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August 1

cortex's lil brother French Fry is coming to visit, and we're going to the US Space and Rocket Center, plus beers afterwards. [more inside]
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The Taters are coming to kick ass at trivia and chew bubblegum, and we still have plenty of bubblegum, but that's OK because we're perfectly capable of doing two things at once. Geeks Who Drink trivia, Wednesday at Joe Sent Me.
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July 30

Continuing with Star Trek Happy Hour at the Black Cat, this week's episode is "The Price", featuring wormholes and passionate love affairs, *probably* in that order! Come and say hi! [more inside]
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July 29

Worldcon is in the Lilac City this year, and at least a few Mefites are planning on attending, so let's have a meetup! [more inside]
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July 27

from Charlie Stross's blog
It's that time of year again and I'm travelling and doing stuff in public on That Other Continent, so here's a preliminary list of fixtures.
[more inside]
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First Wednesday of August is coming up quickly (though not as quickly as it might feel it should because there are 5 Wednesdays in July) Once the wait is over, let's go to the Billy Goat (430 North Michigan Avenue) and then maybe the Blue Frog . (676 N LaSalle) [more inside]
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July 26

Mumford & Sons are bringing their Gentlemen Of The Road festival to Walla Walla, Washington, and it's a couple blocks from my house. I'd love to have a Saturday morning breakfast meetup for any MeFites who might be attending. [more inside]
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July 23

Continuing with Star Trek Happy Hour at the Black Cat, this week's episode is "The Enemy", featuring Romulans, Geordie saving the day, and interspecies cooperation! Come and say hi! [more inside]
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July 22

Hey, Tennesseeans and other proximate folks, the wife and I are gonna be in Chattanooga this Saturday July 25th. Let's get together at Terminal Brewhouse at 5pm!
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I'm abandoning Toronto for Seattle! One last meetup? [more inside]
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July 21

Update: drinks at Cafe Saint Ex from 5.00pm on Saturday 8 August. We can continue into dinner if people are interested. [more inside]
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July 20

Join us on Wednesday at 7:30 for the air-conditioned questioning of Geeks Who Drink trivia at Joe Sent Me.
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July 18

We haven't had a Manhattan meetup in a while, anyone feel like going to Perdition this week? [more inside]
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July 17

So, we're going to be in Seattle for the Rush show on Sunday July 19. Thought it might be nice to meet a few Seattle MeFites before the show. So, let's meet at the 5-Points Cafe at 4pm on Sunday July 19 for hangout and chat and dinner and drinks before the show! It's not a fancy place, but it's fun and relaxing and is walking distance from both our hotel and Key Arena. We'd love to connect with Seattle MeFites!
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July 15

Continuing with Star Trek Happy Hour at the Black Cat, this week's episode is "Booby Trap", featuring holographics, Geordie engineering magic, and a third, *totally surprising* element. Hope to see you there! [more inside]
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July 14

+1 and I are visiting the Boston area. Let's go to Brass Union on Friday, July 24th, around 7. We're also planning to hit up some breweries beforehand; discuss in the thread or send me a Memail if you want to join us!
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Europe's best craft and boutique beer festival, held at Brouwerij de Molen, in the Netherlands. Now a MetaFilter tradition! [more inside]
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July 13

Cortex and I want to check out Birmingham and meet some mefites! The plan is that we'll meet up at Trim Tab Brewing, then head to Babalu for tapas. [more inside]
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July 9

We have another meetup coming up Saturday, but for any MeFites who want to get the party started early, join us for drinks and Star Trek episode "The Bonding", featuring everyone's mommy issues. [more inside]
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July 8

We'll be going to Medaterra on Connecticut at 6:45 on Saturday for dinner. Join us and celebrate an out-of-town MeFite! [more inside]
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