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Sat December 7 at 9:00 PM, Amplifier
1741 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Let's have a drink at Amplifier in Oakland first week of December. Things to celebrate: Larry Bird's birthday and Rhodesian independence. Or, bring your own happy event.
From the original "Proposed" event:
I'm an ex-NYer who has been on the West Coast for awhile and in the Bay Area specifically since 2012 or so. As a Dad who is pushing 50, I have a woefully underdeveloped social network and IRL in general. I hear this may be fairly common for my demo.
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I'm 51, in Petaluma. I've got a bunch going on evenings-wise (I call square dancing on Monday and Thursday nights, am part of a group that organizes forums on local development issues that meets two Wednesdays a month, etc), but the occasional coffee sounds like a plan!
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I'm a dad nearing on 50 as well. Wife and I moved here from Florida in 2008. I'm in Oakland and would be down to grab a beer sometime.
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Well over 50 and I also moved here in 2012. Also ex-NYer by way of L.A. and Ft. Lauderdale (haven't been to NY since 1991).

I'm in the Ashbury Heights area of SF.
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I was thinking that it might be nice to have a Bay Area MeFi hiking group occasionally... Say, once a month? We could rotate East Bay-North Bay-Peninsula, or whatever.

I've been on MeFi since 2012 or thereabouts and never actually been to a meetup. I should do that!
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This all sounds well and good - thanks for your replies. I don't know how mobile you guys are but my first inclination is to maybe find a dive bar in the East Bay. Maybe I'll wait until there's an actual non-equal distribution by borough, lol?
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Amplifier in downtown Oakland is divey and pretty cool, walkable from BART. No food but it's next door to a Curry-Up Now.
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I'm 50, in Oakland but work in Belmont, so transit is a hassle and I'm probably not available on weeknights. (2+ hrs transit each way.)
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Hey y'all. I just moved to Berkeley in September from parts east. I'm 49, son another GenXer. Something in the east bay certainly works for me, but I can make it further out if it comes to that.
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Looks like Oakland... maybe a Saturday night. Let me see about putting something together tomorrow. Cheers, all.
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I'm an early 50s dad whose kids are not local. Moved to San Jose from the east coast (MD/VA/PA) in 2014. Oakland and SF are a little far for me for weekday stuff, but I could probably be convinced to head up that way on a weekend evening.
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OK, going with Suelac's suggestion of Amplifier (thank you!), and taking that as a given, maybe Saturday November 16th as a straw man date?

Feel free to comment, and I can push around as needed, maybe after Thanksgiving would be better, who knows. I'm thinking somewhere between 3-6 attendance would be good enough to solidify. Apologies if we can't accommodate everyone in the first go.
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Sounds fun! I am not a dad, but I will bring big dad energy ;) First week of Dec is great.
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I should note that Amplifier is pretty small, and it's also next door to The New Parish, which gets a lot of acts on weekend nights. Just FYI.
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Sounds fun! I am not a dad, but I will bring big dad energy ;)

Yikes! Nooooooooooo on the dad energy, lol.
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So... Did this happen? I was not there, obvs, but would be interested in future ones, commuting up from the south.
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Not yet? It’s scheduled for December 7, three weeks from now.
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Hooray! I saw November the 16th mentioned above, and was concerned that the posted date was wrong.
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Bah - and now it turns out I can't make it. I hope everyone has fun!
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I am still planning on doing this @ the designated time and venue. I will wear a button with a pink "OK" hand on it in case anyone wants to say hello.
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Heading out. See you soon.
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I’m going to skip this due to the rain, with my apologies.
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Oh jeez. There’s a line around the block. I can’t handle that kind of space. Sorry.
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