Music Improv Performance (at the same building as Second City)
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Sun June 2 at 6:30 PM, Second City's de Maat studio theater
230 W North Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Goat Milk Goddesses - a new music improv team formed with my classmates. We'll improvise a short musical. There's an opening non-music improv act. You get what you get.
Music improv is like regular improv with songs added. Players will be doing a scene, and suddenly a music director starts playing keyboard, in whatever style they choose. It could be classic musical theater, or it could be a torch song, or it could be jazz. Then the players improvise a song with that music, sometimes with rhyming lyrics.

We will probably create a musical with a single story. We've been studying different styles of musical theater (this week it's Sondheim, two weeks ago it was rock operas/musicals), but the style of our show's musical is still TBD.

Our class has been together for 7 months, but this is the first time we've tried to "put on a show" ourselves. We do have some good singers! Our music director (the person playing keyboard to make us sing) is also a student.

We have no idea what's going to happen. It's improv! Music improv! It's only $10!

(This is not an official Second City show, just a student show. There are so many student shows! There are seven stages in the building.)

I'll be the oldest one. Please say hi after the show! It might take a minute for us to get out into the front hallway, but we will.


It's a really early show, so you can easily see another show at Second City afterward. I'm also partial to the veggie burgers at Corcoran's, or the exceptional sushi at Kamehachi. Lots of people like the diner food at Nookie's.


Finding the de Maat theater inside the building can be confusing, so here are directions. For accessible directions, call Second City - (312) 337-3992 - there are elevators, but it's complicated, sorry.

From the main lobby in Piper's Alley, take the first escalator to the 2nd floor, then the next escalator to the 3rd floor. Turn right, go _down_ the 2-3 steps to the other part of the 3rd floor.

Walk straight across toward the bathrooms, then take the flight of stairs, going up, directly in front of you. Don't take the stairs all the way to the 4th floor, though -- about halfway up, you'll see an unprepossessing theater entrance. That's the de Maat theater.
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