Meet me in SF Aug 30-Sept 1
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Tue August 30 at 12:00 PM, multiple
2598 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
As above, my vacation dates in San Francisco are confirmed, but I’d love it if you’ll share your fav local-best-kept-secret-fun-things/places (as an former Londoner/multi-East coaster, it’s been a decade since I was last in SF!) and as a bonus, also your company to join ne at restaurants with *outdoor seating* in the Bay area (breakfast/brunch, lunch, or dinner)! I like solo travel, but find meals awkward on my own. I’ll be staying in the Mission, but am happy to take the BART etc. I don’t drive. Thanks! (I’m using the address of a sushi venue to post this.)
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Not exactly local, but if you are a fan of fashion or clothing, I would highly recommend the current Guo Pei exhibit at the Legion of Honor - it will be on until September 5th. I also really enjoy walking along the water, just past fisherman's wharf - from Fort Mason, to Crissy Field, or so. I love the Panhandle for biking, if you get around to renting a bike - it's flat/gently sloped, a bit windy, and goes through trees and grass and next to people doing stuff.

I would love to join you for lunch or dinner on September 1st. Feel free to DM me!
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Hi! If you'd be up for lunch at or around the Ferry Building on Wednesday the 31st, I could zoom across the bay on one of those ferries, have something tasty with you, then zoom back to Alameda. Plenty of places to sit outside there!
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Not sure I can come but check out the Tunnel Tops in the Presidio, our newest park! Superb views all at once of the Pacific Ocean, Golden Gate Bridge, Marin, Alcatraz, The Palace of Fine Arts dome, downtown SF, the Bay Bridge, Berkeley/Oakland and more. While there, stroll through the trees of the Presidio, visit the Walt Disney Museum and have lunch at Colibri, expensive but good.
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O, alas, I will be away! Some standard fun things (to my mind) on Valencia in ye Mission are:
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The Mission is an ideal place for outdoor dining these days. Parts of Valencia Street are now "shared spaces," so the blocks between 16th & 17th St/18th & 19th St are closed to traffic between 4–10pm Thursdays through Sundays so restaurants & bars can set up tables out in the road. And there are lots and lots of "parklets" (on-street parking spaces converted to patio drinking/dining areas), so outdoor seating is now widely avilable the rest of the week, too.

Keep us posted on your wanderings! I might be able to make it out for a spontaneous meetup.
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(I linked to the wrong Arizmendi. This is the one in the machine.)
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So Wednesday, which at first seemed impossibly far in the future, now turns out to be tomorrow! If you (and anyone else) are still up for it, here's what I suggest:

There's a ferry leaving Alameda Main Street at 11:45, with a stop at Oakland JLS at 12:05. It'll arrive at the Ferry Building at 12:30. Unless I hear otherwise, I'll be on it. Maybe someone else in the East Bay wants to hop on too?

Most of these places offer takeout:

We can get whatever we like, then find a bench or something and sit outside by the water. Or if it turns out we all want the same thing (I was at the crêperie a couple of months ago and it was decent, fwiw), we can sit in some of the dedicated outside tables.

I'm short and middle-aged with long blondish-brown hair. I'll probably have a tan denim jacket, sunglasses, maybe some kind of hat. I can memail my phone # to you and anyone else who might show up.
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Sadly, the farmers' market there isn't open on Wednesdays, otherwise it would be even easier.
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Tangerine et al, yay! i’ll be outside the Ferry building at 12.30.
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On the ferry. See you soon!
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