NYC Knitting Meetup March 2018
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Sun March 11 at 11:00 AM, City Bakery
3 W 18th St, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
It's baa-aaack! The second Sunday of each month seemed to work for y'all, so I'm cutting to the chase and posting it again. All fiber arts, all skill sets, and all projects (so long as they are portable) are welcome. We try to take over a spot on the balcony-type seating-area thing.
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I am in. I have been dismantling thrift store sweaters for the yarn, which is actually super fun...good colors! Such yarn balls!
posted by sexyrobot at 8:46 AM on February 27, 2018

Sounds great! I have to get some grading done that weekend (urgh) and this will be good motivation & a nice treat!
posted by wiskunde at 3:08 PM on March 2, 2018

I'll be there closer to noon, assuming people will still be there for a while. (Based on last time, that seems like a safe assumption.)
posted by hoyland at 5:55 PM on March 8, 2018

Y'all are going to laugh: I cannot find that scarf I was working on for the life of me. I think the apartment ate it. So I will be doing a bit of work on the Afghan I Am Determined To Make Because It'd Look Great In My Bedroom And I Have All This Yarn Anyway So Of Course.
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I'll also be there around 11:30-noon. See you soon!
posted by wiskunde at 7:19 AM on March 11, 2018

On my way!
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Putting my shoes on now. ETA probably the better part of an hour.
posted by hoyland at 7:43 AM on March 11, 2018

I am in the back of te balcony thing and have grabbed a corner table.
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 8:01 AM on March 11, 2018

I got stuck upstate babysitting during a friend's medical emergency/blizzard or two, and probably won't be back in time >:[ (on the bus now)...But, not only did I finish the scarf I started (9"x9', cool black and white stripe. woot!), I also dismembered 8 thrift store sweaters into yarn, and made another scarf (6"x6.5', grey,purple, and dark purple stripe). Hey, maybe next time I'll learn how to purl :P
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* heart eyes *

Yay! We want pictures!
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Damn it I totally screwed up and thought it was THIS weekend.
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In my defense for being featherbrained, I found out a friend died suddenly of a brain mass on saturday so...I really wasn't up to seeing anyone on sunday anyway.
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Is there any way we can have a Saturday meetup too for the people who can't make Sundays? I work every Sunday :(
posted by starlybri at 9:31 PM on March 16, 2018

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