Bay Area Meetup?
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The comments on this link were all "go to a MeFi Meetup" and so I was all "let's have a MeFi Meetup." I've never been to one, but I am a moderately recent transplant and would love to meet you wonderful folks. So... drinking? Games? Both together? Something else entirely?
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We were just talking about the fact that we need to have more meetups around here, so yes, definitely! Mission Bar is one of the standbys in the City, although that's probably complicated at the moment by the transitpocalypse.
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PBZM and I would be interested, depending on time & location and the above-mentioned transitpocalypse. (Dear People Who Usually Ride BART: Welcome to the bus! We do things a little differently here.)
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Maybe somewhere that there's pinball????
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Did someone say pinball?
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How was the Playland-not-at-the-Beach meetup for pinball? I could totally be down for some pinball.

Possibly best after BART is running again. Also down for a meetup on this side of the Bay.
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I'm in Palo Alto, so if it's within a not-unreasonable commute by public transit, I'll be there.
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Someone mentioned a thing called Donut Farm a few weeks ago. That seems field trip–worthy, no? Even if it is in (hiss) Oakland. (Kidding.)
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Donut Farm

Do they have a petting zoo?
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If it's close to the new Mikkeller bar, you won't be able to keep me away. Probably because I'll just be there already. Unless it's when I'm on vacation.
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It has indeed been too long since we meeted up 'round these parts! Agreed that waiting till transitpocalypse ends is probably best.
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I too am interested! Commenting to keep an eye on this.
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I would be up for this! I'm also a recent transplant to SF.
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Also fairly recent (OK, one year. It's a big city! Oh shush.) transplant. Also down for meet-ups at the donut petting zoo.
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I'm down for this. Looks like the transitpocalypse may last a long time - they're not even bargaining at this point!

How many folks might be interested in trying for a meetup without Bart? Are there places that are central enough that people could get there on Muni? (Frjtz, I'm looking at you...)
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We could do simultaneous meetups on either side of the Bay, with skype.
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BART? Pfft, I'm from the North Bay, where rail transit is the stuff of rumor and fantasy. But I would totally drive down for a meetup.
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I'd definitely like to come to another meet-up before I leave the Bay Area in September, so let's do it.

c'mon sea legs, is your username an Immaculate Machine reference? If so, we will be fast friends. (If not, we may still be, but it's less certain.)
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AC Transit won't be going out on strike, so the trans-bay busses are available…
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Peoples Donut Farm on San Pablo in Oakland. It's a short drive from Playland-not-at-the-beach in El Cerrito should anyone want to hit both. For even more pinball there's the super extensive Pacific Pinball Museum in Alameda.
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Count me in! Work is rather slow this week and I am booored out of my mind.
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Speaking of drinking, games, both and something else entirely, the new Exploratorium is open and does After Dark first Thursdays of the month.

In lieu of BART, how do people feel about Zeitgeist for a SF-side meetup?
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I prefer the ExplOratorium over Zeigeist. Partially because I've been meaning to see their new digs, and partially because it's closer to my house.

Thought donuts and pinball sounds pretty good too.
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I haven't seen the local MeFites I know in a while, and I'm always looking to meet more!
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I am theoretically interested and might even show this time.
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If anyone wants to do a pinball meetup, The Pacific Pinball Museum is the ONLY place that makes sense.

(Or in SF there's always this map to help you out.)
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I'm in SF and would be 100% down for either Zeitgeist (so close to my house! I can provide games) or the Exploratorium for After Dark.
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Zeitgeist sounds awesome, I haven't been there in ages. It used to get so crowded weekend nights that it was hard to chat. What evening would work best for Zeitgeist?
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A post-transitpocalyptic meetup sounds good. I like the Exploratorium idea - haven't seen their new digs yet, and what better way than in the company of MeFites?
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Also a maybe here. Actually I'll probably go since I am rolling back down to San Jose at the end of the month.
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I have a yet-unused Exploratorium membership. So yes here.
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I am in the East Bay, have always wanted to go to Zeitgeist, ever been to Mikkeller, haven't been to the Exploratorium since I was a kid, have a car and am happy to give a ride to anyone who needs it so we can cruise in the carpool lane, strike traffic notwithstanding.
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So now that the transitpocalypse is at least temporarily averted, maybe we can figure out an actual plan? I vote pinball.
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asterix: BART isn't very good at Alameda anyway. Or do you mean Playland-not-at-the-beach?
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I don't have a particular preference. As far as Alameda goes, I have a car and am happy to provide shuttle service to/from BART.
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Playland After Dark is happening Tuesday the 9th from 6 to 10 pm. 18 and over, $10 admission (regular weekend admission is $15).
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Also, beer and fries are available at Elevation 66 brewpub, which is a mile south of Playland on San Pablo. I've never been, but the beer list looks interesting.
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I'm interested! Fridays and Saturdays are best for me.
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I can vouch for Elevation 66. The beer is good and the food is fantastic upscale gastropub fare.
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I'm visiting SF from July 21st for three weeks and I'd definitely be up for something. I might actually try and organise another meetup if I miss this one...
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No movement here? Just saw it and I'm always up for a meetdown. Down for a meetup. Wait...
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