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Let's Meet Up In San Francisco!

Join me, zerolives aka Phil, on Friday, March 9th at 5:30pm at Polo Grounds (Corner of 3rd and King) for beverages, pub food, and that witty mefi banter. [more inside]
San Francisco, CA at Polo Grounds, 5:30PM by zerolives - 29 comments

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NYC Knitting Meetup March 2018

It's baa-aaack! The second Sunday of each month seemed to work for y'all, so I'm cutting to the chase and posting it again. All fiber arts, all skill sets, and all projects (so long as they are portable) are welcome. We try to take over a spot on the balcony-type seating-area thing.
New York, NY at City Bakery, 11AM by EmpressCallipygos - 13 comments

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Answer Questions?

I like trivia, and so do you. Let's make the weekly game at G&D happen again.
Seattle, WA at George & Dragon Pub, 8PM by ChrisR - 2 comments

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Revenge of the Taters

We may not have defeated the Geek Bowl, but to be fair, we couldn't really hear anything where we were sitting. This week we return to Phoenix Landing, where the sound system and the beer are better, for Geeks Who Drink trivia. The Taters land Wednesday at 7pm.
Cambridge, MA at Phoenix Landing, 7PM by DiscourseMarker - 9 comments

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San Diego drop-in dinner Hunan style

Hey, San Diego, who's up for dinner on Saturday, March 3 at Village Kitchen? (yelp, San Diego Reader review). I'm taking a long weekend vacation to visit friends in La Jolla, and would love to manage a mefi meetup too.
San Diego, CA at Village Kitchen, 6:30PM by oh yeah! - 8 comments

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Northern Nomads at Timbre Room

My band Northern Nomads (bandcamp, soundcloud, facebook) is playing Timbre Room! This is an early show, we go on about 8:30 pm.
Seattle, WA at Timbre Room, 6:30PM by Existential Dread - 0 comments

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George and the Dragon Trivia

Who's up for a trivia run next Tuesday? Lurkers? Anybody? Usual suspects?
Seattle, WA at George and The Dragon Pub, 8PM by clew - 4 comments

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My new band, at The Waypost!

Hey, Portland folks! I went and got myself in a band again—this one's called Pictures of Pictures—and we're playing a show on Friday the 23rd at The Waypost on N Williams. Show is at 8, we're headlining at 10. I even made a poster!
Portland, OR at The Waypost, 8PM by cortex - 8 comments

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Northern Nomads at Barboza

Hey Seattle Mefites! My band Northern Nomads (bandcamp, soundcloud, facebook) is playing Barboza this Thursday with a great lineup of local synth pop bands. Doors at 7, first band at 7:30, we go on around 10:30. Come get groovy!
Seattle, WA at Barboza, 7:30PM by Existential Dread - 4 comments

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Stockholm MeFite Dinner

Dinner in February was so fun that we are meeting up again. In March we will gather at Teatern in Ringen centrum near Skanstull subway station. Look for people wearing glasses, not wearing glasses, and a MetaFilter sign. If you get there early, feel free to grab a table for 6 or 8. If you can't be there exactly at 7 pm, no worries; drop by when you can. [more inside]
Sweden at Teatern, 7PM by Bella Donna - 11 comments

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Madrid Mefi Meetup Feb 20th

Hola Metafilter Madrid, I will be in Madrid for a conference and have a free night on Tuesday February 20th. I'd love to meet any local Mefites or travelers for drinks or tapas downtown (I will be staying near Santo Domingo but can travel via metro). Feel free to propose a location.

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Hello Portland!

My journey has gotten me finally to the Pacific Northwest and I am slowly making my way up the coast. I should be in Portland on the 17th and I’m staying for a record breaking 2 weeks! I have long wanted to visit this hotbed of Metafilter, can we all get together for drinks or food or, I don’t know, it’s your city, you tell me where and when!
Portland, OR at St. John’s Beer Porch, 5PM by mygothlaundry - 32 comments

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DC FOODIES take to the Silk Road

For our next foodie adventure, we're heading to the Xinjiang region of northwest China to try some Uyghur food. Actually wait, no, we're heading to Dolan Uyghur Restaurant just outside the Cleveland Park metro, which hopefully should be a shorter trip for most of us... [more inside]
Washington, DC at Dolan Uyghur Restaurant, 7:30PM by capricorn - 5 comments

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WisCon 42

May 25-28, 2018: WisCon is an annual feminist science fiction/fantasy/literature/media convention and this year's Guests of Honor are Saladin Ahmed and Tananarive Due. WisCon features smart, funny conversations, interesting sessions you can sign up to participate in, great accessibility and affordability, and more; here's more on the environs, the con, the crowd, other attractions, etc. There are discussion panels, structured activities, parties and events, $1 childcare, gaming, readings, poetry, a dealer's room to buy stuff, a Con Suite with an array of snacks, a Member Assistance Fund for people who need financial help to attend, safer spaces for people of color and for trans/genderqueer people, and a dedicated Quiet Place where you can catch your breath and decompress. [more inside]
Madison, WI at Madison Concourse Hotel, 12PM by brainwane - 3 comments

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Reno/Tahoe Meetup?

Is there anyone in the Reno/Tahoe area who'd be interested in a meetup? [more inside]

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St. Paul trivia time

Either 8:00 Wednesday night at Ox Cart Ale House in Lowertown or 6:00 Saturday at the Summit taproom. [more inside]
Saint Paul, MN at Summit Beer Hall, 6PM by Flannery Culp - 7 comments

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Saya mau teman!

I will be in Jakarta for several weeks beginning February 12, followed by about a month in western Kalimantan. Anybody in Indonesia want to get together?

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Stockholm, Sweden

Hej! First Stockholm IRL meetup since functionequalsform visited many years ago, again thanks to some new arrivals in the Stockholm area getting the locals together. Bella Donna proposed a meetup, some people responded, and now it's happening. [more inside]
Sweden at Vapiano in Skrapan, 7PM by meijusa - 16 comments

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SSSCSSCC An Occassional Series: More Postcards

Yes, we're still doing our American political hellscape support group. This month, again, we've got postcards. I should have gubernatorial primary postcards for Biss and some GOTV for Roskam's district. We meet at the Long Room! Feel free to bring a friend. We meet, talk politics, support one another in our efforts to Resist & Persist. Drink and eat. [more inside]
Chicago, IL at Long Room, 11AM by crush - 14 comments