2020 January birthday dim sum NYC
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Sun January 19 at 11:00 AM, Bamboo Garden
6409 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Dim sum time approaches, who's in for another trip to Bamboo Garden? (yelp, facebook)
The cost per person usually ends up being around $20 or less, so, remember to bring small bills.
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I'll do my annual maybe-that-inevitably flakes.
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I'll hope for the best for all the maybes. Chinese New Year falls on the 25th this year, so we won't be able to do a following-weekend-repeat like last year, and the 19th was the best date for ferret branca and me.
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Is the day after my actual birthday and party, so we'll see how I'm feeling the next morning.
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Looks like we’re going to be getting some kind of rain/snow on Saturday, but hopefully not enough to interfere with Sunday dim sum. I need my fix!
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Excited about this! Just a little plea from me and my cane to show up on time so I can limit the need to stand for ages in the vestibule.
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I am gearing up to not flake. If there are carts, can anyone help me spot vegetarian things? (If Yelp's menu is to be believed, there's not much, but it'll do.) Also, I won't be offended if you tell me to stay home because it's not worth it.
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Bamboo Garden dim sum is done by the 'order from the carts as they roll by' method rather than ordering from the menu -- usually there's one cart that has a plate of greens (but it can be ages before it makes the rounds, I don't think we got it until the very end last year), and there should be taro and/or turnip cakes, and at least one vegetable shu mai. The sticky rice might be veggie, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was made with some kind of meat or meat-broth (there can be language barriers trying to find out exactly what's in a dish, so there might be accidental meat). And then there are the more dessert-y carts - various deep-fried sesame balls with bean or other fillings (there was a durian one year, and the pig-faced dumplings turned out to be custard-filled rather than pork-filled as I'd assumed). Oh, and there's usually some kind of congee (rice porridge) which I've never been a fan of texture-wise but maybe you'd like?

So, I think you'd be ok by the end (and you could order something vegetarian off the non-dim-sum menu as a backup), but the ratio of meat to veggie carts could make for some stretches where all the meat-eaters are eating while you're waiting for the next edible thing.
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I'm going be offline shortly for the drive to Brooklyn -- please make sure to update the thread before 11am if you're still a Maybe, or a Yes with train delays, so we know what head count to give when we put our name down for a table. See everyone soon!
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I'm coming. I've already had atrocious train luck today but I think the N is in good shape. Stopping at an atm and then getting the train. Should be approximately on time.
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I’ve underestimated how long it takes to get there. I have been so fortunate with the subway during my stay that I neglected to allocate enough time to get there before 11:00. I’d be shamefully late so I’ll bail. My profuse apologies!

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I'm very early, standing around outside. Let me know if I should put us on the list and if so how many!
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Ok, all the Yeses but Pluto Gangsta are here - I’ve put us in for a table of 8, will update with the table location when we’re seated.
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I'm on my way and should be there within 5 minutes.
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Lovely time as always! Thanks, oh yeah! for arranging it and to everyone for great company & meal!
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