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January 19

Boldly continuing with Star Trek Happy Hour, "Schisms" featuring: time lapses, abductions and alien experiments! [more inside]
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January 18

Hi Bay Area! I'm in a mandolin orchestra and we're looking for new members who play guitar or a mandolin family instrument. Our first rehearsal of the season is on Sunday afternoon and prospective members are welcome to join us. We'll be playing Pergolesi's Stabat Mater, preparing for concerts on April 8 & 9 in SF and Palo Alto. [more inside]
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There are a few MeFites planning to participate this Saturday. Here's where we can meet. [more inside]
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January 16

The Women's March on Chicago begins with speakers and a rally at 10:00 AM at the Corner of Jackson and Columbus (Not quite the Drive). Please check in here if you're going, want to join at th meeting spot (SE corner of Jackson and Wabash around 9:30), or are interested in lunch/beers/bonding afterward (post-rally at Bar Below 127 S. State around 2:30). [more inside]
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Any Bay Area MeFites want to march together in San Francisco? Maybe we can make it into a meetup too, before or after. Pink hats optional! [more inside]
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Any interest in meeting up and marching together at Boston Women's March for America this Saturday? From their site: "Can I attend... if I am not a woman? Yes, everyone who believes that women’s rights are human rights is invited!" [more inside]
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January 15

New year, new facts, old game: who's up for the pub trivia night at the George and Dragon?
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January 13

We're coming up on that national tradition known as Super Bowl Sunday. In the past we've gotten together to play games rather than watch the game, but there was always something missing which prevented us from achieving the full on ignore experience: the actual football game in the background being completely ignored. [more inside]
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quin's wife, [insert clever name here] asked me to post this on her behalf. quin passed away recently - MetaTalk thread here - and his wife welcomes anyone from the mefi community to the memorial service. She is directing donations to the Kubly Foundation.
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January 12

We Tokyo MeFites are notorious for not actually meeting up very much. In that spirit this is the laziest MeFI Meetup proposal ever. Let's just get together somewhere. [more inside]
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January 11

Pittsburghers, I miss you guys! I know a place where we can meet and beanplate together where the music is not too loud and the free street parking is plentiful, J. Gough's in Greenfield. Would anyone want to get together on the 28th?
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January 10

January is here, so, ferret branca and I want to have dim sum with mefites again, at delicious Pacificana in Brooklyn. The more the merrier (and the smaller the final tab, usually), who's in? (previously) (moved to February so as not to coincide with Chinese New Year's Day) [more inside]
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January 9

Hey folks, I plan to make a big pot of soup in hopes that local MeFites from the greater SF Bay Area will show up for a late lunch to converse and, if they like, also do a little sewing (I will be mending a few things) or a little crafting or a little colouring or simply hanging out. [more inside]
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Radiocontrolled organised us a really fun meetup for this January, and it seemed like a good idea to make this a slightly more regular thing. So Behold! The very first Second Regular London Meetup (Whooo!, Cheering!, Streamers! Confetti! etc.) [more inside]
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January 8

An evening of post-work boardgames, chat, and drinks. [more inside]
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Join us for board games and snacks at our place in Beaverton! [more inside]
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let's help the Greater Chicago Food Depository get food repacked so it's easier for them to distribute to hungry people. [more inside]
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House MCNamara is still out of commission--we'll be meeting at the crush family compound. Contact me (email in profile or via MeMail) or MCMikeNamara for actual address. [more inside]
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January 7

D.C. MeFi Tots (of the "tots and tykes," not "tater" variety) is having a daytime playdate at our place in Arlington on MLK Day (Jan. 16). If you've got a little one and an interest in getting out of the house, RSVP and I'll send you the details. (Including the real address, which is actually not the lovely Atlacatl Pupuseria listed below).
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We're back! It's Taters Geeks Who Drink Trivia 2017 at The Rising, Thursday at 7:30pm. [more inside]
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