Canceled/Pending Reschedule: #11 Busless Beer Crawl
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Sun September 8 at 11:00 AM, The Grafton Pub
4530 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
UPDATE: At least two of us are now sick, it's starting to rain, and we're going to push this to a different day (TBD).
We had so much fun going to all eleven stops of the #11 Bus Beer Explorer Passport in a single day in 2016 that we did it again the next year. We missed organizing one last year, and the #11 bus no longer exists, but we're going to recreate the crawl on foot or other methods of transportation for 2019.

We have traditionally started at the Grafton Pub at 11 am. I'm proposing the following sequence of stops, but this is currently 12 bars rather than the preferred 11, and it has a big gap between 4200 N and 3400 N. If anyone knows of a worthwhile stop or two in that stretch, I'd love to add them in and take away a couple of stops in denser stretches.

Grafton Pub (4530 N. Lincoln)
Jerry's (4739 N. Lincoln) - lunch stop
Gideon Welles (4500 N. Lincoln)
Northman (4337 N. Lincoln)
Bad Apple (4300 N. Lincoln)
Wild Goose (4265 N. Lincoln)
Gannon's Pub (4264 N. Lincoln)
Bitter Pops (3345 N. Lincoln)
Green Lady (3328 N. Lincoln)
Red Star Bar (inside the Whole Foods at 3201 N. Ashland) - dinner stop
Beermiscuous (2812 N. Lincoln)
Delilah's (2771 N. Lincoln)

I've added a 2019 tab to our planning spreadsheet from 2017. Feel free to suggest additions and removals here, there, or in both places.
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This is just a little over a week away! Does anyone have any suggestions for places to add to the list, or places to take away? I want to get it down to 11 bars and balance out their locations along the route a little better.
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I added ROCKS and Brownstone; I don't have personal knowledge of either (though Crush and I have been to ROCKS Lakeview and enjoyed it) but they seemed to fill a gap. Of the two I'd pick Brownstone since there's only one, though maybe ROCKS could be our safety if Half Acre is nuts.

I don't think we need to consider Whole Foods one of the official 11 stops and would prefer not to drink there; let's just plan to bring food over to Beermiscuous. I'm also fine scuttling Jerry's since there are other locations, and would suggest we pick either The Grafton or Gideon + Welles to start (and I seem to remember Grafton being slow to open).
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Actually, I think your reasoning to choose Brownstone and use ROCKS if Half Acre is inhospitable is great,

I'm just enjoying saying ROCKS out loud here in my office.
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I hate this but I have a COLD and am not going to be able to go on the beer crawl now. :(
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I'm still in. How can I best contact you all to catch up, I heard there is a a slack
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There is a slack and I just created a channel for communications tomorrow here.
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McMikeNamara: you can add users to the Slack, right?
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I'm just going to throw it out there, and anyone who knows me knows how loathe I am to even suggest it, but should we reschedule? As of right now I think only three people will be at the original kickoff location and time.
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1) I think I can add users to the slack if they are not on the overall Chicago cabal channel already.

2) I'm okay with rescheduling if folks want; if I'm the only one at all 11 bars, it loses some of its charm (even though I am quite competitive).
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3) That doesn't mean I won't be up for beers all/part of the day anyway.
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No matter what: beers. I'm gonna want beers.
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I'm planning to be there, at least for the first half. But, I'm also happy to reschedule if that's better for more people. (In fact, doing so would be slightly better for me, probably.)
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I mean I'm certainly not going to complain if we reschedule for a day I can come, but if it makes sense to stick with today, you should do it! If we're going to cancel we should decide ASAP and get notifications out to everyone who said yes or maybe, though.
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Well, I woke up with a raging sore throat and it's starting to rain, so I'm going to listen to the signs and bail. Love to everyone!
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Let's cancel then. (I still haven't got out of bed.) I will update the slack.
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Sounds like there's unlikely to be a drunken quorum. Happy to let people who've actually organised this make the final decision, but I'll plan to hold off on a long train ride for the moment.

Edit: just saw the above. Sounds good. I'm keen to try again.
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I'll edit the event & start MeMailing everyone.
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Oh no!
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Right now, I'm good the first two weekends in October, then on vacation.
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We've ruled out the weekend of 10/13 so it sounds like we're looking at 10/6 then? 9/29 would also work for me.
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I'm good with both 10/6 and 9/29.
posted by crush at 11:50 AM on September 8, 2019

I'm available 9/29 but not 10/6.
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We are calling the reschedule for 9/29. I'll re-post as a new event.
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Reschedule is posted!
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