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How would Bay Area Metafilterians like to meet up in a locked room in a Japanese mystery game, with 90 minutes to solve the puzzle and get out? Inspired by this SF Chronicle article.
In yesterday's SF Chronicle there was an article about a mystery game where you and up to 10 others are locked in a room for 90 minutes. Inside the room are a bunch of clues that tell you how to get out!

How awesome would it be for a contingent of Bay Area Metafilterians to crack the puzzle? Be warned though, that the clues are set up to be difficult enough so that only about 5% of the participants actually solve it. Apparently the room also has guide type people in it as well, to help people - the Chronicle reporter said they discouraged their group from taking the wiring apart... No indication as to whether you can bring beer in, but I'm sure we can figure something out!

Here's the webpage for the event and the dates available - looks like Thurs - Sunday March 6-10 and 27-31. It repeats several times a day. Unfortunately, it looks like it's about $30 a ticket, so not cheap, but maybe if we did it as a group we could get a discount?
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as someone who's done this already:

there definitely won't be a discount for doing it as a group; in fact, it can be kind of difficult to get a clump of tickets, since there's only 11 per slot - your best bet would be picking a date in May, and getting the tickets when they're released [recently the facebook page has been good about updating how many slots there are for a given day]

they may discourage taking wiring apart, but everything else is fair game; the room was a disaster area when we left
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I'd be up for this. A bunch of my puzzle people friends did this (and won) and it sounded pretty fun.
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I would do this.
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I would do this. In May? Totally. Oh man this would be great.
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Can I be the person who freaks out and starts screaming about how we're all going to die?
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Zed: You mean we're all going to die, like, eventually?
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Most definitely.
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It doesn't look like it's playing/available through May. The last date listed is April 28th and major times/dates are sold out, or with just a few tickets available. Looks like the Chronicle article really interested a lot of folks!

April 19th (Friday) at 4:30 has 10 tickets left. Does that work for people? I suspect it will sell out soon too, so I'm not sure how to make this happen as quickly as it might need to. Any ideas?
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I'm in.
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I can just buy all the tickets and then share with the first 10 people who RSVP yes or something.. Should I do that?
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(and they can paypal me)
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I'm down!
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There's only 9 tickets left for April 19th. Is the other one one of us? It says tickets for may will become available 3/4, which is tomorrow (monday). That might mean we could get a block of tickets at a later time in the day, which would be easier for people who can't get away from work as easily. I'm okay with April 19th if that's what people want to do though. But I haven't bought all of them yet, in case we would rather do May - evenings are in fact easier for me as well.
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Oh! I didn't realize they were extending into May. Maybe we should wait, and snap up all of them for some date. Evenings are certainly best for me too.
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I'd love to do this! Later in the day would be a little better for me too, but I'd make time for it one way or the other.
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Okay! Let's do May! We should probably pick the date and time before tomorrow, and then snap up a whole block when it opens. I am still happy to buy all the tickets up front and settle up later. Shall we say Friday, May 3, 8:30pm?
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That works for me. Aubilenon, consider this a commitment to pay you back for a ticket. This sounds fantastic.
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Sounds good. I will send payment however you wish once you confirm that you've bought a ticket for me. Will you post a list of ticket-holders here, or notify us by MeMail?

Thanks a bunch for organizing this, jasper411 and aubilenon!
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Oh hey, could you get 2 tickets for me while you're at it? I think Hubby would have a blast with this, and if he can't make it I will treat another MeFite to the experience. Thanks!
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Works for me, and thanks so much for picking up the tickets, just let me know if you prefer cash or paypal or whatever for reimbursement.

How about we go for drinks/food afterwards somewhere in Japantown? That way folks who don't come to the room can meetup with us after? I was thinking of Iroha, which has a separate room we could probably get, UT I don't think it has a full bar. Any other ideas for venues in the neighborhood?
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Still waiting for May tickets to become available. I like udon a lot, so Iroha sounds good. I also like full bars though so: whatever!
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Am I too late to express my interest? I'm new to the Bay Area so I don't know many MeFites and it would be nice to meet more.
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Also I can reimburse someone who buys tickets, or buy my own, or just show up and look on enviously as you gloat with your tickets and all I have is a crumpled piece of newsprint.
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Huh. May dates still are not available, despite the claim on the site.
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It looks like it would let me buy 11 tickets for May 3 at 6:30. At least it got me to the page where i would enter my credit card info (for $335.38). Did it let you get that far? I got there by clicking "register for the event" link.

Do you feel ok about making the buy still? I suppose i could cover it - but it would be a stretch.
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It wasn't. Previously it just stopped at the end of April. Now May 3 6:30 pm is listed but is totally sold out. I wonder if it still thinks you're going to buy them.
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The system gave me a message that it stopped holding the 11 tickets after 10 minutes, but when I get home I'll try again. Are other days / times available?
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I'd be interested in this.
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