BBQ At Cortex's, with Jessamyn!
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Sun June 12 at 3:00 PM, Chez Cortez
5903 N Lombard St, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Afternoon BBQ at cortex and Secretariat place, with Jessamyn, Sunday, June 12th. Starting around 3pm. Details inside.
Starting at 3pm, head over to St. Johns and have some beers, some food, and maybe some cornhole.

I have created a signup list here, in case people feel like they would want to bring treats and snacks (I'm looking at you Scotch-a-roo).

Transportation: Bus 75 runs from Southeast, bus 35 from downtown. Memail cortex for exact address and any pointers on bus / Max rides to his house.

Previous Post: So Jessamyn will be visiting Portland in the first weekend of June, and says that Sunday 6/12 would be a time she is amicable (Actually SHE WANTS TO HANG OUT and sunday is the best day for it) for meeting up with us Portlandians. She's crashing at my place over near Mt. Tabor, so I don't know if we want to do another east side meetup or what have you.
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My preference is someplace that has food, has beer, is not howlingly noisy & I lean towards divey over fancy. mrzarquon makes it seem slightly passive: I WANT TO HANG OUT. Location suggestions welcome.
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The Lucky Lab seemed to work out well last time, and pretty much fits all 4 of Jessamyn's criteria.
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That works, we could also do Caldera public house again, and get that private space (or even just get there earlyish and get the back patio space, since it would be nice). It's Portland Neighborhood-esque, so a little bit above divey, but does still sell tater tots and such.

There is also The People's Grill, that has amazing food, and is still very divey. The owner / cook Charlie is usually hanging out at the counter browsing Ebay for collectibles when he isn't making a kick ass Rueben. Sundays it is pretty empty, so we could easily take over the place if we wanted. The jukebox is loud when it's on, but I am sure they would lower the volume for a group of us, etc.
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FINALLY JESSAMYN COMES TO PORTLAND! My disappointment last summer knew no bounds.

I kinda vote for Lucky Lab also, only because 1) it's really, really spacious, 2) the food is tasty and reasonable, 3) beer is almost unbeatable. Plus it isn't too far from Tabor.
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Just to throw a bit of a wrench into the works, what about the Green Dragon? It's not as chronically empty as the Lucky Lab but there should still be plenty of room on a Sunday, and they have the added advantage of offering liquor in addition to beer in case it's gin & tonic (or Pimm's Cup!) weather...
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There is also the Landmark, further afield down division, but along with beer and booze, it has an outdoor space and two sets of cornhole boards.
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two sets of cornhole boards

If I hadn't heard of (and played) cornhole for the first time just last week, you'd be seriously freaking me out right now.

Bonus: best. disambiguation page. ever.
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Shit. I'm at maxfuncon that weekend but I'm flying home that afternoon so I could make it.
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Hey, awesome, this is just a couple days after my 30th birthday! What an excellent present
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I vote for Green Dragon, although Landmark looks interesting.

Wasn't too impressed with Lucky Lab, but it does have the benefit of spaciousness.
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It's been a few years since the last time I made a meetup, maybe I'll try for this one...
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Yay! Any of the aforementioned honorable establishments are fine by me.
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Dammit! I already had a plan for the June meetup. I guess I'll have to save it for July (hint: Mondor).

I'm in.
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I find parts of the Green Dragon too noisy for large group meetups, unless we are outside or in the more cafe-ish section (with the chalkboard tables? Or are all the inside tables chalkboard?).

I thought Lucky Lab was great, but if they don't have non-beer booze, I can see how that could be a downside to some (not me!).

I haven't been to the Landmark, but it looks kind of nice. Does anyone know what they have in the way of food? The menu section of the site isn't available.
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Landmark does hotdogs and chili and simple bar fare like that. If it is sunny out, they may have a BBQ going in their big outdoor space. The food they do serve is pretty good, and cheap, but it does fall under the "legally required to serve food in order to sell liquor" category of a menu.

It is also in close proximity to two food cart pods, in case people find their food lacking.

I am abstaining from drinking beer right now (gasp), so places that serve liquor are more up my alley.
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terrapin: we know. If Asa Lovejoy had won the famous coin toss, we'd be meeting in SE Boston, Oregon.
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Hmmm, we'll be in Seattle in the morning, but will come home in the afternoon-- so an afternoon/evening function could possibly work for us.
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Despite my crazy week, I am still attending this. Can someone please call the location/time so that we can get people RSVPing?
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Howzabout we do it at mine and Secretariat's place? We've got a backyard that'd accommodate plenty of beering and barbecuing, and a decent amount of room on the mainfloor and in the basement if the weather is uncooperative that day. Up in North Portland near St. Johns, right off the 75 line.
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I'm up for that, would you want to start around 5pm, folks bringing food and beverages?

I can probably get my traeger over to your place the day before, and cook up a some stuff. If folks wanted to bring other things to cook on the grill (more things wrapped in bacon), and such, it would be fun.
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I like grilling!
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Yeah, that'd work well. We can do it as a sort of no-requirements opt-in potluck thing—those who do feel like bringing food or beer/wine can do so but it's totally fine to just show up empty-handed and enjoy meetuppery regardless.
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Earlier is fine with me, if anyone wants to try starting this meetup in the afternoonish- just because some of us (an increasingly small number, maybe?) might have to go to work the next morning. I do, anyway.
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How about starting around 3? Then actual food eatery can happen when the last folks trickle in around 4:30 or so.

I also have a folding table I can bring, along with four folding chairs. I'll check with a friend in beer sales to see if I can get us a case or two of beer as well.
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I pulled the trigger and made this official, if there is overwhelming angst against drinking beers in cortex and Secretariat's backyard, we can see about going to a pub again.
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I believe Scotch-a-roos and beer may be the ultimate anti-anti-carb meal.
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I'm not the grill wizard but I've been known to kick out some mashed potatoes when called upon. Added that to the list.
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I can bring a whole mess o' slaw that goes great with grilled meat.
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Problem is, I won't be able to get there before 6 or 6:30, so I'll also bring beer to replenish the supply.
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OK, this time I'm coming, and bringing Scotch eggs.
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And if you can't make it, still make the scotch eggs, and I am sure we can arrange for their delivery, so we can eat them in your honor (and absence).

Maybe we can put little hats on them, and dress them up like little Dersins.
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But scotch eggs posing as you do!

(or they should, maybe some nice pants as well)
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Does anyone play bocce ball? I will soon own a bocce ball set- so that could be part of the festivities, if I can figure out a good place for it.
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I am down with bocce
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Yay, bocce!
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mrzarquon was also threatening to build or acquire a cornhole kit the other day, which is more relevant and less terrible than you probably think.
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Oh yeah, Scotch eggs. Gotta love those things. Also: sausage rolls.
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Does anyone play bocce ball?

Long as it's Sunday. I don't roll on Shabbos, man!

Also, since it's on Sunday (duh! I was thinking of the pub-crawl meetup on Thursday) I can be there at 3pm plus I'll bring both slaw and beer.
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It looks like fiercekitten and I can make it afterall.
Not sure what we'll bring just yet, but I assure you, it'll be tasty.

Oh and concerning bocce ball, never played but will definitely give a try.
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Awesome, I have never played bocce ball either, but maybe somebody will teach me!
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Bocce? Think low-flying shotput, or dirt bowling.
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It's simple! And fun.
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It's simple! And fun. And safer than lawn darts.
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Not the way I play it.
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That's not extreme bocce. Now that's extreme bocce.
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Will there be fire at this event so I can bring these giant marshmallows? We haven't had a meetup with fire and mallows in awhile.
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dammit fiercekitten, that was what I was going to bring. Back to the drawing board...
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I still haven't heard if there's a firepit or what. Let's split it - you can bring ginormous marshmallows. I'll bring FIRE!
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There will be a grill of some sort, so presumably marshmallows will be roastable.
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So I'm probably going to have to work on this day. How late is late for showing up?
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I'm sure at least some of us will still be sitting around drinking and chatting until nine or ten.
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Wait, you think you're getting rid of me by ten?
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They have a big back yard, and access to the st john's bridge, so they can get rid of you in various ways before 10.
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No, see, maybe you're still here, we're just doing something else after ten.
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Will these event be kid-friendly? (Older, 11 & 14). Also, what to bring?
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There will be just as much drinking and jovial cursing as at any other meetup, so you pretty much know what to expect there and can gauge accordingly.

As far as bringing stuff, I'm guessing we'll be fine on beer and such at this point, if you want to bring a bit of grub of some sort feel free. Check the signup list up in the announcement for what other folks are already planning; we will probably not be hurting for meat.
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I am still planning on bringing mashed potatoes and would also like to retcon out my threat of showing up late as I got someone to cover me at work and will in fact be on time as long as I don't fuck up the mashed potatoes.
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3pm is going to be difficult for me. I'll probably show up around 5pm or so.
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Quick reminder that if you don't know where I live and you would like to know where I live, drop me a line via email or mefimail so that you don't end up at the bar near my house that we used as the placeholder spot for the map up top, wondering where the hell everyone is.

Worst case scenario, you could probably yell "WHERE IS THE MEETUP" repeatedly and we might hear you, but some folks from the assisted living place next to the bar might try to come collect you instead.
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My cell is 508-415-9074 and folks can text/call me day-of if they need details.
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I have this temptation to drive to Portland from Seattle tomorrow, just for the heck of it. We will see if I am up to it. It's a long way to go for a meetup. But it would be fun. How late is Powell's open? Maybe I could do both.
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Powell's is open until 11pm every day. The main one on Burnside, that is; Beaverton and Hawthorne close at...9pm, I think.
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any guesses on how long it will take to get a bottle of vodka into a watermelon?
posted by mimo at 4:10 PM on June 11, 2011

This IS a guess, hour? Maybe two?
posted by Greg_Ace at 6:28 PM on June 11, 2011

According to some weird green website, you probably want to upend that vodka into that watermelon ASAP, as it seems to take a while for the booze to permeate, though it sounds like if you take a chopstick and make a bunch of extra capillary tunnels off of the main vodka hole it'll maybe distribute through the melon faster.
posted by cortex at 7:24 PM on June 11, 2011

Incidentally, "Main Vodka Hole" is the name of my new band.
posted by Greg_Ace at 7:33 PM on June 11, 2011

Hmm, at least I did start the day before. It may end up only tipsy instead of drunken. The problem is, I was only able to find seedless melons, which I take it are less porous than seeded melons. (Plus, I am fresh out of horse syringes).
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The good thing is that if it fails we'll still end up with MODERATELY SASSY WATERMELON.
posted by cortex at 7:24 AM on June 12, 2011

My band will be definitely be MODERATELY SASSY WATERMELON.
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posted by jessamyn at 9:21 AM on June 12, 2011

Ah, unfortunately it turns out I'm not going to make it today. Have fun!
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I like the sound of this MODERATELY SASSY WATERMELON.

Hey cortex, will the oven be free for baking chicken wings? I can do them ahead of time, but they're better fresh...
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Forgot a key ingredient so I am off to Freddy's...anyone need anything (in the next...20 minutes or so)?
posted by geckoinpdx at 1:47 PM on June 12, 2011

Besides reheating the ribs, the oven will be available.
posted by mrzarquon at 1:53 PM on June 12, 2011

Liquor store is open for any last requests...(heading back hone in about 20 mins)
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I've got to bow out this weekend. An awful flu-thing took me down for two days, and I'm feeling beat.

Sorry to miss jessamyn, visit again soon?
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So bummed I had to miss this, mild family crisis. Also sorry to miss jessamyn and well, all you alls.
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Super fun time, thanks everybody for coming out and making the whole beer and food thing happen so well. I'm glad the weather decided not to move to full-on ruination on us, that was some pretty great drizzle bocce.
posted by cortex at 7:02 AM on June 13, 2011

That was a great afternoon.
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A lot of fun. Thanks cortex and secretariat for hosting us all. Hopefully I'll recover from this meat coma some time soon.
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cortex, thanks to you and Secretariat for opening your home and being great hosts, and thanks to everyone for bringing lots of yummy things to eat.
posted by mimo at 7:30 AM on June 13, 2011

Photos up!
posted by cortex at 8:31 AM on June 13, 2011

Who knew Matt could juggle?
posted by mrzarquon at 10:55 AM on June 13, 2011

So sad I missed this. Saturday just got crazy. Looks like it was awesome! I'm sorry I missed you, Jessamyn.
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Yes, thank you Cortex & Secretariat for hosting.
And thanks to everyone for bringing all the great food, beer, other drinks, etc.
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Thanks you guys! I had a great time and it was great to just get to chill out in someone's yard and eat food.
posted by jessamyn at 11:24 AM on June 13, 2011

That was a fantastic meetup. Great to meet Jessamyn, and the other people I hadn't met before.
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I'm pretty sure all you guys are crucial, mods and mefites alike, but I do look forward to meeting you in person one of these days too, jessamyn. Thanks for all your hard work and chilling!

I regret having accepted some - what do they call this stuff again? - "work" the form of mynning a tech booth all afternoon, so the Scotch-a-Roos Meet Scotch Eggs with Scotch on the Side meetup will have to wait. Eat your celery..
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What they all said. Cortex and Secretariat were gracious as always, and now I have proof that Jessamyn physically exists. And is a mean penguin-pusher.
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That was a good meetup- you all are such clean guests! Once I piled up the empty dishes in the kitchen, all I was left with were a few chip crumbs on the floor. Nice! And thanks for breaking in my bocce set.
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Someone must have a photo of the penguins to share, right?
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How did I miss the penguins? Okay, I just added a shot of the survivors to the set.
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So sorry I didn't make this. I was actually driving down the street on the way there, realized I was in no shape to interact with people, and turned around. Some day I'll be able to function around adults again (I'm guessing roughly when my twins stop acting like vampires)...
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JaiMahodara: the Scotch-a-Roos Meet Scotch Eggs with Scotch on the Side meetup will have to wait.

I sense another meetup plan beginning to form....

Also, thanks Cortex and Secretariat for being great hosts!
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I think I have enjoyed each Portland meetup even more than the last. The whole afternoon/evening was deliriously fun and I really feel indebted to everyone involved.
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Or, more than the.. prior? That sentence scans wrong. They just get better and better is what I mean to say.
posted by churl at 7:22 PM on June 13, 2011

Damnit metafilter I am just trying to say I love you
posted by churl at 7:24 PM on June 13, 2011

Aw, shucks. [metafilter blushes, looks down, and shyly kicks at the ground with its sneaker].
posted by mimo at 7:39 PM on June 13, 2011

More pictures of penguins and less consequential things added.
posted by Greg_Ace at 8:56 PM on June 13, 2011

metafilter loves you too, churl.
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So we have a workplace wellness program which gives us $50 if we get a checkup. So I got a checkup and had this $50 gift certificate to, um, shop with. So I don't know what I'd spend $50 on really. I have most things I need and it's mostly good for online retailing. But it turns out that a bocce set at is about $48.75 and, well, with the free shipping it was clearly a sign. Next party's at my house.
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Crap! How did I manage to miss this meetup? I didn't even know it was happening. 'Tis my own fault, though, for not keeping up with IRL over the past few months. Sorry I missed it!
posted by velvet winter at 11:32 PM on June 13, 2011

Turn on "recieve IRL alerts" in your preferences, velvet winter. You'll get a mefimail about proposed meetups in the vicinity, if you've got coordinates set.
posted by cortex at 6:56 AM on June 14, 2011

Thanks, cortex. Done!
posted by velvet winter at 8:24 AM on June 14, 2011

Speaking of which, we have a meetup on Thursday as well, for those we have recovered from Sunday.
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Apparently I took a couple iPhone photos at the end of the night - mysterious! Well, there they are, at any rate. Thanks again for the optimal meetup.
posted by churl at 1:01 PM on June 14, 2011

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