Meetup in NYC - 21st October
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Fri October 21 at 8:00 PM, Mamouns, St Marks
22 St Marks Pl, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
I will be in NYC from the 16th to the 23rd of October for a wedding, and I was hoping there might be some mefites interested in a meet up of some sort.
I'm visiting NYC to be the witness to the wedding of a good friend and his boyfriend (as they can't get married in Australia yet). I'm staying a week, because, well, I can! I'm staying in East Village but am happy to travel, and I'm free every day except the 18th (wedding day). The 16th is probably also out, as I fly in that evening. No fussed about what or where, though I am assuming it will involve a beer or two.
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I'm going to be out of town.

Mazel Tov to your friends!
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There's the Meet The Lady meetup on the 17th, you should come (but buy your ticket soon), there's beer & hanging out in the cafe afterwards.

Friday evening 9/21 would be good for a food+drinking meetup. Or, we haven't had a Chinatown dim sum meetup in forever, if you wanted to do Saturday brunch-time.
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I have never been to a meetup before and have been meaning to. I think this might work for my schedule and I hope to meet some of y'all!
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I'm on the fence about the Meet the Lady meetup (I totally missed seeing it, thanks). I'm a bit afraid that jetlag may hit hard that night, and if not, I'd already got a vague plan of going to the Vanguard to see the house band.

However, if there's enough interest I'd love to do food/drinks on the Friday (the 10/21).
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I can usually do stuff on friday.
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We should pick a time & place to get this on the calendar - maybe someplace down on St. Marks like Mamouns for the food and then somewhere else nearby for drinking? Or, kjs4, are there any past NYC meetup thread locations that intrigue you?
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Mamouns on Friday sounds great, and is really convenient for me! 7.30? 8? Will we need to book?
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No, Mamouns is tiny, more like a deli than a restaurant -- as I recall there are only a few of sit-down tables, and some ledges/shelves by the windows for eating standing up. But it makes the find-the-mefites part of the meetup very easy.
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Ok, we'll meet at Mamouns, grab some food and then probably find a pub or something nearby for food. I've put down 8, but that can be changed if someone has a strong preference.
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I'm also out of town but have fun and get a lot of hot sauce in your falafel sandwich!
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My brother is having his birthday bash at The People Lounge on Allen St. It doesn't start until 11pm, though, so I'll try to swing by the meetup. Any and all are welcome to follow on to the party after the meetup. Seriously, I've been instructed to tell everyone I know.
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Sounds like it could be fun. Why not!
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Conveniently, I'm playing tourist in NYC that night, so I'll try to come by.
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I hope you can make it, jander03, it does seem like this is going to be a mini-meetup. For any lurkers contemplating coming by, you can spot us by looking for the red-headed girl with an injured left foot (me).
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Yeah, it is looking a bit wee. Ah well. I'm the blonde with glasses and a cough. My number is 7185105984 if anyone wants to join us a bit later.
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oh yeah! and I are here, waiting for kjs4. We'll update the thread as we move in case stragglers want to join.
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Just got into town. I'm catching the subway from Astoria.
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We were @Kim's DVD on 1st/St. Mark's. Wandering again. Picked up 1 more, with another to come.
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Wandering W. on 9th from 1st ave.

People Lounge is a def. for me; it's my brother's party. At least one other person is in at the mo.
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Now @ Just Sweet on 3rd. Ave.
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Heading to the People Lounge now.
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At the People Lounge!
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table in the front by the window. Say you're with Dennis.

(also, no sneakers, apparently?)
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Thanks all! Had a great time. I've got a couple of photos that I'll try to work out how to post when I have some time. i.e. not in the next few days - still have a city to explore.
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Thanks to everyone who came; that was a lot of fun.

lalex, where's our trivia night post?
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