Meet The Lady: Beth Grant
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Mon October 17 at 8:00 PM, 92YTribeca
200 Hudson St, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
The second season of our film-based variety show Meet The Lady begins with a tribute to American character actress Beth Grant (if you've seen Donnie Darko, then you may recall that she doubts your commitment to Sparkle Motion). Grant will be appearing *IN PERSON* to screen and discuss selections from her vast film and television career.
The show will include:

- A special roundtable interview featuring panelists such as singer/songwriter Nellie McKay, Sirius radio's Frank DeCaro, and NYC cabaret star Roslyn Hart.

- A tribute presentation by Kevin Maher (Previously on MeFi)

- A burlesque tribute by GoGo Harder

92YTribeca is walking distance from the A,C,E,1,N,Q, and R trains. There's a cafe attached to the screening room that sells food, beer, and wine which you can bring into the screening room. -- and we always party afterward. Let's hang out!
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Also: due to Beth's personal involvement in the show, the tickets will definitely sell out. I'd err on the side of getting them sooner rather than later. Message me privately if you are concerned about getting tickets closer to the date of the show.
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Is it totally gauche for me to bring my Donnie Darko DVD for her to sign? I totally don't want to make her feel uncomfortable.
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I don't think she'd mind at all. Beth is really approachable and loves the same thing about her work that her fans do.
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OH. MY. GOD. Beth Grant and Nellie McKay?

Woohoo! Tickets bought!
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To be honest I have no idea how this happened, except I think it means that during one of those times when I fell asleep at the wheel as a teenager, I actually crashed and died -- and am now in lady-meeting heaven.
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To anyone following this thread who's on the fence: I just want to let you know that over half the house is already sold, and it going to sell way out, perhaps fairly far in advance.

If it comes down to that day and you're desperate, memail me, I may have access to a few extras.
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I'm in two minds about this. It'd be great to meet you all, but I'm flying in from Sydney the night before, so may or may not be able to stay awake. If it's going to sell out, I don't want to buy a ticket just to not come - seems unfair on the person who misses out. Also I had vague plans to do something else - assuming I was awake.

Sounds like you might be doing anything before/after. Maybe I could catch up with you all then. If not, I was trying to organise something for later in the week, maybe friday.
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I'm so paranoid. I bought my ticket ages ago and I keep worrying I'll forget the actual day this is happening and end up not going!! (Mr. Tosis, remind me plzkthx)
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Looks like the show is officially sold out. They usually set aside a handful to sell at the door, so there's that.

Since I doubt we'll get to screen this at the show, here's Beth's True Blood minisode.
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Family emergency, so won't be able to make it. Sorry. When the next one is announced, will do my best to attend.
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You have GOT to be kidding me, LIRR delays. If I am so much as 1 minute late, I am going to sink this whole island.
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A fabulous evening!
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I'm just in awe of what a wonderful, sincere and genuine person Beth is. Her husband Michael is a treat, too. Really great folks, a really great evening, and an outstanding job by hermitosis (and his army of minions). Seriously, hit it out of the park on this one. Meet the Lady: Season 2 is on. No more public access. You're network now, baby!
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Thanks to those who came, it was truly a special night. I say that every time, but something sort of clicked last night that I scarcely dare to try and replicate.

We'll have a MTL screening party on Nov. 19th, and then another big lady-meeting opportunity with Louise Lasser (TV's "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman") in December. I'll be posting those soon!

*faints dead away*
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