15th anniversary party!
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Ok fine. We need to step up with the meeting up this month. There's an anniversary to celebrate! Here are my proposals, and we can start a round of negotiations, counter-proposals, wild-eyed propositions, grumpy disagreements, and in the end some more scandalous stories to share. I'll spin off any of these that get support into its own IRL post for easier rsvp'ing.
1. July 3rd Exploratorium After Dark 6-10 pm, $15. Adults only, with cocktails, with a theme of "only in SF" this month.

2. SOMA Streat Food Park. Date TBD, but Thursday evenings they have more stuff going on. We can reserve tables for up to 20 people. It's a short bus ride or easy walk from BART and has easy parking.

3. Virgil's Sea Room. Date also TBD, best out on the patio on a sunny afternoon. Bar in the Mission (next to El Rio), walkable from 24th St. BART.
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I think I like 2 & 3 the best, leaning a little towards #2, because I have somehow not managed to eat at any of the food trucks there.
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Is July 3 the actual birthday of the site? I ask because I'm flying back into town late last night. Don't expect you to plan around me though.
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Nope, actual birthday is the 17th. We have a whole month to plan things. Mostly we don't want to be shown up by those dastardly Chicago mefites.
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I'd also be in for #2 or #3, as I've not done either yet.
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I'm not all that interested in going to a bar because I don't drink, so I'd prefer #1 or #2. I might still come for #3, though.
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If there's a whole month to plan things, can I assume there will be multiple things planned? July third doesn't work for me.
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I'd go for #1. I hate SOMA Streat food park. Worst location in the city.
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I can't do July 3 (guests), but sometime after the 7th might work for me. I would prefer #2 or an alternate suggestion. (Not much of a bar person either, though that depends on the bar. :))
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I'm down for any of the above! I have some softball stuff on a couple of Sundays and one Saturday in July (will update once I check calendar) so a weeknight might be nice.

I've done SSFP before and had a great time, except there was some planning disaster and only one truck showed for some crazy reason, so food took forever. I think that was a first though. It was a nice setup - there's an "indoor" area with heat lamps for when it gets too windy and cold outside, and the location is good for me (coming from work in Mission Bay, probably).

Exploratorium sounds fun, though I've only been during the sober light of day. Cal Academy of Sciences has something similar, no?

I'm fine with a traditional bar also... have been to El Rio but never Virgil's, at least IIRC.
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For MetaFilter's birthday I might actually drag my lazy ass up from the Peninsula. Can't do July 3, though, and Thursdays are out, but #3 is definitely an option. BART access is doubleplus good.
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I'm down for any of these. I'd love to meet some SF Mefites, since I had such a good time at the 10th anniversary in NYC.
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2 or 3 would work best for me.
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Whatever we do, I'm down for it! And I agree, SF needs to represent.
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I'd be up for any of these! I haven't been able to make the SF meetups lately but would definitely like to meet more people from the interwebs.
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I am moving to San Francisco in July and have wanted to hang out with you Bay Area mefites at your bourbon-oriented meetups for a long time!

I'm probably not getting to the area until July 14 or 15 but would love to come to any meetups happening after that.

Also if anyone has any leads on one-bedroom apartments coming available I would love to hear about it.
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I'm interested in any of these! Just moved to SF ...
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Also if anyone has any leads on one-bedroom apartments coming available I would love to hear about it.

These exist in San Francisco?
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sharing a bedroom is the new having roommates
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Ok, I've spun off the food truck one to a July 17th meetup.

And restless_nomad's taken the Exploratorium one on July 3rd.

Other suggestions? Please go ahead and plan something! East Bay folks?
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There's a bunch of good stuff happening with LaborFest -- walks, talks, films, etc. If you're interested, pull one out and call a meet up for it.
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