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June 24

Hey, everyone! Let's meet up! In Dumbo! At the Archway Lighthouse, which is literally down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass. Scenic!
posted by 1970s Antihero at 2:58 PM - 6 comments

June 23

Welcome back to: Star Trek Happy Hour, continuing with "Redemption II" with Klingon antics, kidnapping and attempted forced marriages! Welcome to Season 5... [more inside]
posted by warm_planet at 8:34 PM - 0 comments

June 20

bay area/peninsula mefites! let's have some ice cream and be social.
posted by koroshiya at 12:33 PM - 12 comments

June 18

Horace Rumpole will be in Miami this week talking about books, but we will soldier on at Geeks Who Drink trivia at McCabe's on Mass, Tuesday at 7:30. Possibly including weird Japanese KitKats!
posted by DiscourseMarker at 7:25 AM - 0 comments

June 15

Why? Because we don't want to get left out. [more inside]
posted by greenish at 4:46 AM - 2 comments

June 13

Ice cream social in July, is there interest in ice cream?
posted by aniola at 5:14 PM - 35 comments

CONvergence is imminent! The MeFi meetups the last few years have been fun, so let’s do another this year. [more inside]
posted by nicepersonality at 9:34 AM - 11 comments

June 4

Let's make brunch for families of sick kids at Ronald McDonald House in July. [more inside]
posted by garlic at 9:18 AM - 8 comments

June 3

Hello food fans of DC! We had an excellent Uzbek lunch last weekend (with duffell and CatastropheWaitress' tiny adorable baby!!) and I think it's about time we got back into a routine. I promised metro accessibility, I promised vegetarian options, and I think a great way to fulfill the promise would be at Thip Khao, an excellent Laotian restaurant in Columbia Heights which wants to welcome you to the jungle. Who's in? [more inside]
posted by capricorn at 9:47 AM - 18 comments

June 2

DiscourseMarker is out of town, but she'll be with us in spirit as we return to Geeks Who Drink trivia at McCabe's on Mass, Tuesday night at 7:30.
posted by Horace Rumpole at 11:11 AM - 5 comments

June 1

Hey Chicago Mefites! I will be on a whirlwind tour of Chicago and environs in late June and I want to meet up! Unfortunately it has to be in the suburbs but I picked a bar with both parking and Metra access. [more inside]
posted by Eyebrows McGee at 11:53 AM - 27 comments

May 29

Interested in good conversation? Exploring ideas? Reading the odd article to jumpstart a thoughtful exchange? Then join us for the next Salon—now in Brooklyn—on Tuesday, June 7, 2016. [more inside]
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May 27 the name of trivia night at Ward 6 on St. Paul's east side. [more inside]
posted by Flannery Culp at 10:20 AM - 12 comments

May 25

HOWDY! Myself and the Husband will be in beautiful downtown Toronto for about two weeks starting on the 27th. We should hang. I know there are a lot of you, so I'm up to multiple meet ups. Sunday the 5th, The Rebel House, 1pm!
posted by The Whelk at 10:18 PM - 49 comments

Portsmouth neighborhood has ALL THE PARKS. They're a resource, a treasure, socialism at its finest, and we will explore them. Flat, slow pace, no drop ride. There might be snacks. [more inside]
posted by aniola at 4:41 PM - 12 comments

Let's do dinner Monday, June 27 at 4 Hands Brewing! This is my first time actually visiting in St. Louis and not just passing through, so I'm looking forward to eating food and drinking beer. [more inside]
posted by nicodine at 9:44 AM - 5 comments

May 24

I'll be in Boston this weekend, visiting with my boyfriend, and we'd like to do Boda Borg, but with just the two of us, we're one short of the minimum team number (3-5 people per team). Is anyone interested and available? We could do Sunday or Monday, whichever works better. *Edit: Confirmed for Monday, May 31 at 1:30* [more inside]
posted by EvaDestruction at 7:00 PM - 33 comments

I'll be back in DC the week of June 6 - who'd like to grab dinner or a drink? [more inside]
posted by backseatpilot at 1:34 PM - 19 comments

May 23

We're going to go see some improv at the HUGE Theater! I figure we'll watch the first show and then decide if we want to stay or where to go from there. It's not hard to find, but there is limited parking. The neighborhood to the south usually has enough spots.
posted by holmesian at 6:27 PM - 11 comments

Next Wednesday is the first Wednesday meet-up at the Billy Goat, on Lower Michigan. Tiny beers, sharp dressing weirdos, and unlimited potential for bad decisions and adventure await you. Join us!
posted by crush-onastick at 10:09 AM - 16 comments