Board Game Night Near West Portal
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Thu January 3 at 7:30 PM, Kasa Blanca
1306 Portola Dr, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
My friends and I run a board game night group at a friend's place near west portal every thursday. Mefi people would be welcome.
We have a pretty big selection of board/card games, splendor, race for the galaxy, 7 wonders, azul, settlers of catan, acquire... the list goes on, and of course people are welcome to bring stuff. We serve a bit of food, generally I bring a pizza or two, but it's not a full meal.

We had to move locations from our previous spot in SOMA (gentrification sucks), and we have gotten kinda small between that and the holidays, so I'm hoping inviting MeFi people might help. We have female, POC, and queer participants and are generally pretty welcoming. There's a balcony for smoking/vaping, (with a nice view of the city), and lots of parking along portola just east of the location if you prefer to drive.

This is a bit late notice, but we are pretty much every week thursday. We may be doing a tuesday night meetup too, at some point, so feel free to like the FB page if you are interested. I'm not going to spam here too much.

Oh, if anyone wants to bring over extra folding tables/chairs, that would be cool.

FB link for event coordination.
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Nice! I am interested. I went to a regular board game night in Oakland but have since moved back to SF and it's difficult to get out there. West Portal is convenient to where I am now, though!

Only downside is I'm taking a class on Thursdays (and Tuesdays, ha) starting in a couple weeks. I'll see if I can arrange to attend on the 3rd or the 10th, though, and/or try again in March.
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I'm heading out of town on Friday, but since I live in Outer Sunset, I'm pretty keen to join for next Thursday. Thanks for sharing this with us, sounds like a great time, especially with more inclusive participants. I've been to other game nights in the Bay Area and they are weirdly gendered.
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What is parking in the area like? I might be interested in coming tonight!
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Parking is super easy along portola, there's a long stretch where nobody parks.

Update: We now have more tables and chairs apparently. Also a friend is bringing their kitten, which may affect those with allergies.
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Anyway I'll be the guy in the green hello kitty/ Cthulhu mashup shirt if any of you makes it.
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