Stockholm MeFite Dinner
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Wed March 7 at 7:00 PM, Teatern
Götgatan 132, 118 62 Stockholm, Sweden (Map & Directions)
Dinner in February was so fun that we are meeting up again. In March we will gather at Teatern in Ringen centrum near Skanstull subway station. Look for people wearing glasses, not wearing glasses, and a MetaFilter sign. If you get there early, feel free to grab a table for 6 or 8. If you can't be there exactly at 7 pm, no worries; drop by when you can.
Since there are some MeFites new to Stockholm, feel free to bring ideas for weekend outings to tasty bakeries, lovely cafes, or other fun things for us to do collectively or individually at a later date.
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Posting to get it into my activity, but also to link to the restaurant.
The menus are of course all in Swedish, so it should take you a month to work out what you will want to order :D Teatern
posted by Iteki at 6:39 AM on February 9, 2018

All that talk of going to a dessert bakery for Semla had me thinking of a Swedish version of Netflix's Kantaro
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Boo hoo, anthill, could not get the video to work. Thank you for linking to the restaurant, Iteki! So I live near Konditori Lyran, which is a lovely former summer home (as in mansion) built in 1867 above Lake Mälaren. It has a tower that you can climb to get to the roof to see more of the vista. It is, naturally, expensive but still wonderful and worth consideration for a joint outing. While the website sucks, I really like the cafe itself. Especially in spring and summer.
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Hey folks, bring suggestions for a location for our April dinner meet up. Yes, I am exactly that bossy: There will be an April meet up!
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I’m just now realizing I’m possibly double booked for this but will do my best!
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Looking forward to it, I'm even taking a day of vacation (sweet Swedish vacation) to enjoy Stockholm and make the most of the train trip!
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I've made things happen, I'll be along a little after seven.
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Yay anthill, yay Iteki. Tusen tack! Looking forward to seeing you again.
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Also, I am running late. Apologies. Should be there no later than 19:15.
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We have a table in front of Caos
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Big fun again, folks. Thanks so much. Where are we meeting next month? As predicted I have forgotten already. Sorry.
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