PLOTZ! @ Bar Lubitsh w/ AK and Her Kalashnikovs (eastern euro inspired music)
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Tue June 7 at 9:30 PM, Bar Lubitsch
7702 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Tuesday at 9:30pm -1:00am Location Bar Lubitsch 7702 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA AK and Her Kalashnikovs - 10:00pm, PLOTZ! - 11:00pm $5 at the door 21+

One of Southern California’s most exciting instrumental bands, PLOTZ! blends the sounds of Eastern European folk music with creative jazz improvisation and progressive rock. The six members of PLOTZ! have backgrounds in many different styles of music, including jazz, world-percussion, classical, rock, metal, experimental, and many others. Dedicated to a unified and harmonized world-view, PLOTZ! draws inspiration for original compositions from styles, stories, and experiences from all over the world, from ancient Greek mythology and Iceni history to the experience of modern city life and surfing. Bringing rock-god energy and intensity to every performance, PLOTZ! explodes off the stage in a jubilant musical celebration of life!

Daniel Rosenboom - trumpets
Gavin Templeton - saxophones
Brian Walsh - clarinets and saxophones
Jake Vossler - guitar
Orest Balaban - bass
Austin Wrinkle - drums

AK and Her Kalashnikovs

"This is a unique and original musical ensemble. There is the diverse instrumentation --balalaikas, mandolins, tinwhistles, accordions, violins, stand up bass, a variety of guitars, percussion and a pandeira that thinks it’s a Ringling Brothers Circus.
There are the Kalashnikovs, intense, virtuosic and inventive. And rhythmically tight as a drum.
The repertoire is a collection of sharp left turns and foreign tongues. From Gypsy love songs to Russian lullabies to Serbian ballads to Spanish Copla to French pop to what sounds suspiciously like rock n roll.
But the heart and soul is AK herself, Alissa Kueker. Her voice is, by turns, angelic and devilish, profoundly serious and as playful as the first days of love. It’s rich rough coloratura contralto caresses and seduces and, when necessary, belts like a WWF Cage Fight. You want to hear her; you want to hear AK & The Kalashnikovs, trust me."

Alissa Kueker - Voice, Violin
Sebastian Steinberg - Upright Bass
Jose Gurria-Cardenas - Percussion
Jake Fiskin - Manouche Guitar, Mandolin
Isaac Shankler - Accordion (metafilter's own speicus)
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