East Bay DSA - Intro to DSA
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Sun July 8 at 11:00 AM, Bushrod Park
Bushrod Park, 560 59th St, Oakland, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
East Bay DSA has a new member orientation, open to the public ("New members and not-yet-members are welcome"), this Sunday (Jul 8) from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Bushrod Park is on 59th Street between Shattuck and Telegraph, about a mile from Ashby BART station.
Inspired by the DSA thread - I've been meaning to check out East Bay DSA, and this looks like a good opportunity. I'd love for other MeFites to join me. I know this is very short notice; sorry about that. We can try again later if this one doesn't click for people.
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I’m a member of Eat Bay DSA and while I won’t be at the event I encourage everyone to go. Maybe we can eventually work up to a Metafilter caucus!
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Cool that you posted this! I guess I ought to make my own event, but FWIW, for SF folks, DSA SF has an Intro meeting the first Sunday of every month at Alley Cat books on 24th St at 2pm. It’s super chill and welcoming and last week we had a huge group!
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Damn, I didn't see this in time. I plan to attend the next one in a month.
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Is this an okay place to plug Cat Brooks’ Oakland mayoral campaign? Because there’s a lot of overlap, and I’ve seen some folks from the SF/East Bay DSA chapters at the volunteer orientation.
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Democratic Socialists, for the TLA-impaired
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