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Next Two Weeks

6 attending
6 maybe

Lunch & Fix-It Meetup

Hey folks, I plan to make a big pot of soup in hopes that local MeFites from the greater SF Bay Area will show up for a late lunch to converse and, if they like, also do a little sewing (I will be mending a few things) or a little crafting or a little colouring or simply hanging out. [more inside]
Albany, CA at Bella Donna's apartment, 1PM by Bella Donna - 21 comments

More Than Two Weeks Out

7 attending
11 maybe

Game Haus, amirite?

Howzabout we kick off 2017 with a little fun and laughter by restarting our semi-regular meetups at Game Haus for a few hours of games? Game Haus 1800 S Brand Blvd #107 Glendale, CA 91204 [more inside]
Glendale, CA at Game Haus, 2PM by Room 641-A - 14 comments

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