San Antonoobie!
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Hello, south central Texas! I have moved from North Carolina to San Antonio for work, and would love to meet other Mefites. Let's get together over drinks and/or tacos sometime in late October.
Please recommend a venue. My own preferences include alcohol choices beyond beer, tasty TexMex foods. Foosball is a plus. Looking forward to meeting you!
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I have only recently moved to SA myself, and while I'd like to meet up and talk, I'm a lousy guide for the things you are interested in as I don't like alcohol and I'm indifferent to TexMex.... All of my SA knowledge is in other directions.
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Hm, I don't know anything about foosball. Anywhere there's tex mex, there are margaritas. Here are some ideas, sorted by location:

* Rosario's for tex mex
* Friendly Spot for general hanging out (last SA meetup was here IIRC).

* Mi Tierra for tex mex

North Side/Medical Center:
* Flying Saucer (beer but also lots of other stuff)

It would really help to narrow down a part of town first.
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So... No meeting then? It is now November 1.
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