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October 7

I am looking for runners to join my team for the Bourbon Chase Oct 16-17th. [more inside]
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October 2

Let's go to the Ronald McDonald house in Hyde Park and make brunch for the families of sick kids. [more inside]
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October 1

Hello Canada! I will be travelling to the fine city of Winnipeg in a few weeks for work, and wanted to see if there was any interest in a meetup. Is anyone available for a happy hour beverage, or dinner+a drink, or an after-dinner drink/coffee on Monday, Oct 19? [more inside]
posted by Fig at 8:14 AM - 4 comments

September 28

I keep thinking the First Wednesday is this week. But because First Wednesday is instead next week, I am posting the regularly scheduled MefiChi meet-up. [more inside]
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September 27

Fried, smashed, cubed, or hashed -- all Taters are welcome at Geeks Who Drink trivia, Wednesday at 7:30pm, at Joe Sent Me.
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Hey MeFites! I'm moving to Colorado Springs, a new and unfamiliar town. I would love to start this new adventure by meeting some friendly faces. [more inside]
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September 24

After a mouth-numbingly delicious feast at Panda Gourmet, what could be better than a large plastic bag of spicy Cajun-style crawfish at Hot N Juicy Crawfish in Woodley Park? I hope to see you all there! [more inside]
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September 22

I want to drink beer/cider/other stuff and eat sausage with you folks at the Red Lion Tavern sometime soon. [more inside]
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Please join us in a Celebration of Life for Aaron Lemur Mintz [more inside]
posted by LegallyBread at 3:56 AM - 10 comments

September 19

What's up with us? Trivia twice in two months? I have been remiss in posting trivia night here lately, so y'all come join us for Geeks Who Drink trivia at Sherlock's Baker Street Pub in Rice Village. Trivia starts at 7. Plan to be there early (I hope to grab a table or two around 6:15) because the college kids are back in town. We will also have an out-of-town ringer join us (thanks Momapotamus!) Also just realized it's Yom Kippur till sunset that day. If you can't make it, g'mar hatimah tovah, and have an easy fast!
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September 18

Aaron Mintz (Lemurrhea) died suddenly this week. (Please see this MetaTalk thread.) We're getting together at one of his favourite venues, the Jason George, to remember him and toast him and miss him so damn much. Please come by if you can.
posted by maudlin at 7:30 PM - 14 comments

You heard me. Next month marks the 5.5 year anniversary of the epic pizza that ate chicago thread and since pizza is the traditional 5.5 year anniversary gift, it seems like reason enough to celebrate. We'll pour out a slice for adamdschneider and spiffy who I'm sure will be there in spirit. [more inside]
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September 17

Boldly continuing with Star Trek Happy Hour, this week's episode is "Yesterday's Enterprise", featuring time-rifts, alternate universes and returns from the dead! Come and say hi! [more inside]
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September 16

I haven't done one of these in a while, so wondering if anybody felt like doing a Pocha32 meet up again. [more inside]
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Since there wasn't an Upstate NY Meetup this year, why not get together regardless? Eat, drink, shoot the breeze, or even shoot some pool before the North Wind starts a-blowin'. Time for now is flexible, and can be adjusted to fit everyone's schedule.
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Me and chrismear are coming to stay for a few days and he's told me that NYC mefites are rad. [more inside]
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September 15

chrismear returns to Vermont after almost exactly 8 years since his last visit, this time with his lovely fiance, greenish. You are cordially invited to gather for drinks and/or dinner to help welcome them! The date for this event is Friday, October 9. [more inside]
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September 14

I have to go to Philly to do a thing. It seems boring to do the thing, then turn around and go home, so I'm adding a second thing. [more inside]
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How do Taters talk? Beats me, they don't have mouths, just eyes. Geeks Who Drink trivia at Joe Sent Me.
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September 13

Hey folks, the Big Quiz Thing is happening next Monday 9/21 in Harvard Square at the Oberon. Anyone wanna help me take a shot at learnin' them all a thing or three? Not sure what the exact format is, but here's an overview, and if you have an iPad, even better, you can be our captain! Free admission, doors open at 7pm, no registration needed.
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