOMA Streatfood Park. One SF MeFi anniversary event among many.
The SOMA Streatfood Park is a collection of food trucks. Beer and drinks are available, but this is not a bar. Food available varies, depending on which trucks are there, but I can pretty much guarantee something for everyone. Thursday nights they have even more going on.

I've reserved tables for us, although if we get a larger group we'll just have to colonize more of the space.

It's San Francisco in July, so be prepared for fog. I've requested tables indoors, but much of the space is outside.

Walkable or a short bus ride from either Civic Center or 16th St BART. Easy parking (really.)
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How late is this expected to go? I won't be able to make it at the beginning, I think.
posted by kenko at 1:09 PM on July 4, 2014

Good question, actually. I've just been scheduled for a Thursday shift that won't let out until 7:00, so I won't be able to make it until 7:45 or so.
posted by Noms_Tiem at 6:00 PM on July 7, 2014

THIS will be the MeFi meetup that I finally make it to.

If you are in Contra Costa County and you want a ride and you are not an axe murderer, Memail me.
posted by wintersweet at 9:29 PM on July 7, 2014

This is just blocks from my house. Blocks!

Oh but it's a weekday. I'm at 50%. If I remember to work from home that day I'll be there!
posted by aubilenon at 7:04 AM on July 8, 2014

yay I have a date with the internet
posted by en forme de poire at 9:57 PM on July 8, 2014 [2 favorites]

Oh wait that's the other one, that's more blocks from my house. But it's still pretty close and I'll still go
posted by aubilenon at 9:00 PM on July 12, 2014

I was wondering if you'd moved, but then I decided you just had as different definition of blocks than I do.
posted by rtha at 10:27 PM on July 12, 2014

I've reserved tables for 18. The barn has unfortunately been reserved by another party, but they'll give us indoor space if it's available. It's more likely that we'll be at the outside tables, so be prepared for the weather.

The place is open until 10 pm but as always it's a little hard to predict what the group will want to do -- we can stay until then, head somewhere else, divide up into smaller groups, etc.

Looking forward to seeing you all!
posted by gingerbeer at 9:01 PM on July 13, 2014

Okay so all you people who said Maybe should know I'm going to bring a bunch of caramels I just made with some Welsh salt I got before bouncing on trampolines. Everything was closed after trampolines because it was sunday, so I don't also have any Welsh whisky. T_T

The caramels don't all look great, but they are freaking delicious. Adjust your plans accordingly!
posted by aubilenon at 11:29 PM on July 15, 2014 [3 favorites]

Beer and caramels! Yes!
posted by rtha at 5:38 AM on July 16, 2014

Oh hey! Caramels? Maybe I will come, too! Plus I totally want to hear about trampolines. And see all your lovely faces.
posted by chatongriffes at 9:45 AM on July 16, 2014 [1 favorite]

Caramels are very motivating.
posted by wintersweet at 11:43 AM on July 17, 2014

Beer and caramels and Wes Burger!
posted by rtha at 2:25 PM on July 17, 2014

The Streatfood site says they're open until 9.
posted by Pronoiac at 4:08 PM on July 17, 2014

I have LARYNGITIS so I won't be there. Alas!
posted by tangerine at 4:17 PM on July 17, 2014

tangerine: Get better soon! And maybe stop shouting LARYNGITIS
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I have MOVING so I won't be there either.
posted by mollymayhem at 4:52 PM on July 17, 2014 [1 favorite]

Sorry to miss you guys! I'm on my way from work. There should be tables in the outside garden area for us.
posted by gingerbeer at 5:06 PM on July 17, 2014

Sitting on a bus in traffic, but am close!
posted by rtha at 5:15 PM on July 17, 2014

I'm there now! I'll sit under a table with a red umbrella, near the front entrance.
posted by Pronoiac at 5:16 PM on July 17, 2014

I'm heading out as soon as I finish this caipirinha!
posted by aubilenon at 5:16 PM on July 17, 2014

Walking over now
posted by zachlipton at 5:33 PM on July 17, 2014

Be there in 15
posted by en forme de poire at 5:33 PM on July 17, 2014

I will be wearing a hat featuring a dinosaur playing softball
posted by en forme de poire at 5:35 PM on July 17, 2014

Under the red umbrellas near the entrance!
posted by gingerbeer at 5:38 PM on July 17, 2014

I'm just going into the Transbay Tube. I have a friend in tow! See you all soon!
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Leaving work now, I should be there in ~45 minutes or so.
posted by Noms_Tiem at 6:02 PM on July 17, 2014

I made it, sorry for being late!
posted by Noms_Tiem at 7:02 PM on July 17, 2014

Thanks for being so friendly, guys! I had fun and I'll come to another one, one of these days.
posted by wintersweet at 9:40 PM on July 17, 2014

It was great to see everyone again, as usual. Hopefully I'll be able to come to another meetup soon.
posted by Noms_Tiem at 10:29 PM on July 17, 2014

Good times! I look forward to the next meetup!
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Hurray, that was really fun! Special thanks to gingerbeer for organizing and picking me out of a line-up, and to aubilenon for delicious caramels that were totally not even weird looking at all.
posted by en forme de poire at 11:20 PM on July 17, 2014 [2 favorites]

Those caramels were criminally delicious!
posted by rtha at 11:37 PM on July 17, 2014 [2 favorites]

Photos are up (just two, but still!).
posted by rtha at 5:49 AM on July 18, 2014 [1 favorite]

*sees pictures, reaches for a caramel, hitting the screen instead*
posted by Pronoiac at 8:00 AM on July 18, 2014

That was fun! Great to see everyone and thanks for those caramels, aubilenon.

Here's the info about the history walk on Sunday, for those who were interested.
posted by gingerbeer at 11:58 AM on July 18, 2014 [1 favorite]

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