Division Pub Crawl! (originally Coming to Portland!)
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Thu June 16 at 5:00 PM, Apex
1216 SE Division St, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Me and baniak will be in Portland next month. Even though we here in Chicago consider PDX our IRL rival, we come in peace and want to see how it is possible your city can rival ours in meetups. So, a BAR CRAWL!
We will start at Apex, and go down from there (har). I'll let the people who actually know where things are make the decisions, I'll just trail along happily.

Original post: We will be flying in on 6-13. We have no set plans on Tuesday-Friday (yet). WE WANT TO MEET YOU. We like beer. We would like to see how hard you party down compared to Chicago. (though I don't think anyone could come close to eamondaly or Cupcake. They are MASTERS.)

Suggest things! If we meet up Weds-Fri - we will have bikes. It will likely be amusing to watch my flatlander self struggle up hills.

Let's make a plan!
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TRAITOR! ...Just kidding. Have fun!
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We like beer

You said the magic phrase -- welcome! If you want to tell us where you're staying, I'm sure we can come up with some suitable meeting places in that area.
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We will be staying in South Tabor(SE 70th and Division-ish), but we are used to travelling long distances by bike and transit, so we'd have no problem getting anywhere in SE, or anywhere within a mile or two of a MAX station or bus line. I used to live in Portland, so I have a fairly good sense of how to get places by transit... even if I fall asleep on the bus and end up in Gresham.
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We can trade meetups, I am going to be in Chicago again from July 1-12th or so (really, July 1st and then probably 11th-12).

As someone whose only experience of meetups in Chicago involved the Sears (I mean Willis) and Hancock towers, the Edge, and drunkingly walking between the two, I can say that may be hard to replicate here. For one thing, we don't have that many high buildings. However we do have a plethra of beer.

We could do a Division bar crawl, starting at Apex (with it's delicious beer menu and proximity to burritos) and going east. There is a lull between 15th and 30th, but then on 31st we have Sunshine Tavern, then Whiskey Soda Lounge, then Mathbox Lounge, then Victory Bar.

Not in downtown Portland proper, a fairly awesome collection of places to drink and hang out. And if anything I keep finding out how few PDX mefite's have been to Apex. Which has tons of bicycle parking.
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Also, continuing down Division, by the time we get to 50th and Division, there are two food cart pods, two if not three bars (I don't know if Stumptown's Bar next to their original shop will be open yet). One of the food carts recently won best food cart this year, before burning down, it was called King Jong Grilling. I hope it is back up and running soon.
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There is a lull between 15th and 30th

The 'reel m' Inn (24th & Division) and it's shockingly good (for a divey-dive dive bar) chicken and jo-jos would beg to differ. Not that I'm suggesting it as a meetup location, necessarily-- I'm just sayin...
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it's its shockingly good

god fucking dammit
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That's my off-week between terms which means my evenings are wide open.
I'm sure fiercekitten and I could make it out on one of those.
Fridays tend to get crammed (as we've experienced at our recent meetups), but Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday could work well.
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> The 'reel m' Inn (24th & Division)

To be fair, I haven't been there, but it is still a big swath of ladd's addition and such to navigate, even to get to reel m Inn.

I'm up for trying get from 10th to 39th st in a night, but it may be more practical for folks to meet us gentlemen of leisure for a few of the above locations, instead of feeling like its a drag out slog of a pub crawl.
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Hi, this is baxter_ilion, under a new username...

A Division pub crawl sounds great! I imagine we could make it from 10th to 39th, especially since we will be be making frequent stops, but an abbreviated pub crawl would also work.

mrzarquon, we will trade a meetup for a meetup! If you are around July 6th, that would likely be the date of our monthly Billy Goat meetup, but if not we will get something up and running, even if it is just me and bibliogrrl. And, since you have experienced big buildings, we will try to showcase the other thing Chicago has to offer: pizza.
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You mean " 'pizza' "?

I kid, I kid
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Wait, there's an IRL rivalry? I thought we had meetups just because we liked to see each other!
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I think Chicago's just jealous because our population-adjusted meetup count tends to vary somewhere between 2 and 4 times what theirs is. Also, we totally fucking rule.
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Can't we just agree to gang up on New York?
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Yeah screw those guys. Bunch posers. Anyway, yeah, I like the idea of a Division pub crawl. Or a Division pub pedal, for that matter. Unless I miraculously become employed in the next few weeks, any of the referenced dates work for me.
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I'm totally up for a pub crawl (or anything else, really) on Thursday or Friday.
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Do we want to try to start at Apex at 5pm on Thursday? Folks can grab food at the burrito place next door (they have vegan options, note however some mexican food lovers have been saddened by their burritos) and then we can start moving east around 6:30 or so?

That way we may end up at the 30th block or so around 7ish, so folks getting out of work later could meet us at the densest part of the crawl (and easiest to walk). Bus #4 eastbound runs just about every 5-10 minutes for folks non biking as well.

I will probably do something nerdy like setup a Glympse page for myself so folks can track our progress as a group throughout the night.
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Also, the sunday beforehand will have a meetup withJessamyn. (Two or maybe three+ mods, take that New York).
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bibliogrrl and I are in for Thursday at 5pm, starting at Apex.

The more nerdiness you can bring the meetup, the better. Glympse looks cool, and totally stalkerish at the same time!

Also, bibliogrrl and I might have to come out a week early for the Jessamyn meetup, and betray Chicago yet again... :D
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Wheresoever three or more of us go and imbibe, Eamon is there among us.
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5 is too early for me on a school night but if you keep the space updated with current whereabouts I can wander down after work.
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> bibliogrrl and I are in for Thursday at 5pm, starting at Apex.

Can you update this post with those times, so we can make it all official like? (Bibliogrrl will need to do it I believe, unless we can get some modly intervention).

Gecko- There will be a link to my glympse page for my phone, it will have the realtime location of the group (or really me) throughout the night, along with updates here. The idea is to pickup folks along the way, chances are after 7 or so, we will be between 30th and 39th st on division.
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I will confirm this when I get home, as trying to do it on my iPad in a bar is vexing.
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Well, boo-- I have an open house/project kick-off event that night.
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Is there anything else we should look at in PDX? We have a lot of stuff planned (don't be shocked if I show up at the meetup in a tutu is all I'm saying), but (not including food) are there any can't miss things that we might not know about since we live 2k miles away?
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The Willamette Week Events calendar is a good catchall, although you would probably want to check back on the dates the week before you show up (and while you are in town), as it doesn't have much on the list two weeks out from now.

Wander around SE Hawthorne? Bike / Walk up Mt. Tabor, our own local volcano.

Go to the Vera Katz Esplanade, then get beer at Hair of the Dog's tasting room, then dinner at Bunk Bar.

Try your first (intentionally) sour beer at Cascade Brewing.

Those are some of the other Southeast Portland places to see we wont be able to stop in at during our pub crawl.
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We're all packed! Excited to be in PDX and meet all of you. We'll check in again before Thursday.
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But it's Thursday now!
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Sorry, we're still on chicago time... Didn't realize it was already Thursday.

We're on our way to get some voodoo donuts, build up a good base for all the beer we will be drinking!
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I won't be able to join the group until at least 5:45 or 6; what exactly will the mechanism be for following your progress?
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I'll update here with a tracker url you can use to see where we are, once we get to Apex. Also you can memail for my cell # if you want to find out where we are the old fashioned way.
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Pfft - Do I look like a Luddite?
Don't answer that.
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I'm making my way to Apex now. You can follow my journey here.
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Sweet, we ate waiting for the #4 (bikes weren't happening today), and should be there by 5:10.
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I'm here!
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It looks like we will be heading to sunshine tavern in the next 20 minutes.
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Sunshine is swamped, we are on the whiskey soda patio around back
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I regret being a no-show, but I'm totally bushed and staying in. Sorry to miss seeing you, baniak and bibliogrrl, but you are in good bar crawl hands.
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We are now at victory, at 37th and division.

I'm turning off the glympse, I think this is our last venue for the night.
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Thanks for the awesome time, everyone!
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This meetup totally set a record for Most I Have Learned About Eggs At A Meetup. Thanks for coming out, everybody!
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It was truly an eggsellent evening out.
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See what you missed, dersins? It was right up your alley
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I am a fucking idiot and totally forgot about this. Boo me. I suck. And I have so much to say about eggs!
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I know, that's the crippling irony here.
posted by churl at 8:51 PM on June 17, 2011

Looks like the yolk's on Dersins....
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It was awesome meeting everyone - thank you for coming out and entertaining the travelers! And now I know what the proper way to sit at a picnic table is.
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