Dark Horse Inn and Plants
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I am growing a ton of mint from cuttings and I have several pepper plants I am growing from seed. One of these plants is mine- that leaves 4 extra. I anticipate in late June/early July I will have even more things from seed/cuttings. I have been giving some away as gifts to my best friend and my favorite bartender- but this is getting ridiculous. I don't want to compost viable plants. I propose on one of my days off (all on weekdays, and I wont know which for a bit) we meet at my local bar/restaurant The Dark Horse Inn on Geneva at 5pm on a to be determined weekday in late June/early July and we can all have a chill hang and eat and drink and support a local place and maybe some of you can give my plants a new home.
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I probably won't be able to attend, but I love this idea.
posted by lazuli at 6:30 AM on May 24 [1 favorite]

This sounds great, I love fresh mint! Also I love chill hangs! I'm going to be away for most of June so the later the better.
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Late June Early July for sure- There's this big sale at work around the solstice that gets CRAZY so last week June, First couple July would be the first time I could really breath. I won't know what day of the week it'll be till at least mid-June to boot- Just want to gauge interest at this point and make sure people can maybe look at their calendars and give me feedback on availability.
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I'd love some plants!
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I'm interested, but 5 pm on a weekday will most likely count me out, at least at the start.
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The dark horse closes at 10pm so If you arrive later I'm sure I'll have a plant or two left ( I have a lot of plants take some plants please.)
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In favor!
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This sounds awesome. My wife will doubtlessly squeel when I tell her about it.
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let's do it! :D later probably better than earlier for me, as well.
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I'm interested! I really enjoy building my container garden out of plants I've adopted from friends, grown from seed, propagated from cuttings, or (mostly) propagated from pieces found on the sidewalk, instead of buying plants, just for fun (I call it my "trash garden"). If anyone wants more plants, I could bring some of my zillion jade plant pieces I've picked up from the ground and put into reused glass jars.
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Would love to join!
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I can contribute some mystery-succulent and|or ivy cuttings
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