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Thu February 27 at 7:30 PM, Stable DC
1324 H St NE, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
*pounds on table* Raclette! Raclette! Hey DC MeFi, we're one month into 2020! Let's toast the new year over some hot melted cheese. That's right, we're hiking our way out to the Swiss Alps --that is, to Stable in DC's H St corridor for Raclette Thursday.
Everything you need to know about raclette

If you're new to DC FOODIES: welcome, we'd love to have you join us! This is an informal group of DC-area MeFites who get together semi-regularly to explore world cuisines and cheap eats in the DMV. Family and friends of all ages are welcome.

Stable is accessible via the streetcar from downtown DC.
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Speaking just for myself, the 13th or the 27th would work better for me than the 20th. The 27th would work best.

What time would we meet? Personally, I am not going to be able to get there before 7-7:30pm because I have to pick up my dog from doggie daycare and give her dinner before heading over.

This is all obviously just FIY -- no worries if you can't accommodate!
posted by rue72 at 8:21 AM on February 3, 2020

I would prefer the 20th or 27th! Yay raclette!
posted by everybody had matching towels at 8:46 AM on February 3, 2020

rue72, I'd probably do 7:30. Hope to see you there!
posted by capricorn at 9:24 AM on February 3, 2020 [1 favorite]

Based on the responses so far, looks like the 27th is our best bet. It doesn't look like they really tend to book up in advance (today's Thursday and they still have every reservation slot open) but I can still snag a reservation a few days in advance based on Yes responses if it looks like we'll be a bigger crew. See you all then!
posted by capricorn at 7:48 AM on February 6, 2020

It's been a while since I've been able to make it down but as a person whose diet is 50% cheese and yet has only gazed longingly at raclette in pictures, I feel this is the one to make the effort for.
posted by drlith at 5:17 PM on February 6, 2020 [1 favorite]

I neglected a raclette opportunity earlier this week, so I should definitely do this.
posted by cardioid at 7:55 PM on February 6, 2020

I'm in an all day training on the 27th so I may be pretty exhausted. Would prefer the 20th if that's still an option!
posted by Karaage at 7:18 AM on February 7, 2020

Ah, since I've already confirmed the event, we're going to stick with the 27th for this one - sorry to miss you and hope to see you next month!
posted by capricorn at 12:06 PM on February 7, 2020

Sorry to miss this. I have concert tickets that evening.
posted by MichelleinMD at 1:50 PM on February 20, 2020

Sorry we can't make it this month! This week is nuts.
posted by Bongotrance Rabbitfriend at 7:01 PM on February 23, 2020

Update: just made a reservation based on the number of 'yes' RSVPs. See you all Thursday!
posted by capricorn at 7:44 PM on February 23, 2020

Oops, nevermind. Apparently I didn't. I accidentally booked for the wrong date (that'll teach me to book reservations past my bedtime!) They didn't have a table for 5 at 7:30 on Thursday, but they had tons of tables for 4 so I'm not too concerned, and I'm comfortable just showing up and waiting if other folks are. I'm sorry about this!
posted by capricorn at 1:06 PM on February 24, 2020

I think that'll work out okay, since I'm going to actually change my answer and sit this time out. This week has been a bit too much already and I'm feeling a little run down, so just taking more time to rest.
posted by cardioid at 4:35 PM on February 25, 2020

Aw, we'll miss you! But I have now reserved for four. It is under Alexa.
posted by capricorn at 6:46 PM on February 26, 2020

Sorry to miss as well, as this week’s events have conspired against me traveling into DC today. Have a lovely foursome!
posted by childofTethys at 11:00 AM on February 27, 2020

We’re in the back room! It looks like a chalet and is super cozy. And we can add a 5th chair if everyone shows up!
posted by capricorn at 4:24 PM on February 27, 2020

Look king for parking
posted by drlith at 4:29 PM on February 27, 2020

I’m only just now finishing up Doggie Duty (poor little thing got hurt while boarding, and it turns out that going on walks and all that while on painkillers and in a cast is nowhere near as fun as without). So I think my poor time management and my poor injured dog mean I’m going to have to flake out tonight. Sorry, you guys! I hope you have a great time (and am certain you will)!
posted by rue72 at 4:44 PM on February 27, 2020

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