San Diego Pride Anyone?
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Heya folks! Anyone planning on going to SD Pride tomorrow? I'm newly out and don't really have anyone to go to Pride with me. I don't want to go by myself so thought I'd see if anyone wants to meet up.
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My friends and I are going to watch the parade, want to meet up? I’ll send you my phone number.
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PS it starts at 10 am this year
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Sorry I missed this! I hope you went and met people! Congratulations on coming out - not an easy thing! (I'm on the ally side of Pride -- but San Diego Pride is something San Diego can be really proud of and I hope if you will keep coming back).
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UGH I MISSED THIS TOO. We ought to do a Hillcrest Meetup at Gossip Grill or Rich's or something.

I'm also recently-ish out and I'm slowly amoeba-ing more people together to go out together. Join ussssss
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We missed this (due to a birthday party) but would love another San Diego mefi meetup!
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Would anyone be interested in meeting up for an ice cream social in August? (At a place that serves sorbet and frozen drinks and whatnot, not just ice cream.)
It's nearly midnight, and it's still 75 degrees outside.
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Yes, I love this idea!
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Yay! Any ideas for a meet-up venue? For example, Mariposa (though very limited seating, I think, at the more-central North Park location?) (but goodness, look at that blast-from-the-past website), Hammond's (North Park, but also Point Loma and PB), and Gelato Paradiso (SD Harbor & Coronado).

Or shall I just float a new IRL post and we'll brainstorm there?
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Let’s do a new post, but I’m a fan of Hammond’s!
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too bad you're not me, thank you for making this post. Hope that you, and everyone who responded, will head on over here.
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