Hello Portland!
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Sat February 24 at 5:00 PM, St. John’s Beer Porch
7316 N Lombard St, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
My journey has gotten me finally to the Pacific Northwest and I am slowly making my way up the coast. I should be in Portland on the 17th and I’m staying for a record breaking 2 weeks! I have long wanted to visit this hotbed of Metafilter, can we all get together for drinks or food or, I don’t know, it’s your city, you tell me where and when!
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Hells yeah!
posted by bendy at 12:54 AM on February 8, 2018

Hells ye—oh i guess what bendy said.

Drinks and also food are pretty much the Portland meetup way, and we have got a ton of options; anything in particular you'd like to aim for, food or drink wise? Do you know what area of town you'll be staying in, and how are you getting around? Any dates that are particularly good or bad in general?
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Yes yes yes. Yes.
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I'm a recent arrival in Portland (Tigard), would like to meet some other Mefites. Would it be possible to set this up for the 23rd or 24th? Otherwise I'm in Cali the days mygothlaundry is here.
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Yay! I will be there until March 3 so any day is really fine with me. I am staying on an island! Here, to be specific. I have my large truck to drive around in though and if it’s too much of a pain to park (it often is) I presume y’all have Lyft there right? So I am mobile. I like wine better than beer but will drink pretty much anything, don’t eat meat but do eat seafood and anyway am not all fanatical about it. So if everybody wants to go to Bobs All Meat N Brews I will come too & enjoy myself, possibly more than at Cissy’s Fancy Salon De Veg & Vino. I strive to be low maintenance, is what I’m saying.
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I'm cool with either weekend.
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There's plenty of options in N/NE Portland, it shouldn't be too hard to find something that works for everyone.
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Anchor Bar on Jantzen beach is a decent place to loiter with some nachos and a group. It's a sports bar, but it hasn't been very sportsy when I've been in for a snack. I don't think I've ever actually had a burger there. It's not exactly a destination bar, but might be OK for the usual gab fest.

The Bye and Bye on Alberta for vegan noms?

That oyster bar on Williams (in the HUB building)?
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Maybe somewhere along the Yellow line? Is it hard to get from Janzen Beach to the Expo center to get the Max?
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There’s a path across the bridge from the expo center. It isn’t very far, and there are also buses that loop around near the mall entrance.
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Cortex and I have a thing on the evening of the 24th, I think, but we could meet up earlier, if that turns out to be the best day. Other days work too.

Portland does have Lyft - and many places won't be too bad to park a big truck (I assume you mean, like, a large pickup truck, not an RV or a Semi?) if you don't mind walking a little. If we stay on Jantzen Beach there would be zero problem parking a truck, there's lots of big parking lots. And everyplace, unless we specifically aim for a militantly meat-themed place, is going to have some sort of vegetarian option, most will have several good options.

I'm just going to throw some ideas out and see if anything sticks with anyone. I'm also on board for EAT Oyster bar or Bye and Bye (although I don't remember being all that jazzed about their food?) or Anchor Bar:

We could try something in Kenton neighborhood- there's a cute little place called Parkside. But it is awfully little, so if this is looking to be a larger group, we shouldn't go here. You'd be able to park a truck on the street somewhere near here.

If vegan food is an actual interest, there's a couple of new-ish places in St. Johns neighborhood- homegrown smoker (I haven't tried it yet, think I enjoyed their food cart years ago) and The Sudra (really delicious) but I can't vouch for how much fun these places are for an actual longer hangout, I think they're both more restaurant-y. You might have to walk a little farther to some side-street location where you found street parking for a truck, but it would be fine.

There's some stuff on Killingsworth- including a Lucky Lab- does anyone remember if this location has big table space for meetups? We've had good meetups at other locations. I'm not that familiar with the parking here, I'd still guess it would work out.

Close to my and cortex' hearts and house (and Specklet's too, I believe, unless her heart has changed) is the Beer Porch, which is a food cart pod + some indoor tables + bunch of outdoor tables and a fire pit. More fun the better the weather is, though. And again, you could find street parking, possibly a couple of blocks away at worst.
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Sorry- our evening thing is actually on the 23rd! We're free on the 24th (and other days).
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Well, I vote for planning on the evening of the 24th then! My truck is a pickup, so not major parking worries. It’s just largish. Oysters sound really tempting and the Beer Porch sounds like serious fun, so I am, um, not really helping narrow it down. While I have y’all here though, does anyone have a mechanic they recommend? Said truck - an 06 Ford F-150 - needs a checkup, oil change and possibly a brake job.
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Yes, darlings, the Beer Porch! And if it gets too chilly, there is the Leisure, a lovely bar and a five minute walk away. Or the Lombard House, which is right across from the Beer Porch.

I might have a recommendation for a mechanic: http://www.kensautomotive.com/ ...AND, we should talk to my dad.
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I am as a NoPo resident 100% onboard with the Beer Porch idea.
posted by cortex at 8:47 PM on February 13, 2018

Peer Borch! Maybe we'll get a band doing terrible Pink Floyd covers again...
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OK I am actually here now in Portland! And barring any other changes should I just go ahead and move this to confirmed at the Beer Porch (y’all have looked at the weather right? ) on Saturday Feb 24 at ...what time?
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We tend to start around 4 or 5, but that's not a hard rule by any means.
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I hope the plan B is very toasty! If it’s in the 30s I’ll probably go directly to the Lombard House and wait for you there. 😀
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Yeah, uh, I was not anticipating snowpocalypse when stanning for Beer Porch. I will say that it has a large enclosed & heated tent in the center of the food cart extravaganza, with a bunch of seating and that's where they sell the beer, so it being a winter netherworld outside isn't per se a problem, but I do sort of wonder how many of the food carts will just say "fuck it" under these conditions and not be open.

So if folks want to argue for a more unambiguously indoor destination that seems totally reasonable to me.
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Lombard House, though cozy, seems to have a decent beer selection. It doesn't serve food, but there's a food truck right across the street.
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I should remember that things I know about my neighborhood aren't universally known, so: Lombard House is in fact across the street from the Beer Porch, and that food truck Greg mentioned is one of (and in my desert island opinion also despite competition the very best of) the man trucks at said porch. So looping that in as another warm possibility in case the tent is crowded is definitely workable.
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Specklet and I went there for late lunch today and like three? Or four? food trucks were open including one that sells seitan gyros on fries OMG. There are heaters and a big wood stove in the tent so we were fine and toasty and her small one cleared a lot of snow off the outside picnic tables just to be helpful. So it may not be too bad, but definitely having warmer backups is good too!
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We are here in the tent!
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Many a cart is open!
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Yay walkable beer meetup!
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I just got off a bus at SE 92nd and Washington. V. lost. Will find a Lyft.
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Oh no! We’ll keep the beer warm for you.
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For any potential stragglers: we have moved west a few blocks on Lombard to Leisure.
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I put the (drunken, mildly embarrassing) photos up AND the shoutouts! I had to just go ahead and put them on my blog because last year while I wasn't looking dropbox eliminated the public folder option, damn, and this seemed the simplest way. So, PICTURES ARE HERE.
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I'm sorry I couldn't make it, but I'm so glad you guys had a good time. These pictures are great! And shoutouts! Yes, bring back shoutouts!
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Shoutouts are great, and thanks for mine!
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