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Sun August 11 at 3:00 PM, Besties Cool Treats
2751 Roosevelt Rd, San Diego, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Update: We're meeting at Besties Cool Treats, at Liberty Station in Point Loma, on Sunday afternoon. Besties (Suite 103, in the "Quarter" district) has ice cream, sorbet, gelato, frozen yogurt, cookies, smoothies, popcorn, and açaí bowls; coffee options include mochas, lattes, and cappuccinos. The shop itself is kid-friendly, and offers seating. Lots more to do at the Liberty Station mixed-use complex (for instance, there's an artwalk this weekend), should you want to make a day of it. Parking info.
Weather's busted. Anyone up for ice cream, sorbet, iced coffee, shakes and malts, and similar frozen delights?

Possible venues thus far, from this recent thread: Hammond's (North Park, Point Loma, PB locations), Mariposa (North Park), Gelato Paradiso (SD Harbor and Coronado). Let's brainstorm a convenient meet-up spot with lactose-free options.
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I'm down! I'll throw in for Gelato Vero in Mission Hills (I can attest to their v good vegan sorbet options, though I am a dairy-eater myself). Any dates in particular we're thinking? I know next weekend won't work for me, but am otherwise generally around in August.
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Yes! I'm in. Are we thinking this week? Next? Evening or daytime thing? Weekday evenings work well for me, and weekends are usually good too (though not this coming weekend of 8/3-8/4).

I'll throw in a suggestion for Niederfrank's, which is down in National City but is definitively the best locally-made ice cream in San Diego according to a lovable snob I once knew.

I'm open to any of the suggested ones, and I've been to Mariposa a few times and can vouch for the ice cream though the place is small inside and may not have seating for us.
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I like all those places, except I've never been to Niederfrank's. The Ben & Jerry's in Seaport Village would give us benches to sit on and watch the sunset, sunsets having been spectacular lately.
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Also Moosie's, on Adams. They were very kind to me last year when I staggered in, wild-eyed and babbling, after an emotionally fraught walk from Talmadge along Aldine Drive. ProTip: do not walk on Aldine Drive.
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Oh, yes please. Gelato Paradiso has been good to us, but anywhere is delightful really. ;)

(ideally somewhere with seats though, as we've got a 5 year old and very limited access to babysitters)
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How about Sunday the 11th?
Tocumbo in Barrio Logan is another option--lots of seating there and also parking nearby.
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I, too, am pro-weekend meet-up (starting the weekend of the 11th, and thereafter).
I'm also unreasonably jazzed about the prospect of ample seating and parking, wherever we go.
(While Mariposa's menu is solid, the location with dedicated parking and seating is in Temecula. Let's strike it from the list.)
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The 11th works for me! Is that quorum?
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The 11th works for me too.
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Hey, is there an area of the city considered 'central' to most of us?

(Planned to mark the date on Sunday evening, as not everyone checks MetaFilter during the week.)
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I believe The Minotaur, exceptinsects, and myself are all in the mid-city area. Will any folks be coming from North, South, or East County?
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Not quite North County -- Carmel Mountain.
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In sum...
Tentative date: Sunday, August 11
Time: ?

Suggested venues:
Gelato Paradiso (SD Harbor, Coronado)
Hammond's (Point Loma for parking)
Gelato Vero (Mission Hills)
Niederfrank's (National City)
Ben & Jerrys (Seaport Village)
Moosie's (North Park)
Tocumbo (Barrio Logan)

I vote Gelato Vero, which appears to have the best mix of menu options (ice cream, sorbet, shakes, plus coffees and teas), seating, and location.
(I've never been, though, and I can't get a good sense of accessibility from the online listings.)

What say you?
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I'm in (plus one guest who is a Mefite but forgets to log in) plus one 5 year old plus one stuffed llama)

We're in North County (San Marcos) but we might make a day out of it and hit the zoo after.
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I am a maybe!
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I'm in! I suggested Gelato Vero, so I might be biased, but that works for me. Maybe mid-to-late afternoon? 3:00 or 4:00 pm?
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Gelato Vero is nice but the parking around there is kind of a pain--you can usually find something in the residential streets nearby but they're up a hill, if that's a problem for anyone.

Moosie's is actually in Kensington so again parking is tight (but on a Sunday might not be too bad?)

Seaport Village you'll probably have to pay for parking but it's right by the water, which is nice.

Parking in Coronado or Barrio Logan is usually easy!
Paradiso is also right near the very cool Coronado Village movie theater or the park if you want to make an afternoon of it...although actually I just remembered they have concerts in the park on Sunday evenings so if we go there, earlier would be better!

Tocumbo also has fruit salads and smoothies and sandwiches as well as various kinds of ice cream. It's also near Chicano Park.

I haven't been to Niederfrank's or the Point Loma Hammond's.

Any time of day is fine with me.
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Hey there, lindyhoppers. Thanks for the head's up about G. Vero; let's strike it.

Speaking of Point Loma, there's also Bestie's Cool Treats (Yelp; menu), in Liberty Station.
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That place looks fun too!
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Liberty Station is a DELIGHT.
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How about Bestie's at 3?
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Terrific! Amending this post, including info on Besties (more than just ice cream) and Liberty Station (flat terrain; artwalk on Sunday), and sending alert.
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Oh, man. The route that brought me here (this post) was circuitous and dramatic, and it's highly unlikely I'll be able to make this meetup, but I'm SO happy to know there's a good bunch of MeFites in SD!

Liberty Station is an awesome location indeed, and I wish everyone going a super time, and I hope to hang with you soon!
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I’m running late but I’m on my way!
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Had a blast! Thanks everyone.
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Glad to have met everyone! Thanks for coming out.
artlung and yiftach, hope to see you next time.
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Thank you so much for setting this up, it was great to put faces to names (again) and see everyone in person.
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