Kennedy Station at Free Times
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Sat February 2 at 8:00 PM, Free Times Cafe
320 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1S3, Canada (Map & Directions)
My band is playing on Groundhog Day, as promised! It'd be fun to see you there. We play from about 8-11pm. Good food and drink (and the old-potato smell of a place that makes 1000s of latkes) to be had, plus great company. Lots of tunes you know, a few you don't. Unhip as heck.
If people want to go I will reserve a table for you. Cover is $5 but we are not fussy about this if that's tough for you.
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Might be able to make it! Sounds like fun. Have some other plans that day, but not sure how late they'll go.

It's been ages since I've been to the Free Times.
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Sweet! I've been meaning to go to one of the mefi Toronto meetups for ages now.. Can't really make *firm* plans as our girls are still very young, but it's now penciled into our calendar. Hope to make it with the Mrs!
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Aargh - I'll be in Florida for ATIA. Annoyed to miss this, as I love Free Times and I can literally see Kennedy Station (+ its cranes) from this chair.
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scruss: We'll play again! We are named after the station because my bandmate would forget where to exit the subway to meet up for practice. She remembers now.
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Aargh - I'll be in Florida for ATIA.

Mr. Conspiracy just mentioned he would enjoy a field report upon your return.
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Neat! I'm a lurker, but the MeFi crowd is one of my favourite places on the internet, so it'd be lovely to meet some of its folks irl.
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 Mr. Conspiracy just mentioned he would enjoy a field report upon your return.

Happy to do so, though I'll mostly be running workshops and squeeing at any lizards I see.
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Looks like the timing works! Looking forward to it.
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So! I will put a reserved sign on a table, with some designation that it's for y'all (Reserved for Cabal?). The only thing is how big a table, so please let me know over the next couple of days if you're joining. It's going to be a good show, and the weather's not looking bad so far.
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I can't make it due to a prior commitment, but I just wanted to mention that there was a mid-90s band named Eastbound To Kennedy (my favourite Toronto band name is probably still Drums Along The Gardiner.
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Can't make it after all. Chances were murky to start, and got murkier. Sorry. Enjoy!
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Hope to see you another time!
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Forecast says a positively tropical 0 degrees. Imma break out the shorts.
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I feel like I should wear a sundress.
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We are en route.
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Sweet. There is a table for you.
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That was fun! You guys were great.
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Thanks! And thanks for coming, it was great having you there.
posted by wellred at 8:29 AM on February 3

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