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San Antonoobie!

Hello, south central Texas! I have moved from North Carolina to San Antonio for work, and would love to meet other Mefites. Let's get together over drinks and/or tacos sometime in late October. [more inside]
San Antonio, TX by waraw on Oct 3, 2014 - 3 comments

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San Antonio! Join me at Vegeria!

Hey San Antonio! I will be visiting your fair city briefly in September, and I am going to eat at Vegeria on the evening of Wednesday, September 10, at about 7pm. I would love to have the pleasure of your company.

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Majestic San Antonio, November 9

Since I am going to be in town for several days for a conference, and since one of the AskMe recommended things to do downtown is go to the Majestic Theatre, I have tickets for the symphony on Saturday, November 9. Would anybody be interested in getting together for dinner downtown around 6-ish? Since y'all know the area and I don't, I'm open to suggestions for your favorite places downtown (I will not have a vehicle).
San Antonio, TX by drlith on Oct 22, 2013 - 3 comments

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Let's all drink together in San Antonio

I will be visiting the lovely Texan city of San Antonio from Sunday to Thursday in early March (the 3rd to the 7th) and I'd like to meet some of y'all at say The Friendly Spot on March 4th, at lets say 7:O0PM for now.
San Antonio, TX at The Friendly Spot, 7:30PM by The Whelk - 24 comments

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San Antonio, TX

Let's meetup, San Antonio! I know I'm not the only one here! [more inside]
San Antonio, TX at The Cove, 12PM by Azazel Fel - 31 comments