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October 27

Boldly continuing with Star Trek Happy Hour, "The First Duty", featuring cadet drama at Starfleet Academy--now with more Wesley Crusher! [more inside]
posted by warm_planet at 9:46 PM - 2 comments

October 26

Unlike Cannes, all are welcome, even if you don't come in heels.
posted by quiet coyote at 2:29 PM - 0 comments

October 25

There's a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new hotel at 11:00 AM. I'm not sure when protests will start but I will be by there around 9 AM on my way to work. [more inside]
posted by numaner at 3:52 PM - 9 comments

October 22

Cincinnati-area election night watch party at the Northside Tavern! [more inside]
posted by cooker girl at 8:29 AM - 3 comments

October 21

It's not dark yet, but it's getting there. [more inside]
posted by quiet coyote at 9:49 PM - 9 comments

After our successful first-ever Brighton meetup, it would be great to have another one and hopefully get a few more folk along too. I thought it would be fun to spend an evening at Alcampo's Lounge (or somewhere equally amenable to games) and play a few lightweight boardgames (I have a few easy-to-learn ones and others are welcome to bring more along). [more inside]
posted by EndsOfInvention at 8:15 AM - 6 comments

October 20

Boldly continuing with Star Trek Happy Hour, "Cause and Effect"-- let's do a tiime loooop agaaaain. [more inside]
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October 17

Relaxed, end-of-week-meetup where west coast Mefite meets east coast Mefites. [more inside]
posted by Rabarberofficer at 12:13 PM - 10 comments

October 16

Hey, let's get together and binge-watch all four Christopher Reeve Superman movies! Brunch! Cocktails! Crockpot dinner! Lots of Gene Hackman! [more inside]
posted by cortex at 7:54 PM - 19 comments

Despite being stuck in the corner room at tiny tables, Taters sailed to victory last time at The Rising and we have two gift certificates to spend. Assuming the world doesn't end as a result of the 3rd debate, we'll get our Geeks Who Drink trivia on once again on Thursday at 7:30pm. [more inside]
posted by DiscourseMarker at 1:56 PM - 23 comments

October 14

After last week's humiliating defeat (and talking ourselves out of answers), we return.
posted by the man of twists and turns at 10:23 PM - 8 comments

October 12

we just really love ice cream. [more inside]
posted by koroshiya at 12:35 PM - 12 comments

October 11

Hello FOODIES! I think it's safe to say our regular meetups will resume next month, but my October got a little busy. So this time around, I'm just going to call it for a Sunday lunch on the 23rd and an easy-to-reach location--one that comes recommended by several MeFites. Hope you can join me for delicious fried chicken and other Korean goodies at Bonchon!
posted by capricorn at 1:12 PM - 8 comments

October 10

Some crumpets and pimms in the park! [more inside]
posted by pando11 at 10:47 PM - 32 comments

October 6

Boldly continuing with Star Trek Happy Hour, "Ethics", features Worf woobiness, Alexander, and dubious medical ethics. [more inside]
posted by warm_planet at 6:58 PM - 1 comments

October 5

Has anyone ever proposed a meet up and then not shown up? I'd love to grab dinner and beer with some Boston MeFites while I'm in town working but I may have to be a jerk and cancel at the last minute. [more inside]
posted by chococat at 9:14 PM - 21 comments

Trivia night at the George and Dragon. [more inside]
posted by the man of twists and turns at 8:57 PM - 8 comments

It's been a while since our last local beer & conversation meetup, and I found myself thinking it's about time for another one. [more inside]
posted by Greg_Ace at 4:56 PM - 42 comments

It's been a while since we had a board game meetup in this area, so let's see whether there's interest in a new one. One of us could host it, or we could meet at a restaurant such as the Blue Shirt Cafe on Davis Square or a conveniently large Panera Bread like the one near Fenway Park. Based on past meetups, Knight Moves seems to have been a bust. A weekend, which would allow for the most play time, would probably be best. When and where sounds best to you all? EDIT:Let's meet at the Blue Shirt Cafe on Davis Square at 2:00 on Sunday, October 30th! Feel free to bring any game or games you'd like to play.
posted by Rustic Etruscan at 1:00 PM - 18 comments

Who's up for an evening of live storytelling? Heads up: you'll probably need to decide by Oct. 19th. [more inside]
posted by quiet coyote at 9:02 AM - 8 comments