Reno/Tahoe Meetup?
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Is there anyone in the Reno/Tahoe area who'd be interested in a meetup?
I don't drink so I was thinking a coffee place, but I'm also okay with a bar and a bitters and soda. I was also looking for somewhere in the midtown area (because I'm originally a Sacramentan and everything happens in midtown), however I don't know Reno at all so I'm absolutely up for suggestions.

Honestly I don't even know if there are any active Mefites in the Reno/Tahoe area, but if you are and you want to have a meetup, please comment and let me know. I'll be driving in from north on 395 and I'd be happy to pick people up on the way if transportation is an issue.

Anyway, there it is. Reno? Sparks? Tahoe? Carson City? Virginia City? Fernley? Fallon? Truckee? Quincy? Portola? Susanville?

Is there anybody out there?


I'm trying to ignore the fact that the next song on the album is Nobody Home.
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There's at least one! I work in downtown Reno and live in Sparks. I'd be up for this.
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Hello! I am glad to hear from you!

Let's give it another week or two to see if anyone else responds and then we can talk about setting a time and place. I'm fine with going to Sparks because that means I can do some shopping before or after.

(When you schlep down from SV, you always seem to try and fit in some sort of shopping trip. My dentist is in Reno and I always send my mom to Trader Joe's while I'm in the chair being tortured.)
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At least two ("active" Mefite is questionable, though)! Normally I would be up for the Meetup, but I've been traveling and won't be back in Reno for another week. Perhaps another time!
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I think we can wait for you!
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I don't live in Reno, but I visit several times a year, so I propose that you all hold a meetup soonish so that it becomes old hat for you and I can then ask for one the next time I'm visiting from Sacramento-ish.
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When I lived in Sacramento we tried to have a Meetup and it ended up just being me and zug drinking coffee. It was still a grand time though.
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OK! I was born and raised in Reno, but now live in Oregon. I'll be down for a niece's wedding in late June, so if you find this nearer (in time) meet up pleasant, I'd love to join you all in a few months. Something to consider and have a grand time in the meantime!
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I could do Carson City or Reno! :)
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