Taos Vortex
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Fri August 16 at 1:00 PM, Kit Carson Park
211 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, Taos, NM, USA (Map & Directions)
I am very interested in the Taos Vortex 2019, Meow Wolf's summer festival, set for this Aug. 16, 17, and 18. Anyone else planning on going, either as a day visitor, or to camp? And has anyone gone before?
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I love Taos, but I'll need to listen to the playlist and think about this.
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I likely won't go, but maybe this "review" of last year's event will be of interest to you. It's from The Reporter and I think the author kind of has it out for Meow Wolf.
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Oof, yeah, though some of the criticism is valid (can we rename Kit Carson park already?), and avoiding anything looking like Native American appropriation is an obvious thing to avoid (especially when they could get some interesting artwork and participation from native artists).

But on the turn-out, I'll offer a point of comparison -- it wasn't until the 3rd year that Coachella broke even, and I'm not sure how long it took before they sold out of tickets in advance. I was at Coachella in its first few years, and I liked it more when it was open and less crowded, so griping that there's not a huge throng of people is not a bad thing, for would-be attendees.

Also, I rolled my eyes at the Vortex line-up last year. This year, I am fooking stoked, but I'm more a fan of house and dance music than the self-important proggy Flaming Lips (they were less than impressive at Treasure Island in San Francisco, and Wayne seemed grumpy that people were leaving their headlining set, choosing to get on the buses early instead instead of sticking through their set).

I'm most interested in how the camping is, because I don't want to drive up to Taos every day -- it's not a short drive from home.
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I'm applying to bring an interactive art project there. I think mine is up their alley ,but who knows whether they'll accept it.
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twoplussix, that sounds neat! Was your project/ proposal accepted? (And you could post it to MetaFilter projects either way :))
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