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Next Two Weeks

3 attending
6 maybe

DC FOODIES February brunchytimes

As much as I'd like to make another "LET'S JUST GO TO COMET" shitpost now that James bloody O'Keefe of all people is going after them (it's a long story, google it) I think...I think we should do brunch in February! the thought-fox's suggestion of Yayla (Turkish, near East Falls Church metro) sounded really tasty, and we haven't done Middle Eastern yet. Let's go on the 25th at noon! [more inside]
Arlington, VA at Yayla, 12PM by capricorn - 5 comments

5 attending
2 maybe

Food Depository Repack -- March

let's help the Greater Chicago Food Depository get food repacked so it's easier for them to distribute to hungry people. [more inside]
Chicago, IL at Greater Chicago Food Depository, 1PM by garlic - 5 comments

More Than Two Weeks Out

1 attending
1 maybe

Sonoma, Marin, North Bay Activism Round Table

Following up on February's meet-up, we're meeting again to talk about actions we're taking, to share resources, to ask questions, and to otherwise Resist! [more inside]
Petaluma, CA at Aqus Cafe, 1:30PM by lazuli - 0 comments

14 attending
6 maybe

Bacon Bomb V: The Baconing

We will gather on the 13th of March for the bomb that is bacon as is the custom of our people.
Chicago, IL at Paddy Long's, 6:30PM by MCMikeNamara - 32 comments

6 attending
6 maybe

Springtime drinks in Chicago

Hi y'all, I'm going to be in Lakeview/Boystown in the afternoon. I'm totally flexible on time and place as long it's 4 pm or later. I just picked the Long Room because we've been there before and they have food. Can't wait to see the Chicago Cabal again!
Chicago, IL at The Long Room, 5PM by AFABulous - 7 comments

4 attending
8 maybe

San Francisco March for Science

Hey San Francisco, grab your lab coats and let's march! April 22nd, details to come as the event gets organized. All STEMfolk and friends of science are welcome!
San Francisco, CA at Civic Center?, 11AM by Quietgal - 0 comments

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