Majestic San Antonio, November 9
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Since I am going to be in town for several days for a conference, and since one of the AskMe recommended things to do downtown is go to the Majestic Theatre, I have tickets for the symphony on Saturday, November 9. Would anybody be interested in getting together for dinner downtown around 6-ish? Since y'all know the area and I don't, I'm open to suggestions for your favorite places downtown (I will not have a vehicle).
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I probably cant make it, but there's a Mexican restaurant just a block or two east of the Majestic on the same street called Acinar. They've got a huge patio overlooking the riverwalk & the food is really good. Would make a good meetup spot.
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I am also probably out due to my husband's grad school needs, but if you're not a Tex Mex person, try the Esquire Tavern, which is also walking distance from the Majestic and backs onto the Riverwalk. Food and drink both are top notch there; it's where we go when we spend a day in San Antonio.
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Some friends and I are going to that concert on the 9th. I'm totally down for meeting up beforehand. (links below are to pdf menus)

I, too, was going to suggest Acenar if you are down with fancy contemporary Mexican cuisine. I also second the Esquire for upscale pub food and cocktails.

Zinc Bistro & Wine Bar has an interesting-looking menu but so far I've only been to the wine bar part. The prices look really reasonable for downtown food and the reviews are good. We might need a firm reservation here because the space is a bit smaller.

I can make suggestions both less-expensive and more-expensive than these if you'd like.
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