Portland dining meetup for dim sum
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Sun March 16 at 11:00 AM, HK Cafe at Eastport Plaza
4410 Southeast 82nd Avenue, Eastport Plaza, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
It's been a while since we had a food oriented meet up. I think the last one was when we went to Podnah's for BBQ. Is anyone up for dim sum some night next month? Dim sum is usually eaten in a large group so why not!
Portland has a very mixed relationship with Chinese food, with cheap places catering to American tastes placing very high and more authentic restaurants getting bad scores because the food is too salty, the service is too pushy and/or the reviewer not understanding the menu. A former coworker of mine from Hong Kong thought the the HK Cafe in Lents is very good. I haven't been but the reviews are generally positive.

Is anyone up for it? They serve dim sum during the morning and afternoon but don't know about the evening hours. I can easily find out if the interest is there.
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Funny, I was just last night thinking about some of our past conversations about bao. I'm interested. I know nothing about this cuisine, so it'd be great to try it out with folks who know what's what.
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Ocean City is my usual go-to dim sum place. I also recently went to Pure Spice which was good also. It does not have carts though which has some advantages.
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The same source told me no one goes to Ocean City anymore. I haven't been to Pure Spice - I'll ask what the general opinion is amongst the HK expats. We have Chinatown and Wongs King over here but the only one I've been to is Chinatown.
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Of course no one goes to Ocean City anymore. It's always so crowded. Plus, the food is terrible and the portions are so small.

Forget it fiercekitten; it's Chinatown.
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First of all, yes. I am a fan of dim sum and would love to do this- I would also love to share the dim sum experience with others who haven't tried it. It is best to go with someone who knows what to expect your first time (note that some of the negative reviews of the HK cafe say there was a woman with a cart of food who wouldn't leave you alone- yes, that's what every dim sum place I've been to is like- that's not a negative, that's how dim sum works. Just tell her you don't want anything from her cart.)

I had heard Wongs King was the best- but my information may be out of date. I've never made it out there. I'm up for trying wherever- the place I used to go closed years ago. It was downtown, and called Wong Kee (perhaps named to purposely be confused with Wongs King?). I need a new place, and there's nothing in my neighborhood!
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We could even go ice skating then head over for dim sum.
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I've been to Fong Chong years ago, and I remember it to be okay but not really fantastic. It's a little sentimental to me because it was the first place I ever had dim sum.

I had dim sum at House of Louie once. I think the quality was comparable to Fong Chong, but the waitresses were way pushier. I kind of like that. I think the titular Louie might be the Jim Louie of Huber's fame?

Wong's King is always fun. I haven't had dim sum there, but I went with some Thai friends one time and ate a lot of new things. I remember the duck chins were good.

All of my info is 6+ years out of date.

It seems like places often only serve dim sum in the morning — or maybe that's just something I've run into by chance?
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I've been to House of Louie for dim sum a couple of times (although yeah, probably about 4-5 years ago)- it really wasn't that good of food. I honestly should have known better than to go back for the second time, I didn't like it that much the first time. Even knowing it wasn't going to be good I was disappointed.

I think of dim sum as a morning or lunch type thing too- maybe about 11 am would be hitting the sweet spot of everything is cooked but they haven't run out of stuff? I defer to others who have eaten at the restaurants we're considering.

Actually, my vote is for anyplace that has these, pronounced similar to hum sai gow.
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Are they hom sui gok 鹹水角 ? (per this Essential Guide to Dim Sum - which is on buzzfeed but is from Lucky Peach originally.)
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Yes- that's them! They have such an interesting texture. Almost everywhere seems to have them, so it's not like we have to research where they're served- just if you happen to see them go by on a cart grab a plate. You won't be sorry.
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I'm not sure I've ever had dim sum so I am watching to see what is decided upon.
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... I am watching to see what is decided upon.

At a guess, I'd say: dim sum.
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Despite my big long comment, I'd prefer something new. HK Cafe sounds cool.

What's Chinatown? Is that a restaurant or some sort of synecdoche?
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Yeah, I agree, let's try HK Cafe. But I think we'll have to do morning-afternoonish, not evening, to get dim sum.
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You're right. When you're right, you're right, and you're right.
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With the whisky tasting this weekend, would Saturday the 8th or the 16th be better? Or maybe a Sunday?
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Saturday the 8th, Sunday the 9th (ew, daylight saving time starts), and Sunday the 16th work well for me. I have a class downtown at 1:30 on Saturday the 15th.
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I have plans for Saturday 3/8, I'm open for the rest of March.
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I was going to complain that I wasn't available the 16th, but I've checked my calendar and I see that I am available that day, so now I have to find something else to complain about. That annoys me.
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Have you considered "the weather"? I hear that's a popular topic for grievance, if a tad mainstream.
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The sun was actually out today. The weather also let me down. I'm really peeved that I have nothing to claim about.
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It's Portland, just wait a day...
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See what I mean? Do you feel happier, now that you feel legitimately peeved?
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I had such a delightful time last meetup. I am in!
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So they only do dim sum until 3pm. I'm going to set this for this Saturday.
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Or rather the Sunday after next.
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I haven't had dim sum in years so I'm into this. Just need to make sure it works with schedule, but it looks alright as of now.
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I'll be in town for this! There's never meet ups here in Utah so I'm doubly excited if I can come, plus dim sum.
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Yum yum yum. Looking forward to this!
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We're coming from the west side so if whoever gets there first could put us on the list or whatever. We might have enough to fill a while table ourselves.
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We are on the way, might not get there until 10 after.
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Vespabelle and are are by the front door. She's on the waiting list.
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#TIL: The Golden Gate Bridge stretches all the way from Rome to Seattle!
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We are seated and eating, fifty feet from the door off to the right side.
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That was delicious. Time for a nap.
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A++ would eat there again for sure.
Looking at the dim sum guide, the shrimp thing we couldn't identify were probably har gow. The white cake thingies no one took were probably lo bak gow or radishcakes. There was a lot more going around than that chart has on it tho.
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that was really good!
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Sorry we missed it! Hopefully we can make the next one.
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Yum! That was excellent!
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