Because one meetup is not enough.
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Sat September 28 at 1:00 PM, Brazil Café
2161 University Avenue, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
UPDATE: The meetup has been confirmed for 1:00 meet at Brazil Cafe, hike in Tilden Park starting around 2-2.30, and then dinner and drinks at Comal starting at 6.30. Hope to see you all for some or all of the fun!
ORIGINAL POST: Hi! If you can't get enough meetup on Friday, September 27th at Frjtz, how about a day hike and then food and drink afterwards (not Frjtz) on Saturday September 28th, 2013?

Suggestions about where to hike/eat/drink welcome! It's been a long while since I've been in the bay area...where's good?
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Land's End, and then end up at thingy, that beer place on the beach? (Beach Chalet! That's it! Thanks, caffeine.) Dunno how well they handle groups like us where people keep appearing.

Or Marin Headlands, and then....someplace for drinking, in Sausalito? Don't know any places there, though, since I never go there. Back into the city, I guess?
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The Berkeley hills/Tilden and then Jupiter or Beer Revolution?
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You can always go to the Tennessee Valley Trailhead, hike over to Muir Beach & Pelican Inn, then hike back around home. But that requires people have cars / a ride, so I am not sure if it is a good idea for a meet up? But it's fun.

For something more transit-friendly there is always Angel island, which has a bar / oyster shack, a nice hike to the top and is ferryable.
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I like the idea of Berkeley Hills/Tilden and then Jupiter afterwards, making things doable for East Bay folk. I haven't been to Jupiter in ages though; doesn't that place get intolerably crowded on a Saturday night? Will us Internet people be hard to disambiguate from all the other beer drinking mortals? And how late does Berkeley BART run back to the city?
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There are a couple of other options in downtown Berkeley: Comal has a great open patio with plenty of heat lamps, and Revival has a pretty large bar area. Both have outstanding cocktails, in case people want to drink something other than beer.
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if we're thinking food, I'd suggest Brazil cafe (the newer sit-down one that opened) or Cheeseboard Pizza (though that's quite a walk from the BART station) and then beer at Jupiter (though if it does get very crowded on Saturday nights. Also I can't drink due to alcohol allergy so I really couldn't tell you if the beer was good or not)
I also see now they've opened a CREAM for ice cream sammiches :) things have changed a lot in the 7 years since I graduated...!
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Brazil cafe? Is that the place that used to be a little hut near the campus and the crépe shop? It served pork and beef sandwiches in this green sauce and was sooo delicious. That sounds like a great idea for pre-hike fueling up. Let's meet at Brazil Cafe at 1:00, we'll walk up to hike in Berkeley Hills/Tilden around 2-2:30. And leisurely make our way back down for 6.30 at Jupiter? Thoughts/suggestions/changes to this plan?
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Can I send a friend in my stead, who will be in Berkeley for the fall, but is bad at arranging his own social events (and also not a registered mefite)?
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For us insular city folk, is this Brazil cafe close to a BART station?
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I'd vote for Comal or Revival over Jupiter for the after drinks.
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Yes, Brazil Cafe is very close to BART. Comal looks great! I'll go ahead and firm up this meetup.
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I'll definitely come if I'm in town that weekend. Not sure I will be since I'm just in the Bay Area while I hunt for jobs, but I have fond memories of Brazil Cafe from my time as an undergrad.

I assume we're meeting at the shack next to the bike shop, and not their sit-down place around the corner?
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No hiking for me (unless anyone else is going to bike, in which case I'll bike with y'all--trust me, I won't be much faster than the hikers!), but definitely yes for Comal and likely yes for Brazil Cafe. My first MeFi meetup! :)
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Noms_Tiem...didn't realize there were two places now! Yes, how about we say let's meet at the shack (mostly because it sounds way cooler, like our secret clubhouse).
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Noms_Tiem...didn't realize there were two places now! Yes, how about we say let's meet at the shack (mostly because it sounds way cooler, like our secret clubhouse).

The shack is way easier to find, anyway. Their sit-down place is pretty hole-in-the-wall-y.

I should be able to make it that weekend, but do we have a finalized route for the hike? I only have flip-flops and a comfortable pair of walking shoes with me. I think I'd be fine with the latter if it's just on dirt trails and/or roads, but if people want to do a little more than that I'll probably just meet at the shack, head out to write, and then join you after for dinner.
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I'm supposed to go eat delicious things at the Eat Real festival down here in Oakland on Saturday morning. Might pop up for the hike and/or Comal though!
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The hike should be low-key…no route planned yet. Figured we'd sort that out over food at the shack.
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What time is the Comal part? Might join then. Will try to make the hike but I have lots to do before catching a flight that evening.
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PS: Comal doesn't open till 5pm.
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According to the text above it says the plan is for Comal at 6:30.
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In that case I'm out.
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Then you'd better make it tonight, special k.
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Yes ma’am.
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I will come to Comal. I will probably stop by the shack to say hello before settling in at PiQ to work.
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We are on our way now. Who's planning to come along for the hike? Just want to make sure we are waiting for people (or not). See you soon, or later!
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We are here, waiting for food. I'm in a Powells tshirt. Kim in a green shirt.
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Who is planning to show up at Comal?
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Me! I am planning to show up at Comal!
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We'll be there!
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Ok. Trying to manage reservations. May be iffy but we'll see what they can do. Kim and I are here now at the back bar.
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At a table on the back patio.
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The Boy and I are planning to come.
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