#11 Busless Beer Crawl (Rescheduled)
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Sun September 29 at 11:00 AM, The Grafton Pub
4530 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Rescheduled after sickness & questionable weather caused an eleventh-hour cancellation of our originally planned event: We had so much fun going to all eleven stops of the #11 Bus Beer Explorer Passport in a single day in 2016 that we did it again the next year. We missed organizing one last year, and the #11 bus no longer exists, but we're going to recreate the crawl on foot or other methods of transportation for 2019.
We have traditionally started at the Grafton Pub at 11 am. I'm proposing the following sequence of stops, but other ideas are welcome!

Grafton Pub (4530 N. Lincoln)
Gideon Welles (4500 N. Lincoln) - lunch stop
Northman (4337 N. Lincoln)
Bad Apple (4300 N. Lincoln)
Gannon's Pub (4264 N. Lincoln)
Wild Goose (4265 N. Lincoln)
Brownstone (3937 N. Lincoln)
Bitter Pops (3345 N. Lincoln)
Green Lady (3328 N. Lincoln)
Beermiscuous (2812 N. Lincoln) - dinner stop (we'll pick up food at Whole Foods & eat it here)
Delilah's (2771 N. Lincoln)

I've added a 2019 tab to our planning spreadsheet from 2017. Feel free to suggest additions and removals here, there, or in both places.
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I used most of Eamon's suggestions to end up with this schedule. I know ROCKS was one of the original stops, but I don't remember any of us being that impressed with it (correct me if I'm wrong). I haven't been to The Bad Apple, Gannon's, or Brownstone, so I don't know if/how those will work out. The Northman might be slammed. I didn't even try to include Half Acre because they're so busy these days, but we could peek in after Wild Goose. We could use ROCKS as an alternate if any of the other places don't work out.
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Alternately, we can just randomly shout ROCKS! as we wander along the street.

Does Bad Apple have a bar area? Or just tables like a restaurant? Also, YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO BAD APPLE? We'll have to go for food some night.
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I looked at photos on Yelp and Bad Apple does have a bar area. I've been in the space before but not since it was Feed the Beast a DECADE ago. I don't know how I've managed not to end up there yet!
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Something worth remembering that we haven't had to deal with in years past (because it wasn't a Sunday) is that there will be Bears game starting at 3:25. I don't think we will really have to work around it too much but given the TV situation at certain places, some stops may be quicker than others.

(Brownstone calls itself a "sports bar" but I still think it's a better option than ROCKS! in this scenario.)

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i'll be in dc doing some trans march apparently

i'd rather be drinking because that seems like it would involve less being outside
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As I believe some of you know, my electoral platform is:

1) No cars downtown
2) Underground pedways should lead anywhere.

Vote for me and all our marches can be indoors!
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I am taking Monday the 30th off from work, which

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I'm not anywhere near y'all right now or on the 29th, just lurking and wanting to join in the yelling.
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I don't live in Chicago anymore but I just saw this pop up on IRL and wanted to say I love this idea so much. miss u #11 bus </3
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