Eat. Drink. Be merry.
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Sat November 18 at 5:00 PM, Lucky Lab SE Hawthorne
915 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey PDX it's been awhile since we met up for drinks and it's time to remedy that.
Last night I met several lurkers and less-active members and urged them to come to a meetup. Then I realized I should put my money where my mouth is (that sounds gross) and propose another meetup.

Since Sibrax is hosting a game day on November 4 and Veteran's Day is the weekend of November 11, would November 18 or 19 work?

Any suggestions for venue? One possibility is the Lucky Lab - either the NW location or Hawthorne. They both have plenty of space for gathering and beer and food.
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Howsabout Mod Pizza at 204 SW Yamhill St on Tuesday evening the 14th? Looks like they sell local beer.

I'll be downtown anyway because I'm skipping town for the winter and it would be great to see y'all before I catch the bus out of town late that evening. Any food place in the orange bike zone that evening that's not a pub/bar/etc sounds good to me!
posted by aniola at 5:26 PM on October 26

Since I’m job hunting I have to go to networking events every weeknight except Fridays... That night is a really interesting event that got me some leads last time I went. I’ll wait to see what others say.
posted by bendy at 6:07 PM on October 26

I could make a weekday evening (such as Nov. 14) after 6-ish, or any time the weekend of Nov. 18-19.
posted by Greg_Ace at 6:44 PM on October 26

And I'll be Frank if you'll be Mary.
posted by Greg_Ace at 6:50 PM on October 26

I am down for some meeting of up!
posted by cortex at 7:12 AM on October 27

I've been meaning to come to a meet up ever since I moved to Portland a year ago. I recently moved to Vancouver (WA) and stick out like a sore thumb here, so I'd be thrilled to go anywhere in Portland to meet y'all around Nov 18–19!
posted by the thorn bushes have roses at 8:31 AM on October 27

I'm amenable.
posted by janell at 9:36 AM on October 27

I'm into meeting up! My preference would be someplace where I don't have to navigate stairs, as I'm on a knee scooter.
posted by Secretariat at 10:41 AM on October 27

Lucky Lab is next door to my work & therefore would make my attendance basically mandatory

Take that as you will
posted by churl at 11:59 AM on October 27

I'm into meeting up! My preference would be someplace where I don't have to navigate stairs, as I'm on a knee scooter.

cortex and I discussed this the other night! That's why I was thinking Lucky Lab - big, open space.
posted by bendy at 1:45 PM on October 27

churl : which LL?
posted by bendy at 1:46 PM on October 27

It's been almost a year since I've made it to a meetup, so it seems about time for me! Any of the proposed dates look good to me.
posted by Tentacle of Trust at 9:30 PM on October 27 [1 favorite]

The lucky lab on Hawthorne was the site of the very first metafilter meetup I attended in, like, 2006 or something.

I'm just saying, is all.
posted by dersins at 9:23 PM on October 28 [1 favorite]

churl : which LL?
Hawthorne! Dersins, I think I have a photo from that meetup somewhere in ye olde archives
posted by churl at 9:59 PM on October 28 [1 favorite]

It sounds like the Hawthorne Lucky Lab has the majority vote. The 18th-19 is wide open for me. Are there preferences for time or day? I don't see any listing for happy hours on their site. churl, you could do some reconnaissance and see if they have one...
posted by bendy at 2:45 PM on October 30

Either Sat 11/18 or Sun 11/19 works for me!
posted by cortex at 2:50 PM on October 30

I am taking a workshop on dyes from fungi on the 19th. In Eugene. I vote for the 18th!
posted by janell at 5:27 PM on October 30

11/18 at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne is the current plan. Any objections? Suggestions?
posted by bendy at 10:02 PM on October 30

Sounds good to me.
posted by Greg_Ace at 8:49 AM on October 31

Hey, look at me suddenly having plans on a Saturday like a fancy person who leaves the house!
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No objections. Eat, drink, be merry! But I'l be outta here by then, time to get a lot closer to the equator. If anyone wants to get a little extra socializing on, I'm down for downtown on Tuesday the 14th.
posted by aniola at 2:08 PM on October 31

I'm a strong maybe for 18 November.
posted by dersins at 6:04 PM on October 31 [1 favorite]

Ahhh, have fun guys, Strudel and I will traveling for Thanksgiving that day. We'll try for the next one! :-D
posted by FireFountain at 10:31 AM on November 5 [1 favorite]

Won't be able to stay too long because of a later event, but I should be there!
posted by Secretariat at 10:44 AM on November 16

Due to a timely package in today's mail, I think we can bring some stickers!
posted by Secretariat at 12:42 PM on November 18 [1 favorite]

Robot empathy comment I enthusiastically brought up:
posted by churl at 6:09 PM on November 18 [1 favorite]

Thanks everyone for coming out! It’s always great to see Meefites[!] and always great to meet new ones. I love our community and let’s do this more often.
posted by bendy at 9:21 PM on November 18

churl - that’s one of those comments I can read over and over and it’s always funny!
posted by bendy at 9:23 PM on November 18 [1 favorite]

Thanks for making me feel welcome at my first meetup! It was great to meet you all and I hope to see you all at future get togethers.
posted by source.decay at 9:03 PM on November 19 [1 favorite]

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