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October 19

November 2nd is My Birthday, it happens to fall on a weekend. That's a pretty good excuse for a meetup yeah? [more inside]
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October 16

Because of life and stuff,* there has not been an October meetup. Our November meetup will be Saturday the 15th. We'll start at 2pm. Bring your games, snacks and/or drinks. [more inside]
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October 15

Boldly continuing with Star Trek: TNG episode showings at the Black Cat on Fridays! This week's episode, "To Short A Season", includes that guy who was the Klingon in The Trouble with Tribbles and was inspired by "male menopause". [more inside]
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October 14

Let's go to the Ronald McDonald house in Hyde Park and make brunch for the families of sick kids. Now with different and accepted by RMDH date! [more inside]
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October 13

Well you will if you show up at Joe Sent Me, Wednesday at 7:30pm for Geeks Who Drink. Can we make it another Tater sweep?
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October 12

Hey everybody- it's been ages since the Philadelphia contingent of Metafilter got together for board games. With the temperature starting to drop, what better time to break out the games again? [more inside]
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This week's weekly meetup will be a special edition, the third in our suburban comfort food series. Previous editions have been Red Lobster and Dairy Queen. [more inside]
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October 10

Meetup on Saturday October 18th! Tick Tock Tavern at 7:30 PM featuring A VERY SPECIAL GUEST.
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We have confirmed a Manhattan meetup on Sat. Oct. 18th!
Since I'm in NYC for the weekend I'd like to follow it up with a brunch & beergarden meetup on Sunday, Oct 19th.
[more inside]
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October 9

MeFiChi! I light the Migs Sig for an emergency meet up! [more inside]
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Hello, Canadians! The wife and I are heading up to Vancouver for a conference thing; let's meet up at the Alibi Room on Tuesday the 21st at 7:00 or so!
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October 8

The Gaslamp Killer, master of the mad beats, is playing in Albuquerque's Sister (The Bar) on Saturday, Oct. 18 with Astronautica and The 1960 Sci-Fi Era. I will be there. Who's in for the show, and/or food before? (Also, is anyone going to be at the Southwest Bacon Fest?)
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October 7

Boldly continuing with Star Trek: TNG episode showings at the Black Cat on Fridays! This week's episode, "11001001", features the "Bynars" (heh), and won an Emmy! [more inside]
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October 6

For this second Tuesday, we're going to Eataly (as mentioned here and here). I do hope some of you can join us! I suggest meeting at I Panini but we can meet at the Rosticceria if that's the majority opinion. [more inside]
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October 2

Boldly continuing with Star Trek: TNG episode showings at the Black Cat on Fridays! This week's episode, "Angel One", was supposed to be commentary on the Apartheid, but ended up being terrible. Come with your sarcastic witticisms, stay to throw popcorn at the screen. [more inside]
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September 30

OggCamp is this weekend in Oxford. I'm plotting on trying to make at least some of it - anyone else likely to be around?
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September 29

It's BBQ Time again! Also, at a recent meetup someone mentioned that another cocktail event would be fun - so let's combine the two! [more inside]
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Last year's fruitcake and marmalade production was a good time with good results (if a little bit intense with the lime on that five fruit marmalade). Shall we do another group cooking/gift-making project? [more inside]
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September 28

This New Englander will have some free time in Portland next month and I've never met the local MeFites. After some discussion we've settled on talk and drinks and food at The Mash Tun Brewpub on Alberta. We'll start around 6pm and stay there until we feel the need to walk the block to Salt and Straw or somewhere else the locals suggest. See you soon!
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Help us warm our new house and celebrate DM's birthday with a beverage tasting of tasty beverages. Bring your favorite beers and/or exotic sodas (Moxie!) and we'll have a few of our own. Bonus activities include board games and noshing. Note: location approximate. We'll memail those who RSVP with the exact address. [more inside]
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