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November 29

Joe's crappy broken speaker has sent us in search of a possible new Geeks Who Drink trivia venue. This week we're giving The Pub in Ball Square a shot. NOTE: trivia starts at 8:30pm!
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A minor spur of the moment get together. Me and some friends will be celebrating my upcoming 45th birthday here on Monday the 30th from 4pm on, it'd be cool to have some mefites there as well.
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November 27

(The description you are about to read is real. Only the questions have been changed to prevent an investigation.) This is the city... Houston, Texas. It was Wednesday, December 2nd. It was chilly in Houston. We were working the Geeks who Drink trivia detail. It was seven p.m. when we got to Sherlock's Baker Street Pub in Rice Village. The tables were full. Perhaps we should have arrived earlier, like 6:30 or so. [more inside]
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November 26

The Blue Frog is shutting down in January and there's a pretty good chance the owners will have alienated the staff so much that everyone will throw in the towel before then, so this might be the last First Wednesday. If you've ever been, you'll want to join us this time. If you've never been, you must join us this time. [more inside]
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Boldly continuing with Star Trek Happy Hour, in this week's episode "Transfigurations": evolutions, John Doe, and brief character death! Come and say hi! [more inside]
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November 22

Hi CO Mefites, turns out I'm in town from Phoenix for the next couple of days and at loose ends. Any interest in a meet-up either Monday, Nov. 23 or Tuesday, Nov. 24? To sweeten the pot, here's a list of things I can promise to converse with you upon if prompted: GOATS, firefighting, graduate school, what fantasy novel you should read next (a personal favorite), How Not To Know Anything About the Stock Market. [more inside]
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November 20

The proposed meetup thread sort of stalled, but if anyone's free and would like to join my lovely non-mefi partner and I for a kick-ass Thanksgiving dinner that can't be beat, come on by. We're cooking even if no one can make it, so no party size is too small. [more inside]
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OMG OMG OMG Medieval Times! Let's go! Here's a Groupon! Here's the website! Here are bizarre and vulgar illustrations from illuminated medieval manuscripts! [more inside]
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November 18

Hello Louisville peeps. I assume most of you have nearish family/friends to hang with on this upcoming holiday, but in case you don't: Greg Nog and I are hosting a Straysgiving at our place on Thanksgiving Day. We will cook everything and it will be delicious and also we have lots of boardgames and Bob's Burgers Thanksgiving songs and all you have to do is bring yourself and your appetite (for destruction). If there is any interest, I will follow up with our address (the currently-listed address is just for Shelby Park, our lovely neighborhood).
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November 12

It's the almost the solstice which means it's time to celebrate Nordic Style! [more inside]
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November 11

We're throwing another potluck this Friday. It's last-minute, but y'all are invited! 5ish to 9ish! Chocolate not required this time. [more inside]
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November 10

I recently moved to your beautiful city and I don't really know anyone. Would anyone like to hang out with me this month? [more inside]
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November 9

The trivia wars were long and hard-fought, so there's no better way to relive the glory than by attending Geeks Who Drink trivia, Wednesday at 7:30pm, at Joe Sent Me. [more inside]
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November 8

Trivia Sunday at Amsterdam! Let's do this. You don't need to great at trivia - you just need to want to hang out with some Metafilter folks, maybe grab some brunch. [more inside]
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November 4

The first New Salon NYC meeting is now launched with a pithy new name and anticipated start date. [more inside]
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As promised: our rare foods tour has taken us to many meaty delights, so now it's time to visit some vegetables! Let's go to the Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant weekend buffet in Langley Park, MD later this month. [more inside]
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November 3

Hi HK MeFites! For reasons that are dull and boring, I'll be in HK for 36 hours with very little do on 21 and 22 November. So, let's have a meetup at the Pawn (lunch and a few drinks) in Wanchai. Looking forward to meeting you guys. [more inside]
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Kansas City Mefites, I'm in town for work and would love to meet y'all while I'm here. Is anyone free to meet this Saturday the 7th or the morning of Sunday the 8th? I'm open to meeting wherever. Update: 5pm Bar Louie, Zona Rosa!
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November 2

Shepherd and I will be in Toronto in December from the 24th to the 28th. Does anyone want to get together for food and drinks after Xmas Eve/Xmas Day/Boxing Day? [more inside]
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Let's go to the Ronald McDonald house in Hyde Park and make brunch for the families of sick kids in Janurary [more inside]
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