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Drinking beers in the sun

The German club in Tempe is a decent blend of convenience and good food, and I think we should have a meet up there. Table has been booked for 8 under the name Krista (may be spelt wrong). Hopefully outside. I'll post my phone number day of for anyone whose lost. [more inside]
posted by kjs4 on Aug 2, 2018 - 18 comments

MrZ Visits Sydney

I'm flying back to Sydney and landing April 2nd. Anyone want to meetup for drinks that day, as I'll need the excuse and socialization to keep me awake after that travel.
posted by mrzarquon on Mar 16, 2017 - 3 comments

Save the 11 Bus! Destroy your liver!

Remember the 11 bus? Were you mad they discontinued it? Well, it's back! Temporarily, anyway, and a number of bars along the route have teamed up for 11 on 11: a beer explorer trek to bump up ridership. Join us for a full day of stupidity as we try to hit all 11 in one day because we are idiots. [more inside]
posted by eamondaly on Aug 4, 2016 - 9 comments

Visiting Seattle, pre-move - lettuce meat!

Hi, PNW! I'm going to be visiting the Seattle area next week (11/12-11/18) and would love to meet some of you guys! I'm open to any kind of activity or venue. [more inside]
posted by MexicanYenta on Nov 7, 2014 - 30 comments

Mr. Z returns to Oz Part 4

I'm heading back in a few weeks, this time landing Sunday, the 1st of June. A group of Mefites appears to be the best prevention for jet lag that I have found so far, so who is up for it this time? [more inside]
posted by mrzarquon on May 26, 2014 - 2 comments

Mr. Zarquon goes to Oz (Part 1)

I am going to be in Australia Feb 3rd until Feb 15th. Melbourne the 3rd until the 7th, Sydney the 8th through the 15th. I haven't been to your fine country, and I'm looking for an excuse to get out and drink with you all. CONFIRMED: Feb 3rd, 7pm, Riverland
posted by mrzarquon on Jan 2, 2014 - 42 comments

August: Goat County

(Coming up on time, so I figured I go ahead and post this before people started getting anxious.) This is our monthly Chicago meetup as the Billy Goat for those who don't yet know that this is what this is. You should definitely come to this if you did not already know this. It is good. (You should also come if you have already attended and did know this, but I'm not as worried about making you feel comfortable.) [more inside]
posted by MCMikeNamara on Jul 29, 2013 - 41 comments

Brummies, let's go to the pub

I propose a meetup in sunny Birmingham at some point in the near future. [more inside]
posted by plonkee on Jan 20, 2012 - 19 comments

Blighty - North West edition

When's the last time there was a meetup round here? Far too long ago, that's when! Manchester's watering holes beckon, ladies and gents. [more inside]
posted by fearnothing on Jan 19, 2012 - 31 comments

Meetup in NYC - 21st October

I will be in NYC from the 16th to the 23rd of October for a wedding, and I was hoping there might be some mefites interested in a meet up of some sort. [more inside]
posted by kjs4 on Oct 1, 2011 - 25 comments

Journey To the End of The Night Chicago

From the website: Journey to the End of the Night is a race through city streets. You will try to make it to six checkpoints as fast as you can, while avoiding being caught by chasers. Those who are caught will become chasers themselves, rising to pursue their former friends and allies. [more inside]
posted by eamondaly on May 5, 2011 - 31 comments

Portland Oregon - A Canadian Abroad

Hi Portland Oregon - I will be in your fair city April 12-16 for a conference. I was hoping to meet a few of you for beers on the evening of the 15th. [more inside]
posted by never used baby shoes on Apr 4, 2011 - 63 comments

Goat Goat GOAT!

Billy Goat Tavern under Michigan Avenue. You know the drill.
posted by Windigo on Mar 30, 2011 - 30 comments

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