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September 3

Seattle! I am in town for a glorious 36 hours next week and would love to meet some local Seattle MeFites and grab some drinks. 7 PM on Friday, September 18th at The Pinebox on Melrose Ave. Come hang out!
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September 2

Boldly continuing with Star Trek Happy Hour, this week's episode is "Deja Q", featuring the RETURN OF Q, fork-stabbing, Guinan awesomeness and the meaning of humanity! Come and say hi! [more inside]
posted by warm_planet at 10:42 PM - 2 comments

Time for another round of trivia! [more inside]
posted by schnee at 7:51 AM - 2 comments

August 31

As likeatoaster and I just moved to Louisville, we would like to meet any other Louisville folks! We're having a meetup next Wednesday at 7-ish at Against The Grain! Bring yourselves, friends, pets, and supernatural entities. Start time is approximate, don't worry about being there right at 7
posted by Greg Nog at 7:35 PM - 18 comments

sophie's on THURSDAY, this Thursday! sophie's is probably GREAT. everything is GREAT. but we will make it EVEN better together??
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August 30

No jokes people, just facts (cat facts, chicken facts, tater facts). Serve up the straight dope Wednesday night at 7:30pm at Geeks Who Drink trivia at Joe Sent Me.
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August 27

Do you remember the second night in September? Only Blue Frog and Goat, remember the meetup we share today. ba dee yaaa goating in September ba dee yaa say that you remember... [more inside]
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August 26

Who's up for all-you-can eat Pizza on a Sunday evening in September? [more inside]
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August 25

I'm doing it again! This time there will be no questions about Canada. $20 bar tab for the winner!
posted by grumpybear69 at 3:25 PM - 2 comments

So it looks like the other meetup got canceled, but the wife and I will be in town this weekend! Anyone interested in Saturday dinner/drinks? [more inside]
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August 23

Well hello there, New York! I will be where you are pretty soon! I would like to meet (up with) some New York People, and I have heard that many of them like beer. We'll see if that's true, at the 4th Ave Pub on Sunday the 6th of September at 3pm.

4th Ave Pub has an excellent beer selection, and free popcorn, and teeny tiny little beer steins. I love them, and I love mefites. The two together in one this a dream...?
posted by internet fraud detective squad, station number 9 at 2:58 PM - 11 comments

Hey, NOLA-proximate mefites! Me and my wife are headed your way soon on the drive home to Portland, and we'd love to get together on Thursday Aug. 27th in New Orleans. Let's do Bellocq at 8! [more inside]
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August 22

I'm new to New Brunswick and would like to have some delicious food with Mefites. Anyone know a good diner? [more inside]
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August 21

DC MeFi goes to "the best Chinese restaurant Washington, DC has had, ever". Going with September 19th since it looked like weekends were a good bet and some folks wanted something later in the month. If enough people are interested and the weather is nice, let's meet at the Arboretum a little earlier and walk up to the restaurant. [more inside]
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August 19

Continuing with Star Trek Happy Hour at the Black Cat, this week's episode is "The Hunted", featuring prisoners, PTSD, "conditioning", and hopefully some Data humor to balance things out! Come and say hi! [more inside]
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August 17

ChuraChura is returning from her research trip abroad and we're meeting to hear about her tales of daring-do while off studying our monkey cousins. We're meeting at La Patrona on High Street, on September 3rd at 7pm. Please join us and find out what having malaria, and living among small non-human primates, is really like! [more inside]
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Hey there, NYC MeFites! My wife and I will be filling in as trivia hosts this Wednesday at dog-friendly Gowanus watering hole Canal Bar and it would be great to meet some of you as we stumble our way through what will no doubt be a gaffe-prone debut.
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August 16

It is a known cat fact that cats and chickens are sworn mortal enemies. It is also a fact that Wednesday at 7:30 Taters gather from across the shining city on a hill (or thereabouts) to meet at Joe Sent Me for Geeks Who Drink trivia. [more inside]
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Hey, me and divined by radio will be in Minneapolis next weekend (Aug 21-23) so let's have a meetup on Saturday!
posted by desjardins at 12:55 PM - 18 comments

My GF and I will be heading over to Vinyl Coffee & Wine Bar on Tuesday to give their trivia a try. We've never been before, so our knowledge comes exclusively from the fact that they advertise having trivia and this old SF Gate article. If this sounds like your bag, swing by & join the team! It ostensibly starts at eight, and ends at ten.
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