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January 18

Hello Auckland! We are visiting your town for a few weeks. One of our favorite parts of coming to a city is meeting fellow MeFites. Anyone care to join us for a group picnic at the free Seeport Sunset Symphony show next Sunday?
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January 17

I have one spare ticket to an early music performance of the Play of Daniel tomorrow. First to promise to be there gets it -- [more inside]
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December 16

We're calling this the Holiday Hangover show. [more inside]
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December 4

I'm hosting a killer comedy showcase at the very cool Rose City Book Pub on Fremont. Lineup includes Adam Pasi (Portland's Funniest Person winner), Belinda Carroll, Alex Rios, Julia Ramos, Thomas Lundy, Meanroth Ny, and Mefi's own Mark Saltveit (my final Portland gig before moving) We'll pass the hat about a third of the way through the show but no one will be turned away. No politicians, no speeches, just funny.
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December 2

Dar Williams and Heather Maloney perform in Williams's traditional end-of-the-year concert. I have a ticket - want to join me?
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August 10

YoYo Ma is performing tomorrow as part of his 36 days 36 cities Bach Project. This is the last stop of the US portion of his tour. [more inside]
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August 8

The Know Show: Rise of the Machines. Toronto's only SCIENCE-themed comedy variety show, The Know Show, will be featuring a special guest this month—grouse! Jenna LeBlanc and Maddox Campbell host an evening of science-based sketch comedy, an interview with me, and improv somehow based on the interview with me. I don't really understand how it works but I'm excited to find out! Hope you can join.
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May 28

Goat Milk Goddesses - a new music improv team formed with my classmates. We'll improvise a short musical. There's an opening non-music improv act. You get what you get. [more inside]
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May 18

Extra ticket: Read all about it. [more inside]
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April 25

I am very interested in the Taos Vortex 2019, Meow Wolf's summer festival, set for this Aug. 16, 17, and 18. Anyone else planning on going, either as a day visitor, or to camp? And has anyone gone before?
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February 24

I’ve been taking a course with the SF Neo-Futurists for the past few weeks, and we’re doing our class show this Wednesday!
The staple Neo-Futurist show is The Infinite Wrench, an ongoing attempt to successfully perform 30 plays in 60 minutes. Since this is a class show, we’ll be making a smaller attempt: 20 plays in 40 minutes! (Slightly reduced number of plays! Same degree of difficulty!)
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hopefully think about performance in a new way.
You’ll pay nothing and depart with valuable experience!
Seriously though: I love the neo-futurist aesthetic and I think it’s a wonderful thing for anyone to experience in any form. I’d be really happy if some fellow MeFites wanted to come and see what the fuss is about.
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January 25

Hi folks, tickets are now spoken for. Thanks!
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January 9

My band is playing on Groundhog Day, as promised! It'd be fun to see you there. We play from about 8-11pm. Good food and drink (and the old-potato smell of a place that makes 1000s of latkes) to be had, plus great company. Lots of tunes you know, a few you don't. Unhip as heck. [more inside]
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December 7

My son and I are going to see a Gamelan Ensemble performance by Gamelan Laras Tentrem and the Tufts University Gamelan Ensemble: tomorrow, Saturday 12/8, 7pm*, at the Granoff Music Center, Fisher Performance Room, 20 Talbot St, Somerville. We'll meet at 6:45 in front of the Fisher Performance Room (see my comment below*) inside the Granoff Music Building at Tufts U, 20 Talbot Ave in Somerville. (I think it may one floor below the entrance) If we're hungry and it's not too late, we'll go and eat something afterwards. [more inside]
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November 14

After a successful season at Melbourne Fringe, Queer Lady Magician returns to Melbourne's LGBTQIA+ festival Midsumma! Updated script, new tricks, new shenanigans. The Melba Spiegeltent Studio, 30 Jan - 3 Feb 2019. Get tickets here. [more inside]
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October 16

I have a story in An Outbreak Of Peace, a new anthology of stories about peace, released to coincide with the centenary of the end of the first World War, and the launch event takes place at Housmans Bookshop, King's Cross, on November 14th, at 7pm. [more inside]
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October 2

Tired of soloing in your living room? Want to shake the rehearsal space? Has the other half of your stoner polka duo migrated for work? Come to Band-Date Featuring Kiss My Face and Eva van Manen.
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September 29

I have an extra ticket to see Pete Yorn @ Grammercy Theatre this Sunday September 30th @7:30. Are you in? [more inside]
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September 6

I want to go to Tamara Shopsin's reading with John Hodgman at Books Are Magic if work doesn't wear me out too much. If you'd like to come too, that'd be cool! We could also get dinner and/or drinks at one of many nearby drinking and dining establishments (like Leyenda, perhaps?). [more inside]
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August 18

Never Ending Night is an immersive play - a post-Apocalyptic refugee drama - set underground and performed at the Collingwood Underground Carpark. Tickets on sale from Melbourne Fringe. 18th-29th September. [more inside]
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